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The Legendary Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series

Japanese traditions and customs are hundreds of years old, protected up to this point, and it comes as somewhat of a jolt when you see how best in class they have come too. Their enterprises and assembling organizations are known to be in the top income-producing, contending with goliaths from other superpower Countries. The Toyota Motor Corporation is Japan's biggest recorded organization in Japan, in view of market capitalization, and was the tenth-biggest organization in the World by income just a year ago. Let us see what makes Toyota vehicles predominant and what the Toyota Land Cruiser means to the Aussies.

The Toyota Motor Corporation is itself a giant in its own self, with the record of delivering the most noteworthy number of vehicles than some other organization, outperforming General Motors and the German Volkswagen Group. They have figured out how to make the absolute most iconic vehicles in the past half-century, the Toyota Land Cruiser being one of them.


The Origin of the Land Cruiser in Australia:

There is no doubt that Toyota is one of the most adored and valued brands in Australia and near the hearts of the individuals here. The romantic tale began back in the mid-1950s when a couple of business vehicles were imported from Toyota Corporation, Japan for a venture or two. That was the time when a few Toyota Land Cruisers were also imported and that too for industrial use. Those first Land Cruisers proved to be very popular and well-liked by the people and hence Toyota kicked off its operations here.

Continuously 1962, Toyota Corporation had officially begun bringing in traveler and business vehicles to Australia. It was not long after when the principal Toyota vehicle was collected in, and in a couple of years the notorious Crown, Corolla, and Corona were to be seen in the city of Melbourne, along with many Land Cruisers which the people had come to accept as a favorite. Today, in excess of 100,000 Toyota vehicles are created in Australia and others imported from Japan also. We highlight and present 80 series Land Cruiser reviews and a summary of its specifications.


The Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series:

Toyota Land Cruisers have been in production since the 1950s, with varying models and makes over the years. The Toyota 80 series Land Cruiser was revealed in 1989 at one of the famous Tokyo Motor Show and was made available to the masses in 1990. It had a rounded shape, as compared to the previous Land Cruiser models, which earned it the nickname of Burbuja, which means ‘bubble’. Initially, two variants were launched: the VX version, which was fully loaded and another base model, which came with the brand new 80 series Land Cruiser turbo diesel engines.

The 80 series Land Cruisers grew popular in Australia due to the rugged terrain and the off-roading trucks that are found here. You will find many 80 series Land Cruisers for sale here and no one can deny its legendary status here. It's countrywide and indeed Worldwide popularity can be attributed to the top-quality features and specifications that the vehicle comes loaded with and the toughness that it has maintained over the years.


80 series Land Cruiser Specs:

The Land Cruiser 80 series specifications are designed in a way to be a leader in terms of luxury and technology. With its round shape, big seats and large front design, with wheels that are even larger, this vehicle looks more like a battleship or a tank that is made to cruise on land.

Talking about the dimensions, the Cruiser is two meters wide and almost five meters in length. The vehicle comes in three engine variants that you can choose from: namely the gasoline one with a 3F-E-type engine, the direct injection diesel turbo engine, and the simple 1 HZ type engine. It offers four-wheel drive and comes with rigid springs on both the front and rear wheels.

Later, all the models came loaded with airbags and ABS as standard equipment, and till 1998, when the next series was launched by Toyota, the 80 series grew and became more luxurious. With great ground clearance and a robust suspension, you can be sure to take this beast to remote areas on any type of terrain that you wish for.

Due to its huge size and big wheels, the 80 series Land Cruiser fuel consumption might prove to be a problem for you. People have known to be a little unhappy with the number of kilometers that they can clock per liter on their Cruiser, but that should be understandable due to the weight and size of the vehicle. With great size, comes great responsibility!


80 series Land Cruiser Accessories and Parts:

Even though these series were manufactured till the year 1998, such is its popularity and demand that you can still find numerous dealers and sellers who are selling parts and accessories for the 80 series Land Cruiser, both at physical and online stores. You can easily browse through them and get the original Toyota parts for your Land Cruiser.


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