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Toyota Avensis Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Toyota Avensis Review Australia


Toyota Avensis Review Australia

Do you need a car that will fit all of your big family? Then you have the best option to choose from Toyota manufacturers. The Toyota Avensis seems like a perfect fit for your needs as it is a spacious and stylish mid-size large family vehicle. This people mover is built to withstand bumps. Being manufactured from October 1997 to August 2018, it has a variety of trims. And, one must always look for the larger MPV version named the Toyota Avensis Verso or called Ipsum in Japan.


The biggest and foremost strength is its dependability. Besides, it is a safe cruiser with overly comfortable standard features. That is not all it has to offer as it comes with powerful, potent, and fuel-efficient engines. It might get boring to drive or a somewhat dull interior might bug you.



While purchasing Toyota Avensis, you need to know that it is not designed to deliver a thrilling ride but stable and firm. No matter if you choose a laden or driver-only feature, the stability and firmness are confirmed. The car has a classic engine that is capable of handling all road situations pretty well. With a minimum body roll, the chassis manages to deliver amazing cornering abilities. In short, all engines are durable with advanced mechanics but don't expect them to be sporty. The ride is all focused on safe and predictable road management.


Do you know what is the most impressive feature of Toyota Avensis in respect of driving performance? It's a compromise between ride and handling. Starting from the primary models, you can buy from any of its four engine configurations that are


 ✓ A 1.6L petrol

 ✓ A 1.8L petrol

 ✓ A 2L petrol

 ✓ A 2L turbo diesel


If you want a little bit more refinement and sophistication, you must fast forward to the 2nd generation series (2003-2009). It has splendid options, a 2.0L to a 2.4L-cylinder engine. In comparison to earlier models, these mechanical setups are more powerful and efficient. To make the ride smoother and bumps-free, the special set of rear double wishbones and front MacPherson struts is equipped.


As per the drivers’ reviews, it is suggested to avoid a 1.8-liter VVT-i petrol engine found in the entry-level Toyota Avensis. It is capable of delivering 129 hp. To get outright on-road and off-road performance, you should be looking for a 2.0L petrol engine that is acknowledged for its smoothness and quickness. Do not get confused about its diesel engines, all you need is to stop and shop later models that are equipped with more power of 124 hp. A 2.2L engine seems to be satisfactory, too. It can offer 136 hp. In case you are willing to pay extra money, you can switch to the top-of-the-range variant with 175 hp.


Steering handles the ride better with its precision. It is appropriately weighted and directional. It feels light but doesn’t lack in quality. Sometimes, it does lack the feel. The throttle response appears pretty fast in all Toyota Avensis. The pedals are good. The most economical engine in terms of fuel consumption is undoubtedly a 1.6L but it is also sluggish on roads. For a respectable performance opt for a 2L diesel. But, remember, it will not be easy on your pocket. The gearbox is usually pleasant to shift. Inclusively, it is a good car to drive for the majority of the time.




 ✓ A 1.8L petrol engine is mated with either a manual or automatic transmission

 ✓ A 1.6L and 2L diesel engines are mated with only a manual gearbox



We all know, the Toyota Avensis is an efficient people mover, but you must also know that the Toyota Avensis is made spacious with a decent footwell. Once seated, you will get comfortable pretty easily. The first-row seats are provided all the comfort features in the high spec and latest trims. All but entry-level Active trims are equipped with adjustable lumbar support. With nicely placed seats, visibility is also good. Everything seems to be fine except the cheap-looking plasticky inside. The low-quality handbrake switch and fragile lid for the center armrests are the drawbacks.


The main screen is being augmented by a smaller screen in front of the driver. It helps displaying extra information that is readable. Car is simple to navigate and control. You will find a dandy LCD offering climate control. One thing we can all agree on is that each and every feature, control, and switch are placed logically in Toyota Avensis.


A blend of some positives and moderate points, if we sum up. And if we start talking about Business Edition, it adds up the climate control, alloy wheels, and sat-nav. There is a lot of head and legroom. The doors are installed with reasonably sized pockets. Equipment levels are impartially generous. Even entry-level models have:


 ✓ Electric heated mirrors

 ✓ Cruise control

 ✓ Air conditioner

 ✓ Bluetooth hands-free system


From the exterior, Toyota Avensis reflects sophistication, classiness, and simplicity. It doesn’t convey a sporty solid appearance. The 2009 models seem to be more athletic with a sleek stance.


Cons of buying Toyota Avensis


 ✓ Diesel engines have clutch breakdown issues that usually happen after 10,000 miles 

 ✓ Water and condensation can be seen in the headlights

 ✓ In some cases, the bulb holders are known to melt

 ✓ The steering and brakes can start rattling

 ✓ Transmission shift can get slightly notchy

 ✓ A fair amount of road noise over rougher surfaces

 ✓ Interfering wind noise in older variants

 ✓ A significant amount of hard, cheaper plastic in the cabin


Toyota Avensis verso – 2010


GLX Auto and Ultima Auto - People Mover


 ✓ 2.4L 4-cyl engine

 ✓ Petrol 

 ✓ Front-wheel Drive (FWD)

 ✓ Maximum power: 118kW @ 5700 rpm

 ✓ Maximum torque: 221 Nm @ 4000 rpm

 ✓ 4-speed Auto transmission that is floor mounted 

 ✓ Fuel tank capacity is 60L

 ✓ MP3 decoder

 ✓ Multi-zone climate control

 ✓ Adaptable Cruise control

 ✓ Power windows (front and rear)

 ✓ Intermittent, rain-sensing wipers

 ✓ 6-speaker stereo system 

 ✓ Cloth trimmed interior

 ✓ Tachometer

 ✓ Electric mirrors

 ✓ Tilt only and speed-sensitive steering

 ✓ 2 airbags

 ✓ Brake assistance

 ✓ Seatbelts (pretensioners and load limiters in the first row). 

 ✓ ABD

 ✓ EBS


In addition to the above-mentioned specs, Ultima Auto has:


 ✓ Roof rails

 ✓ 6-speaker stereo system 

 ✓ CD player with stack space

 ✓ Woodgrain inserts

 ✓ 6 airbags


Final verdict

Toyota Avensis is not the best but is surely competitive. It is safe to drive, too. As Toyota claims, the engine delivers the best power to weight ratio. On the road, it definitely doesn’t appear to be lacking. It’s no sports car but with a whole complement of 7 passengers. You will find the engine more than adequate. The cabin finesse also lives up to the quality expected of Toyota.


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