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Top 8 Best used Cars for Sale Brisbane

Top 8 Best used Cars for Sale Brisbane

Cars, are mostly everyone's favorite topics to discuss. It's more interesting when you are talking about buying or selling cars. The outdated information about cars and up-gradation both values the same place in an individual's life. However. History never gets old when its about cars. Talking about the specifications, design, and working on cars is although a great deal of discussion that needs to be updated from regular intervals of time. A lot of used cars offered to several people to get their favorite cars in their range. The used cars in good quality and affordable prices.


Following are the top used cars for sale Brisbane:

 ✓ Toyota Camry ASV50R Altise

 ✓ Toyota 86 ZN6 GTS

  Mercedes-Benz E-Class C207 MY14 E200 

  Hyundai Tucson TL Active X 2WD

  Mazda 6 GJ 1032 Touring SKYACTIV

  Toyota C-HR NGX10R S-CVT 2WD

  Mercedes-Benz Vito 447 111CDI SWB

  Subaru Liberty B5 MY14 2.5i


Toyota Camry ASV50R Altise:

With responsive handling and a controlled ride specification, we can say that a Camry is the best car to drive. Although a large sedan, working with two electric motors and a battery that powers the engine. It was released in multiple variations in 2011and is still in production. This stylish used Toyota Camry model is available at the price of $17,888.


 ✓ This beautiful model is a 4 door car with 5 seats.

 ✓ Available in white color with 4 cylinders

 ✓ As well as 6-speed gearboxes are available in Toyota Camry. 

 ✓ Moreover with the odometer of 77404.

 ✓ The engine type includes 2.5 Gasoline Hybrid Petro with a maximum power of 175.67bhp@5700rpm and the torque of 221Nm@3600-5200rpm.

 ✓ With excellent fuel consumption of 7.8L/100km.


Key features:

 Power Steering

 ✓ Power Windows Front

 ✓ Anti Lock Braking System

 ✓ Air Conditioner

 ✓ Driver Airbag

 ✓ Passenger Airbag

 ✓ Automatic Climate Control

 ✓ Fog Lights - Front

 ✓Alloy Wheels


Toyota 86 ZN6 GTS:

The vehicle named Toyota 86 ZN6 GTS 2013 is always a great experience to drive; therefore, it is a car balanced with every perfect thing involved. Quiet, comfortable seating. The offered rate of this Toyota model for sale is $19,880. However, it is a well-equipped sports car.


Key features:

 ✓ The model is available in exclusive Black and grey colors.

 ✓ The car having 2 doors and four seats and 4 cylinders.

 ✓ In addition to the features, it has a sporty automatic gearbox with 6-speed gears.

 ✓ However, its an automatic vehicle.

 ✓ The fuel consumption of used Toyota is almost 7.1L/100km.

 ✓ Moreover with the odometer 91211.


In the 2013 model, there are a few drawbacks of low-quality audio systems and with no audio controls. As well as its tires are greasy and slippery during the rainy season.


Mercedes-Benz E-Class C207 MY14 E200:

This model offers 7 gears with a capacity of 4 seats and 2 doors. This new Mercedes E class model was released in the year of 2014.With a special focus on the engine of the model covering almost power of 135kW @ 5500rpm with the torque 300Nm @ 1200-4000rpm. The offered price of Mercedes Benz 2014 is $38,888.


Key Features:

 ✓ Keyless Go Package - E Class

 ✓ THERMOTRONIC - Climate Control 4 Zone

 ✓ Alarm with Motion Sensor & Towaway Protection

 ✓ Vision Package - E Class

 ✓ Garage Door Opener

 ✓ TV Tuner - Analogue/Digital

 ✓ Seats - Multi-Contour

 ✓ Tyre Pressure Monitor

 ✓ Sunroof - Electric Panoramic Glass

 ✓ Heated Front Seats

 ✓ Wood/Leather Steering Wheel


Hyundai Tucson TL Active X 2WD:

Hyundai Tucson TL Active X 2WD Silver 6 Speed Sports Automatic, Wagon originated in 2015. Mainly available in silver color with the offered price for sale is $19,888.


Key Features:

 ✓ The efficient 6 Speed sports automatic gears with 4 cylinders. 

 ✓ There are almost 5 doors with a seating capacity of 5.

