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The control of power with Suzuki Ignis

Ready for the adventure? Mark Suzuki Ignis on your list. It is made in a way that gives competition to its competitors. The sports SUV is suitable for all surfaces, covered in a standard mileage. It's fine in the city, however, it will rapidly get short of breath on the road if you ever take it out in town. This implies you'll have to fire up hard, and it quickly comes up short on puff in fifth gear up in the hills. 



The Suzuki Ignis has 4 Cylinders with a capacity of 1.2L. The Max Power calculated is 66kW @ 6000 rpm with the Max Torque 120 Nm @ 4400 rpm. As per Suzuki, it's more affordable than a turbocharger and progressively refined. 


The 7kg crossover battery dwells under the back seat expanding downforce at the bottom without trading off boot space. This model gives an exciting mileage of 50 mpg. 


Fuel consumption:

The fuel covered by Suzuki Ignis calculated is 4.9 L/100km. The fuel capacity is 32L per tank. Outstanding mileage covered with excellent speed. The speedy car is suitable for any surface. The price is affordable that starts from almost $17,690 onwards.



  Stylish styling interior and exterior

  Colorful personalization options

  Small standard engine



  Non-availability of active safety systems 

  Not really an SUV

  Crashy rides


Available colors:

The model is available in the following fantastic colors:

  Fervent Red with Black Roof

  Flame Orange Metallic.

  Mineral Grey Metallic

  Neon Blue Metallic

  Pure White Pearl

  Pure white pearl with the black roof


Modern Features:

  Vehicle Stability Assist (Traction Control)

  Adjustable Headlamps(MG, MX), LED Auto Headlamps(MZ)


  Climate Control

  Keyless start

  Multimedia Steering

  Cruise Control(MZ)

  5 split the retractable rear seat with the slide and reclining mechanism. (magic seats)

  Suzuki Smart Keyless Entry System with Immobilizer

  Hill Hold Control

  Top hill Assist and Grip Control for off-road safety (AWD only)

  Front seat belt shoulder adjuster

  Android Auto/Apple Carplay

  Bluetooth Connectivity

  USB Port

  Suzuki Eco-Cool tech (keeps ac fan air cooler on idling stop)

  Rear heater duct

  Heated driver’s seat (passenger heated as well in AWD)

  Heat absorbing and UV cut function glass


Safety Features:

  ABS (Anti Lock Braking System)

  Active Head Restraints

  ESC (Electronic Stability Control)

  Lane Assist

  Seat Belt Reminders


Performance & Protection:

With a new and improved engine, the Ignis is made interesting to drive under all circumstances that it can balance both power and fuel efficiency. The latest generation, more powerful but the lighter body gives stability to your system while reducing drag. A suspension that is smooth for the out shocks and light as well. The width of the tires and a base turning radius about 4.7m make Ignis simple to move down narrow streets or in tight car parks.


Double, front, side and curtain airbags are standard. The advanced system installed avoids mishaps like Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Suzuki's exceptional Total Effective Control Technology. These help keep mishaps under control while the most recent breaking innovation (ABS, EBD, and BA) essentially increase the confidence in you and control. 


The suspension is made ideal as it fits the design of the Suzuki Ignis. However, it is stiffer than Vezel yet marginally stiffer than hatchbacks and cars. This is suitable for its structure class. The smooth shafts on driver's sides all around putting and breaking point the issue of vulnerable sides productively. The visibility through rearview is brilliant.


5 Year Warranty:

The fuel-efficient car gives the opportunity to enjoy the 5 years/unlimited km warranty. For convenience, Suzuki service provides the earlier 12 months or 15,000km (non-turbo)/10,000km. This means you can invest more energy out on the road with these services.


Suzuki Ignis Reviews:

Review 1:

I just love this little car. I'm in my 40's, on a 100+ income. Basically, I could buy most cars on the market. Why did I buy an Ignis? Basically because it was a Suzuki bulletproof". 5-year warranty, no squeaks, small and nimble to park in the city and around (Newtown). Features include keyless entry, reverse camera, ample room inside. All for 22k and yes. BUILT IN JAPAN! Well done guys. Can't go past the grey!!!


Review 2:

Purchased a bright orange suzuki ignis last month GLX and I love it so much, very comfortable, great visibility and the seat changing/movement options make it a winner. The only negative is the lack of boot light!


Review 3:

Replaced the XTrail with an Ignis due to 100km daily commute. Bought a manual as I live in a very steep hilly suburb. Could not be happier. Honestly, this car is the most enjoyable, user-friendly, willing little beast. Happily sits on 120kph on highway. Uses just over 5L of 91 around town when I wrong it's poor neck. Super fun to drive; ridiculously easy to park; room for me, the missus and kid in booster seat. We always take my car instead of our new Mazda 6. Very, very happy with this car. If you like driving then buy the manual and stick aftermarket wheels on it. It's the bargain of the decade.


Review 4:

For my experience in this car ( IGNIS) it's not a bad choice. For looking his power and back look is bad . I suggest to buy this car only rough use who live in town or city . I buy this car only for working purpose . The car does not take much space in the road. I little bit change the look of my car because to improve the look. One problem I can suffer from driving longer is that people can't drive freely because of little space and in this car the power steering is not available .


Review 5:

Please don't plan for this car. Power Steering has an issue(i don't want to say its power steering). comfort is not good. mileage also very bad. The service center is also not solving the issue. a long drive is not comfortable.so don't waste your valuable money in this car. you can go for better cars at this budget. Think before buying this car.



The interior and exterior of the Suzuki Ignis are a consistent mix of retro styling with modern highlights. It is proceeding to remain consistent with conventional Suzuki design elements. The best features and turning points are making it amazing. You can turn it anywhere at any speed. From all Suzuki Ignis reviews, my opinion is different. I found this car the most comfortable than the rest of the SUVs.


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