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Toyota Alphard Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Toyota Alphard Review Australia

If you are looking for an extravagant car with additional luxurious specifications and an impressive engine, then the most appropriate choice is the royal Toyota Alphard. It has an inviting outlook, a spacious interior. How can you forget its highly advanced engine! You can imagine a perfectly delightful journey! The producers have put efforts to make it safe, elegant, and fuel-efficient. It has a unique protective layout while retaining its royalty. The silver lining of this automobile is that it is convertible to a camper van. It features extremely luxurious and well-built motoring.


Would you compromise if you get a car having elite functions with a bit dim, dull, and not so great front view? Because the car is known to lack the splendor specs to make it front enticing. It is a family car with two comfortable sofas and, two adjustable armchairs. It also has two high-resolution TVs and a lushly carpeted floor. A deluxe package, indeed!


Toyota Alphard is the car that will attract every passerby with its style worthy and dignified appearance. A perfect balance between reliability, luxury, and top-notch quality. Lately, Alphard and Vellfire have been compared because of their singular outlook and tremendous engine features. Both vehicles are characterized by robust power. Their dynamic structure supports high speed, artistic design, and better steering control.


This car reflects the premium quality, endurance, and glamour, all together. It is Toyota’s famous extravagance 8-seater minivan or people carrier. It has an inspiring engine, engineered with high diligence. It is powerful, giving you a chance to experience a smoother, enjoyable, and noise-free ride. It comes with an option of 4WD, as well. After enlisting such indulging specs, you must be worried about its price! But, it is quite budget-friendly and lighter on the pocket. One simply cannot ignore its eye-catching stretch of bulging headlights. Maximize your ease with its dual wonderful sunroofs. The manufacturing team has fashioned the car’s wheels in the most suitable way. And how perfectly bold glass windows fits sturdy cabin! It is still in making and has been passed on to its majestic 3rd generation.


1st Generation (2002–2008)

2nd Generation (2008–2015)

3rd Generation (2015–till now)



The manufacturers have worked hard to make the most out of every feature. And that is exactly the reason, why Toyota Alphard’s specifications are acknowledged, globally!


The best part is its available options of two engines:

✓ 4 cylinder 2.4L

4 cylinder V6 3L


Both engines run on petrol with automatic transmission choice. It offers you a hassle-free ride and smoother gear shift. It comes with a unique gate-type transmission pane with sequential mode. And, yes, both have options of exchanging drive from 2WD to 4WD and vice versa. Recorded fuel consumption is 22 mpg on average. Whereas, the fuel economy of the 30 series is outstanding in respect of its large, luxury framework at 5.2L/ 100 km. Now the question comes IF the car with a 2.4L engine is a better choice or engine with 3.0L is? So, let's review its power, torque in accordance with their weight.


 ✓ The 2.4L 4 wheel drive has 85 BHP/tonne with 144 lb.ft torque

 ✓ The 3.0L 4 wheel drive has 113 BHP/tonne with 230 lb.ft torque


So, to clarify, 2.4L in the four-wheel-drive option offers low-priced maintenance expenditure. All you need is four spark plugs and here you are! Ready to roll!



Toyota Alphard is bringing a choice of two highly defined engines! Imagine, what luxurious design it must be offering! Starting from its magnificent interior, it has a high-resolution touch LCD. For a fancier look, black wood 4 spoke steering wheel is fitted. Are you a fan of extravagance and a lush lifestyle? The car comes with an alluring LED projected illuminating floor. Expecting other posher specs? How about its automatic and, handy sliding doors, specified controls for rear air-conditioning, and walled-up 9’’ LCD with wireless remote convenience? Feel free to enjoy loud music on its top-notch audio setup. It features focal beryllium speakers and a soundproof cabin.


Its interior is a blend of simplicity, elegance, and comfort. It has heated and ventilated seats, and an adjustable table. Moreover, it has a built-in vibration control setup. You will find ample space for a footrest in the second passenger row. Intending to have some theatrical touch while traveling? Watch movies or songs on its infotainment HD display. You can find an FM/AM tuner, USB and DVD portal, and MP3 compatibility. Besides, it has quick Bluetooth connectivity. It features highly flexible seats with two accessible ISOFIX points. A perfect layout to accommodate eight passengers.


To add an extra bold touch, it is manufactured with a massive upfront grille. Its bushy mesh enhancement gives a sportier look. Its U-shaped anterior emphasizes its commanding under the body. An extra piece of advice? Choose the model with a wood-grain ornamented exterior.


Toyota vellfire vs Alphard:

With the trending time, their comparison has become a hot topic. Both automobiles are manufactured to let you enjoy the spacious cabin car with a touch of luxury and lavish specs. Alphard reflects luxury styling, whereas the Vellfire presents brashness with sportier touch. These vehicles offer matchless steering control. The Vellfire has several noteworthy attributes. It has dual-wishbone suspension and sound dampening equipment. Its singular wedge plow shaped under-bumper is a highlight. It leaves a powerful up-front impact.


Safety protocols:

You can name it amongst the most secure and safest vehicles. All due to its enhanced and progressive safety protocols!


Some of its tenacious details are:

Back sonar signals

Omni maneuvering compatibility body framework

VSC (vehicle stability control)

Intuitive headlamps setup

Built-in multi-mode automatic gear shift

Seven highly responsive airbags

Practicable braking assist, electronic braking distribution, and anti-lock brakes

The advanced and quick collision avoidance system

Efficient cruise navigation

All side sensors and cameras for assisted parking

Blindspot cameras


Additional features:

Range of seven striking colours

HID headlights (dipped beam)

Dual-zone climate control

The classic feature of dimming or brightening cabin interior lighting

Multiple AV LCD with headphone points

Aerodynamic design to lower the center of gravity


Final verdict:

Even after multiple classic features, it is still pocket-friendly. Toyota Alphard simply makes your ride trouble-free. The car is present in lots of dynamic outlooks. You can accelerate its speed effortlessly and instantly. In its structure, particular parts are lined with a high-tensile stout steel plate to upsurge body firmness. It is a complete package of the startling frame, roomy interior, maximum fuel efficiency, manageable speed, the finest safe driving experience, and intuitive setup.


If this review has helped you in making a clear choice of purchasing your dream car, then you must get a detailed history, as well. So, stop waiting and visit our official site Quick Revs to get all the needed information regarding the car within minutes.

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