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Toyota Camry Ascent 2021 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Toyota Camry Ascent 2021 Review Australia


It is a known fact that many categories of Toyota have been securing dominant positions in the Australian market for years. This is because of the key models such as the HiLux and the RAV4. Unfortunately, another winning model is overlooked, and it is the Toyota Camry. The mid-size sedan segment of Toyota has chipped away the other model's position as it has outlived all its competitors and now turned into the master of this domain.    


Many factors have played a role in the success of the Camry. One of the factors is its keen retail pricing, and the second factor is the successful transition from Australian manufacturing to Japan-sourced vehicles. The last and key factor that has played an important role in the success of  Camry is the accessibility of its refined hybrid drive. The brand further states that most buyers go for an electrified Camry. Therefore, the new 2021 update comes with some major adjustments to reflect this. 


Toyota Camry Ascent engine:

On popular demand, the 2021 Camry comes with a dominant drivetrain option by popular demand, and that is the 2.5-litre hybrid. So the new Toyota Camry Ascent runs on a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. This engine produces 131kW of power and 225 Nm of torque. It comes coupled with dual electric motors that produce a total output of 160kW.  


The non-hybrid ascent comes with a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. Its engine comes mated to an eight-speed torque converter automatic to drive the front wheels. The engine is mated to a  continuously variable automatic transmission that powers the front wheels only. 


Toyota Camry Ascent exterior:

Nothing much has changed regarding the exterior of the 2021 Ascent. Nothing much has changed. It has just gone under minor facelifts. The profile and the overall shape of the Camry remains somewhat similar and just adds minor tweaks to each grade's bumper designs.


If you are a fan of Camry, it will be evident that the integrated antenna has been exchanged with a roof-mounted fin. The rear light cluster has also changed, and now they come as smoked out. Besides that, you can also expect the standard facelift fare of tweaked garnish as well as new alloy options. 


The exterior overall look precisely what is expected from it. If you are a corporate fleet or someone who does not want to grab the eyes of others, then the most inoffensive car for you will be Camry! 


Toyota is a brand of class that does not need to create wacky or odd designs to grab buyers' attention because a true driver knows the worth of the Toyota Camry! The Camry is a car that anyone can buy without raising eyebrows. The new Camry is suitably low. This gives it a slinky and slight character of the sedan. In addition, it saves it from becoming too dorky. 


Toyota Camry Ascent interior:

It is the interior of the Camry where you are going to experience most of the changes. Camry is the first car that came bearing Toyota's TNGA underpinnings as well as an advanced interior design. Its interior looks sensible and is a little laid out. In Camry's interior, most of the attention is paid to ergonomics. 


Coming to the technology, you will get a multimedia screen. Before, this screen was embedded too low in the dash, but now it has now been altered to a more traditional and tablet-style design. Like the recent Corolla and RAV4 ranges, the Camry has also swapped positions with the air vents. The swoopy design spread over the dash in the rest of the cabin and has soft-touch materials, some pretty shapes that suit the car's size and intent. 


It has pretty ordinary seat trims, but they are comfortable for longer trips. The dashboard's layout is old-school and endearing. The Camry would have been better and modernised if more digitisation had been behind its wheels. 


The base models of the new Camry Ascent incorporate an ample amount of plastic touchpoints. The steering wheel and armrests especially have these touchpoints, but this is something that should be avoided because all its competitors also avoid it. 


Toyota Camry Ascent safety:

In the car-crash test held in 2017, Camry scored a five-star ANCAP rating and still, it carries that score. However, the new Camry comes with some new updates to its active Safety suit!


The base models incorporate the following safety features:

 Emergency braking

 Pedestrian detection

 Cyclist detection 

 Adaptive cruise control

 Traffic-sign recognition

 Auto high beams

 Lane-keep assist

 Lane-departure warning

 Emergency SOS

 Stolen-vehicle-tracking system


Moving towards the mid-grade Ascent Sport and SX trim levels, you will additionally get the following features:

 Blind-spot monitoring

 Rear cross-traffic alert

 While the top-spec SL will add on

 A surround camera suite

 Head-up display. 


In addition, all Camry models incorporate seven airbags, including the standard dual front, side, and curtain, plus a driver's knee. With those comes the expected stability, traction, and brake controls as well.



The Toyota Camry 2021 prices range from $28,990 for the basic trim level to $46,990 for the top range model.



 It comes with improved specs

 Has improved safety features

 Hybrid across the range

 Feels nice to drive



 The base is non-hybrid, which is just pointless

 It misses on some key tech items

 It comes with a very mild visual update


The final verdict:

The Camry is the best achiever for Toyota. It holds a dominating position in the mid-size-sedan segment. If you are looking for sensible pricing, a stellar hybrid drive, and an appealing range of variants, then the 2021 Toyota Camry is what you need! We recommend the Camry's Ascent hybrid as our top pick as it is the best option that offers the best Camry attributes at the most affordable price! If you decide to buy one of these, do go through the history of that car. In order to get a detailed account of the car's past, use the Quick Revs online platform. 

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