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Top 10 Best Second Hand Cars in Australia



Australia is a vast country and it is nearly impossible to travel all of it on your feet. Not only will you get tired but you would age a lot and maybe not even visit each and every part of Australia while traveling on foot. Unless you are somehow immortal, you can not travel the entirety of Australia on foot. I wonder if you still get punishment for coming late because you travelled to the office on foot because you’re immortal.


Anyway, the point being, you should get a car in order to travel from one place to another easily. Public transport can be a hassle sometimes and might run into a lot of issues. Although it is useful to a large extent, it still does not give the feel of having your own vehicle which you can take anywhere, anytime. That being said, if you’re considering used cars, check out this list of top 10 best second hand cars in Australia that we have compiled.


Used Cars vs New Cars:

Once you step into the market, there is a lot of variety available. To pick up the best is an art, and you have to go through a lot of struggles and failures in order to finally learn how to select the best out of so many.


In the case of cars, there is a lot that you need to know. There are some quality used cars out there that come at a slightly higher price but still lower than the brand-new cars. It all depends on various factors.


Where new cars have great look, design, and no issues, they cost way more than the used ones. Used cars, on the other hand, are much cheaper and can have a good look due to proper maintenance and minimal issues. Price is one of the leading factors when it comes to choosing between new and used cars. Used cars are usually older models while with the new cars, you can get the latest model with all the up-to-date technology present in them.


Used cars lack this feature, however, you can purchase an older model and spend a little more to upgrade its features and the price will still be lower than that of the used cars. Used cars have a low warranty or a warranty offered by the dealer instead of the manufacturing company itself whereas the new cars will have a genuine warranty for a time which you can avail to its fullest.


There are used/second hand cars which cost around $2500 and somewhat higher than that but you can learn from the price that these are of low-quality and probably older models. In order to get a good car at a lower price, you can check out the used cars between 10k and 20k. Although not that low than the original price, these can really make a difference and provide you a greater value. Used cars under $10000 are generally a good idea if you want a simple vehicle and nothing special, however, if you want anything better than that, you will have to pay more.


In short, used cars are cheaper but may have some issues associated with them while new cars are expensive without any kind of issues.


What you should look for before buying a used car?

There are some things that you should know before you go out buying a used car. Used cars can have a lot of potential issues hidden temporarily so that they are not visible to the customer. As soon as he or she buys the vehicle and drives it off for a few days, issues would start surfacing and he or she could do nothing but curse the dealer. In order to prevent that, the customer needs to be aware of what he or she should look for when purchasing a vehicle. It is not mandatory to perform these checks but these are "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" since they would easily allow the customer to take a note of the issues (if there are any). Take the vehicle out for a test drive and drive it slowly first and then at a higher speed and test the performance and fuel consumption. Check the transmission of the vehicle and low and high speed. Never forget to check the brakes and shock absorbers of the vehicle, these are very integral parts of a car.


Once you have performed the test drive, check the interior and exterior of the vehicle for any potential problems. Pop the hood and check if the engine, radiator, battery, oils, and other necessary components are in order. As you finish with this, draft your conclusions about how you think the car is and whether or not it is good enough for you, and also if there were any serious issues you think would be on their way. After that, decide whether or not you want to buy the vehicle.


As an alternative to it, you can get an expert to perform a pre-purchase car inspection.


Top 10 Best Second Hand Cars in Australia:


Since you have reached this part of the article, I assume you now know about whether you want to purchase a used vehicle or a new one and are very well familiar with the precautionary measures necessary to take before considering to purchase a second hand car in Australia. You can find the list of the top 10 best second hand cars in Australia down below. These are some of the most reliable used cars and although some of them may cost a bit high, know that they provide a great value. 


 1- Honda Civic




What’s it all about?

ith over ten generations and each generation having its own unique design, Honda Civic is the most famous car ever made by the Japanese company Honda Motor Company, Ltd. Honda Civic started off from being a small no-trunk vehicle to what it looks like at its current state. The tenth (current) generation of Civic is an absolute masterpiece with its unique and trend-setting design (as always). Civic is now classed in the compact cars category and has 4-doors with a powerful and cost-efficient engine. It is considered a “safe” vehicle from all angles as tested by the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Plus Points: Modern design, cost-efficient, great performance.

