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TOP-5 Best Snow Chains in 2020 Australia

 TOP-5 Best Snow Chains in 2020 Australia

During winters, it can become tricky to travel and drive through the snow. In these difficult conditions when there is always a chance to slip and skid, snow chains help you drive safely and avoid any mishap. Snow chains help you to take on winter roads effectively and safely. For those people who are on the road frequently in areas with icy road conditions and heavy snowfalls, snow chains are a must.

Snow chains are a great investment in the winters. They may seem like a simple tool, but they can really make a difference when the road condition gets bad. The tire traction is greatly improved, making it much safer to drive in snow.

As with any other product, snow chains are available in a large variety offered by multiple brands. While there are so many options, each is different and varying from the other. Some are made for specific conditions, while some made for others. They can vary according to different vehicle types and classes. In short, you need to do your research and make sure to get the one that is best suited for your requirements.

In this guide, we review the best vendors for the best snow chains for sale, starting the with benefits that snow chains entail. We then move on to a basic buying guide, tips and tricks involved, and how to fit snow chains to your vehicles.


Benefits of snow chains:

Improved traction: Snow chains are specifically designed for vehicles to work in heavy snow and ice. As a result, they significantly allow better traction on these tricky road conditions as compared to standard wheels.

Improved speed: In snowy conditions, you are forced to drive slower due to the poor traction and the risk of slipping. Snow chains allow you to drive faster than you would if you had regular wheels.

More turning power: Driving in snow is not easy at all. And navigating is more difficult. The best snow chains give you more traction and control when driving in and out of a turn.


Best snow chains:

Below is a list of the best snow chains that you can get your hands on:


1) Security Chain Company SZ143 Cable Tire Chain:

The first product on our list is not actually a chain. In fact, it uses a metal cable design but serves the same purpose: that of providing the best traction in snow. It comes in a unique design but that is not the only reason that it is on the top of our list. The chain is extremely versatile, meaning that it can be used on various vehicle types.

The sable-style design means that it has a low clearance, making it suitable for multiple vehicle types. It can be easily fitted to your vehicle, with excellent compatibility with anti-lock braking system.


2) Konig XG-12 Pro Snow Chains:

Konig is a well-reputed German car accessories company. Their product is one that is specifically designed for SUV style vehicles. The snow chains by Konig are expensive, found at the premium end of the market. They are easily the most expensive snow chains on our list.

The high price means that you are getting a premium product with many top-quality features. The most notable is the patented self-tensioning system built in. This allows the installation to be easy. This is due to the chain regulating the pressure itself. In short, once you have the chain on, that is all that is required for the chain to work. It also comes with Nylon bumpers. This cool feature is designed to keep the abrasive surface of the chain in contact with your alloy wheels, protecting them from damage.


3) Sanku 2018 Upgraded Snow Tire Chains:

Sanku also offers a unique design for their snow chains, which is both eye catching and effective. The design consists of 8 sets of pads that simply strap onto the wheel. The chain passes through the wheel itself, making the installation fairly simple. This also means that the chain can be fitted on a variety of vehicles and tire sizes.

The unique thing about these snow chains is that they use an anti-slip stud instead of a traditional chain to dig in the snow and provide traction.

The design and color may be strange, but the fact that they are cheap, easy to install, and small in size makes them a good option to keep in your trunk for emergencies.


4) TerraKing TerraGrips Tire Chains:

These TerraGrips from TerraKing are terrifying. At least when it comes to size. They are not really designed for use on typical passenger vehicles. Instead, they are made for vehicles like lawn tractors. So, if you are looking for chains to use on a passenger car on the road then skip on to the next entry.

The first feature to notice is that this product is not your typical chain design. Whilst it does boast a chain to its edges, this is merely to hold the product together and in place. The tough, rubber slats that sit on the tire surface provide the actual traction. They provide sufficient traction to make them useful on a range of surfaces such as snow, gravel, mud, and mulch. At the same time, their rubber construction makes them soft enough to be deployed on a range of road surfaces without fear of damage.


5) Security Chain Tire Traction Chain:

This is the second entry from Security Chain our list and is different from the snow chain we talked about before. This is a chain in a more traditional design, which means that it is not a universal fit. Instead, it is aimed at SUVs and light truck sized vehicles.

The installation is easy, where the vehicle is not required to be moved during installation. The chain also features a built-in self-tightening ratchet. This allows the appropriate pressure to be held at all times.  


Tips and Tricks:

It is strongly recommended to use snow chains when there is at least one inch of snow on the road. The best time to put them on is during or immediately after a snowstorm.


You can use snow chains in muddy driving positions as well. But make sure that you do not use the chains on the regular roads to avoid damaging the wheels and the road surface.

While the snow chains are fitted on your wheels, you will need to drive slower than the usual speed. It is also recommended to not to brake hard.

It is important to get the right size of chain for your vehicle which fits well. If the fitting is not perfect, there are chances of an accident.

If you are living in an area that gets a lot of snow, keep two snow chains in your trunk. So that even if something breaks, you always have a backup.

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