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Top 6 Pop Top Camper Trailers In Australia

Top 6 Pop Top Camper Trailers In Australia


People in Australia love travelling and holidaying, and most of them prefer Pop Top Camper Trailers. The reason behind this is very simple, pop-top caravans have a low profile, are lightweight, and are also easy to tow. Small pop up caravan is essential for every camper and other people who love travelling and exploring the world on four-wheelers.                                                                                    


Benefits of pop-top camper:

There are many perks of having a pop-top camper in contrast to other types of campers. Although the size of these pop-top camper trailers is small, this small size makes room for fuel economy and reduces wind drag. In addition, if you are planning to take your friend or family along, then don't worry because it also provides plenty of space and height. 


Best off-road pop-top caravans:

If you are planning to hit the road in the coming holiday season, here are the six best pop top campers that will make your adventure.


1. Jayco Swan  (Outback or Touring):




If you are looking for an excellent family pop-top camper, then Jayco Swan's both modes Outback (semi-off-road) or Touring (on-road) is the one you should go for. This pop-top camper trailer has the most extensive interior.  It includes two isolated lounge areas. This implies that you can always bring in a friend or a partner! These can also be transformed into sleeping berths as well. It costs about $26,990 and is easy to use. 


2. Brüder EXP-6:




In recent times, one of the most insane hybrid camper pop tops is the Brüder EXP-6. It is also one of the most expensive Pop Top Camper Trailers, which costs about $155,000. If you are a Kim Kardashian fan, then Brüder EXP-6 is the Pop Top camper trailer best for you. The reason behind it is that when it was launched three years back, it broke the camper-trailer sections of the internet. The perk of this top pop camper trailer is that it is highly customizable, has a snow-load rating for the roof, is highly automated, and is exceptionally luxurious. It is perfectly comfortable for people who believe that there would be a zombie apocalypse.


3. Goldstream Wing 2 RL:




If you are planning to go on desert trips, then this pop-top camper is the one you. This Goldstream trailer model is the smallest camper. On the upfront, this model includes a great lounge, whereas, down the back, it has a really generous kitchen. These models are more expensive and stronger than the Jayco equivalents. This brand is and has been for years one of the best Aussie top pop caravan builders. It costs about $46,990. 


4. Golf 501-3 Poptop Maxxi:




Among the Australian campers, one of the most favourite pop-top camper trailers is the 501. This is because this caravan has plenty of room and stores plenty of food for long travel. Three persons can easily stay in the vamper, as it has a queen and a single bed. It also protects you from certain weather conditions via two canvas covers. It has mesh that keeps the insects out and can also be zipped open for the flow of air.  It can have a couple of people in it. It has more room as the ends fold out. This pop-top is very comfortable if you are looking for one that fits the outback camping. This tip pop camper has external speakers, LED outside lighting, television and sockets for a 12V/240V. You can have a party in this 501 camper trailer. 


5. Coronet Series F S2:




Coronet produces good quality pop tops, and the S2 also proves its point. This Australian based company has been transforming their old model with recently updated designs. In addition to quality, it also has a great price. The weight of the top pop camper trailer is about 1920kg. This makes it easy to tow and perfect for camping somewhere far away. If you want to drive on the highway and also take sharp turns, then this is the camper that rides smoothly and comes fast as well.  This camper trailer is famous because it provides a pop-top option and also a large caravan at the same time. The layout is traditional, and this implies that it has a full bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a washing machine as well. 


6. New Age Wayfinder:




The new influence on the New Age Caravans. This is because this camper trailer was recently purchased by Walkinshaw Automotive. The pop tops camper trailer is a sleek product. The interior of this camper is modern and highly styled. The camper only gets better. The New Age is more expensive than Jayco and costs around $28,990. If you are a traveller who wants the best backdrop when capturing memories of their dinners for social media, then this is the perfect camper for you! 



If you're finding a pop-top for your camping trips, you will have a lot of great options, and with these options, you will realize that it's time to go outback camping. One may get confused, as there are a number of features, spaces of the pop-top camper trailers. From the above-mentioned trailer, find the one that will truly accommodate your trip. Every camper trailer has its own speciality, and every camper loves them for a reason. If you are also among those, who want the best top pops camper trailer, this guide will help a lot. In addition to these, going camping in a new car is also very risky. Therefore it is good to know the hidden past of your car with the help of Quick Revs online platform and enjoy holidays without any worries. 


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