Negative Points: A little low interior space, 

Price: A used Honda Civic could cost anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 in its current generation. The previous generations would be cheaper.


 2- Mazda 3




What’s it all about?

Mazda 3, a good enough vehicle with a nice engine and high performance but a design which is kind of a rip-off of the Honda Civic’s latest generation. The vehicle is absolutely amazing and has a nice interior design with all the modern features available in the latest model. It is worth having in our opinion and lands at somewhat the same price as the Honda Civic.


Plus Points: Nice interior design, amazing technology.

Negative Points: Low space, not-so-powerful engine.

Price: A new Mazda 3 would be somewhere around USD 20,000, but you can find it considerably cheaper in the used category (estimate; $15,000).


 3- BMW 3




What’s it all about?

BMW is one of the world’s most famous car manufacturing companies. The BMW 3 has a really WONDERFUL design that makes it feel like you have a real luxurious car. The price is higher than that of the other vehicles on this list, but it is totally worth it.


Plus Points: Wondrous design, really great performance.

Negative Points: High price. 

Price: BMW 3 lands at about $20,000 to $30,000 (USD) in the used category depending on its condition and model.


 4- Toyota Land Cruiser




What’s it all about?

This beauty has been the love of every kid for a really long time. Land Cruiser is one of the leading off-road SUVs known to man and is still dominating the market with its fame and performance.


Plus Points: Powerful engine.

Negative Points: Too high of a price.

Price: The latest models of Land Cruiser go up to $85,000 but if you consider one of the older models in the used category, you can get it for much, much lower.


 5- Ford Ranger




What’s it all about?

This double cabin truck made by Ford is love. A high-power engine, dual cabins, open back, and the dashing look is all Ford Ranger is about. 


Plus Points: Off-road, unique design, spacious.

Negative Points: Fuel consumption.

Price: About $10,000 for older models. More for the newer ones.


 6- Mazda MX-5




What’s it all about?

MX-5 is a two-seater luxury car made by Mazda and has an amazing, modern, and luxurious design with no rooftop. It delivers a great performance but the looks are all that makes this vehicle stand out.


Plus Points: Luxurious, sleek look, great value, good mileage.

Negative Points: well, personally speaking, it doesn't have any :)

Price: $10,000.


 7- Toyota Corolla




What’s it all about?

The cheap, famous, just okay looking vehicle Toyota Corolla is the first choice of any person who wants a budget vehicle.


Plus Points: Low price, good value, easily available.

Negative Points: Moderate performance. weak body.

Price: A Toyota Corolla can be attained anywhere from $5000 to $10,000.


 8- Holden Commodore (VF)




What’s it all about?

This beauty is a total beast with its amazing design, EPIC performance, and equal price.


Plus Points: Really good design and performance.

Negative Points: High price, costly maintenance.

Price: $30,000 and above.


 9- Suzuki Swift




What’s it all about?

One of the cheapest cars in the list, Suzuki Swift is a subcompact car by Suzuki. It has a nice look to it but not as good as compared to other vehicles in the list. This is one of the reasons its price is really low.


Plus Points: Nice performance.

Negative Points: Less spacious.

Price: $5000 and above for the older models.


 10- Holden Trailblazer




What’s it all about?


This large SUV delivers high performance due to its powerful engine and has a lot of space for carrying people. This is one of the best vehicles in the large SUV category and has an amazing design.


Plus Points: High performance, spacious.

Negative Points: Fuel consumption. low mileage.

Price: Holden Trailblazer is a bit expensive since it is a large SUV, but the used vehicle can be purchased for about $20,000 to $30,000 depending on their model and condition.


Those were all the cars in our best second hand cars list! If you’re considering to buy any of them, be sure to perform the necessary background checks through QuickREVs at a really low price and great output!


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