However, it is an Automatic car.

 ✓ The odometer of the model is about 80974.

 ✓ With fuel consumption of 7.9L/100km.



 ✓ RCTA is the main feature lacking in the model.

  The brake pedal can be made more progressive 

  A passive entry should be made with a push start button and rear air vents.

 ✓ low- end torque can be used more efficiently.


Mazda 6 GJ 1032 Touring SKYACTIV:

Mazda 6 GJ1032 Touring SKYACTIV-Drive is an Automatic Sedan model of 2013. With excellent features and interior, the price offered is almost $21,880. In this beautiful and productive model, the price is suitable as compared to others. It's a family car though.


 ✓ It is available in the Soul Red, black, blue and yellow color.

 ✓ With 4 doors and 5 seats.

 ✓ As compared with other models it has also 6 Speed gear sports automatic gearbox.

 ✓ The car consuming total fuel of 6.6L/100km\


Key Features:

 ✓ Satellite Navigation

 ✓ Bluetooth? hands-free phone and audio capability Standard

 ✓ Infotainment screen 8-inch color touch

 ✓ Internet radio integration Stitcher and Aha

 ✓ Multi-function commander control Standard

 ✓ Radio AM/FM with Radio Data System (RDS), digital (DAB+)

 ✓ Satellite navigation Standard

 ✓ Active Driving Display

 ✓ Mazda Radar Cruise Control

 ✓ Apple CarPlay? & Android? Auto Standard

 ✓ Audio System 6 speakers


Toyota C-HR NGX10R S-CVT 2WD:

Amongst cars for sale Brisbane, all Toyota models are of good quality, but this latest 2018 model is quite efficient and productive. This model of Toyota vehicles is offered with the amount of $28,888.This Toyota certified model is unique in shape and is available in eight different colors.


Key Features:

The feature includes all the basic information of every car sale, Brisbane:

 ✓ The engine consumes 1.2-liter four-cylinder turbo petrol.

 ✓ With the maximum power of 85kW at 5200-5600rpm.

 ✓ The maximum torque includes 185Nm at 1500-4000rpm.

 ✓ With the proper mileage, the fuel consumed is about 6.3L/100km.

 ✓ With the front wheel usually called all-wheel, the model is a six-speed manual or CVT auto.


The base C-HR highlights 17-inch alloys, satellite route, double zone climate control and sports seats alongside a noteworthy protective suite taking in self-sufficient emergency braking, active cruise control, a turning around camera for reversing.


Mercedes-Benz Vito 447 111CDI SWB:

The offered price of this Vito van is almost $24,888.The Vito E-Cell is a long van, with a separation of 3.2 meters between the tomahawks, so that there is sufficient space for the batteries. The improved version of Vito's suspension, instrumentation, steering wheel, and other specifications.


Key features:

 ✓ Mercedes-Benz Vito 447 111CDI SWB was originated in 2015.

 ✓ This beautiful van is available in white color, black & blue mainly.

 ✓ With the range of 4 cylinders, Diesel is consumed.

 ✓ Manual gearbox with 6-speed gears.

 ✓ The maximum odometer measured is about 83546.

 ✓ The fuel consumption of the Mercedes-Benz vito is 6.2L/100k.


Subaru Liberty B5 MY14 2.5i:

The model offered in the range of $16,361.The Outback rides easily and enables drivers to control with extraordinary surfaces. It performs well on a wide scope of surfaces. This vehicle additionally offers magnificent increasing speed if drivers pick the discretionary six-chamber, 3.6-liter motor. Be that as it may, this incredible motor cuts eco-friendliness by around five to six miles for each gallon.


Key features:

 ✓ 5 Door Wagon 

 ✓ The luxury car with 4 Cylinder, 2.5 Litre

 ✓ However, Constantly Variable Transmission, Four Wheel Drive

 ✓ Petrol - Unleaded ULP

 ✓ The total consumption of fuel is about 8 L/100km



All the cars for sale Brisbane offer every individual to buy their favorite car with the best specifications and perfect interior that is in their affordable range. The used cars with all the details covering their mileage and engine specifications as well as fuel consumption. It is not always about buying a new car sometimes used cars are also great options to opt. These branded cars are quite affordable and accessible everywhere in the range of everyone.

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