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The Perfect Car to Drift | Nissan Silvia S13 Review Australia

Nissan Silvia S13 Review Australia

We've seen many drift cars of the world, fastest and efficient cars in our record, so it'd be unjust to forget one of the best of all – the Nissan Silvia S13. Nissan Silvia s13 is available in 2 body shapes, the S13 Silvia (a 2 door car with trunk and projector headlights) was produced from 1988 to 1993.


Further, the 180SX (a 2 door car with hatchback and popup headlights) was made from 1989 to 1998.In spite of the fact that the body styles of Nissan Silvia vary essentially from its other models but the frame, motor, suspension, and mechanicals were the equivalent.


Importable models are the SR20DET 2,000cc turbo variation just from 1991 - 1997. This model was accessible in an auto or 5-speed manual. The S13 frame base is powerful to such an extent that today it is considered as one of the most favorite cars since its beginning. However, it is favorite for its top execution and performance in drifting and street enthusiasts both at the same.



Nissan Silvia s13 was awarded as the car of the year in Japan in 1989 – 1988. Both the S13 and the S14 are utilized for the same thing, drifting. However, s14 has a stiffer engine and a great suspension. Further, if you like to tinker with suspension and body stuff an S13 is extraordinary, you'll additionally spare a few hundred pounds by selecting the S13. 


Coilover Kit Features:

Coilover units are intended for streetcars that are searching for lower ride height, better in handling and are more comfortable to drive. Each set is produced using high-quality materials with the same design and structure, to ensure the reliability and durability of its maintenance.


 ✓ Full-Length Ride Height Adjustment

 ✓ 32 Damping Adjustment Levels

 ✓ Mono-Tube Damper Design

 ✓ Seamless 52mm Electroplated Carbon Steel Shock Body

 ✓ O.D. 20mm Piston Rod For MacPherson Suspension

 ✓ O.D. 14mm Piston Rod For Non-MacPherson Suspension

 ✓ Unique 44mm High-Flow CNC 6061 Aluminum Piston

 ✓ Unique Thinned CNC 6061 Aluminum Floating Piston

 ✓ Polyurethane Oil Seal

 ✓ SAE9254 Cold-Wound Spring

 ✓ Multi-Thickness Valving Shims

 ✓ Unique Low-Gas Pressure Design

 ✓ 7.5w Compounded Suspension Fluid

 ✓ Fully Rebuildable

 ✓ Standard Features:

 ✓ Halogen lights

 ✓ Disc Wheel rims

 ✓ Sunroof

 ✓ Tinted Windows 

 ✓ Conventional Side Mirrors

 ✓ automatic/ manual transmission

 ✓ Disc Brakes

 ✓ Piston Combustion Engine



The size of the engine is 3.5 L. There are 4 Inline cylinders that made its engine boost more than regular. The max torque covered is 212 – 217 Nm with Max. Power of  5400 – 6400rpm. The power-weight ratio ranges between 116 – 151 KW. This model of Nissan has Bore of 83 – 86 mm & Stroke of 83.6 – 86 mm. The compression ratio calculated at 8.5 – 9:1. The horsepower to lighten up the speed is 


 ✓ Horsepower  158 – 205 hp 

 ✓ Horsepower  156 – 202 bhp



The petrol used in Nissan Silvia s13 with the total fuel tank capacity of 60 Liters. The total fuel consumption is 8.4 – 9km.


Performance of Nissan Silvia s13:

The top speed of this fantastic car is 200-215 km/h with the top acceleration speed of 0-100 km/h  7.5 – 10 s. The speedy car is designed in a way that it covers all the surfaces of the road at any speed.



The height of Nissan Silvia s13 is 1290mm while the length is about 4535mm, as well as the width, is calculated around 1690mm. All these measurements for this drift car make it look distinguished among other models.


Pricing of the Nissan Silvia s13:

The price of the Nissan Silvia s13 ranges between $35,700 - $5500.


Available Colors:

This sporty, drift car model is available in these colors:

 ✓ Black 

 ✓ Blue 

 ✓ Brown 

 ✓ Green

 ✓ Grey 

 ✓ Red 

 ✓ Silver 

 ✓ White 



 ✓ HSD coilovers, oiled regularly so still all free 

 ✓ Driftworks front caster rods 

 ✓ Driftworks front lower arms (set to +40mm) 

 ✓ Driftworks geo master 2 front hubs 

 ✓ +25mm front spacers 

 ✓ Offset rack spacers

 ✓ Full rear 7TWENTY arm setup, all still free 

 ✓ Solid diff bushes 

 ✓ Solid subframe bushes 

 ✓ Welded standard diff 

 ✓ Sr20de box 

 ✓ +45mm rear spacers 

 ✓ Fill stainless exhaust with center box and shotgun tips, (will come with a clamp one back box) 

 ✓ Brand new west lakes in front


Comparing s13 and s14:

The S13 model of Nissan Silvia came in two basic forms that include a coupe and a hatchback. In some places, the S13 car was known as the "Silvia" and accompanied a completely unique front clip. The flip-up headlights were further exchanged with long, horizontal, stationary headlights. The taillights were additionally added with better-looking ones. 


However, the S14 came only in a coupe. Further, a few places abroad the S14 accompanied an alternate front end and different tail lights. All the overseas models had a lot more sharped and had more precise headlights, the taillights were replaced as well.


The S13 has a slight lead when talking about the working of the engine swaps. Both the S13 and S14 cases have swaps packs for the RB, JZ, UZ, SR, VH, VQ, and LS engine family. Moreover, the S13's suspension can undoubtedly acknowledge the R33 cross-part, making the RB engine series an immediate jolt in option. 


The S14 requires an aftermarket swap pack to utilize an RB engine. The motor that you will discover in the engine of an S13 or S14 will fluctuate incredibly relying upon where you live. Be that as it may, here in the US both the S13 and the S14 accompanied the KA24DE. There is no such difference between the S13's KA and the S14's KA other than OBDII for the S14.



The Nissan Silvia s13 is one of the best cars for drifting. The car with the best speed that is made with all the best parts that suit the road condition for the perfect drift. If you love to drive and drift your car at the same time its the best car you need. It has all the points of acceleration maintained in a way that it boosts its engine. Hopefully, the article helped you get all your doubts clear regarding Nissan s13.

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