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The Art of Driving with Peugeot 3008

Winner of more than 65 International honors, including Carbuyer's Best Medium SUV 2019 and AutoTrader's 2019 'New Car Of The Year' the smooth PEUGEOT 3008 SUV is a combination of innovation with class to show quality and character. 


Enter a mechanical world and appreciate an amplified driving experience. The 3008 SUV is accessible in both DIESEL, PETROL or PLUG-IN HYBRID engines. It is extremely enjoyable to drive around turns.It has an adaptable drivetrain that urges you to drive in fun, and is amazingly down to earth with fantastic standard features.


Engine Type:

The engine used in peugeot w3008 is TURBO DIRECT F/INJ. The total size of the engine is 1.6L while it has 4 turbo cylinders installed in it. The maximum torque is 240Nm@1400rpm. The maximum power calculated is 121kW@6000rpm. However, the power weight ratio is 88.3W/kg.



The PREMIUM UNLEADED PETROL is used in Peugeot 3008. The fuel tank has a capacity of 53 Litres. The total fuel consumption (combined) is 7L/100km.



The height of this stylish model is 1624mm. But the length is 4447mm as well as the width is 1826mm.



The price for these models is quite affordable in the range of $25,630 - $29,130. 



For the benefit of the driver, features have been improved higher than ever in The All-New Peugeot 3008 SUV. By adding a large number system that assists drivers and lets them improve driving, simpler and eventually, increasingly pleasant. Furthermore, anybody will have the option to bounce into the driver's seat and by driving can appreciate what this shocking new SUV is offering.







Built on the foundation of a High Strength Structure EMP2 Platform and complemented by a full array of active and passive safety systems, The All-New Peugeot 3008 SUV PLUS is engineered to maximize the safety of its occupants under emergency situations.


Based on the establishment of a High Strength Structure EMP2 Platform and is made by a full dynamic security system.The All-New Peugeot 3008 SUV PLUS is designed to amplify the safety in case of any emergency.








A camera that is located at the back of the car is connected to the 8.0" capacitive color touch screens. Offering expanded visibility while turning around, with a choice of perspectives to choose from, you'll never look back: 


Rear Grid View: A view that makes you visible all the obstructions coming your way. The rear of the vehicle is combined with grid lines that connect directs to the steering wheel. Showing the distance of one to two meters from the rear bumper.


180° View: Divide the screen into three zones. It offers the view of vehicles coming closer from the side. Ideal for securely switching out of parking spots. 


Overhead View: The camera records the environmental factors during a move to reconstitute an overhead back perspective on the vehicle in its quick condition, making it simpler to move between the obstacles surrounding.


Active Lane Departure Warning And Correction:

The Peugeot 3008 SUV Plus is fitted with Active Lane Departure Warning and Correction to shield you from the most wide recognized kind of collision-run-off road Mitigation. On speeds above 75km/h, the vehicle can identify that it is going to leave the road with any intention or not and will direct and brake if important to manage the vehicle back onto the right way



The benefits of LED technology:

 ✔ Less energy to create light,50% halogen and 35% less than but not as much as xenon technologies. 

 ✔ Offer a more white light for improved visibility around evening time, the light is additionally progressively like sunlight, prompting decreased driver eye weakness, safety improving. 

 ✔ Require no warm-up time with quick lighting reaction when contrasted with customary halogen technologies. 

 ✔ The LED technology used will keep going for the life of the vehicle, contrasted with halogen technology.



 ✔ The attractive leather steering wheel 

 ✔ The front passenger seat has manual adjustments.

 ✔ Meco cloth upholstery

 ✔ Salin lights the grey roof lining. 

 ✔ Gear shift indicator

 ✔ The interior of the door handles is of Satin chrome.

 ✔ The front centre console has two cup holes.

 ✔ Dual zone automatic climate control

 ✔ The rear cabin and load area has 12v sockets in the dashboard.

 ✔ 4 Grab handle retractable and damped.

 ✔ Seat Belt unfastened on the move audible and visual alert for front and rear seats

 ✔ The manual adjustment of driver seat

 ✔ In outer rear seats and front passengers seats there are 3x Isofix child seat fittings

 ✔ With the height adjustment of both drivers and front passenger seat

 ✔ 2 rear reading spotlights

 ✔ Blue ambient lighting to head up the instrument panel

 ✔ Blue ambient lighting for connecting the zone

 ✔ Flocked glove box interior

 ✔ Automatic gear lever in satin chrome

 ✔ 2x Rear coat hooks

 ✔ Center front armrest with illuminated storage compartment

 ✔ Audible and visual alert for wearing the seat belt only for front seats

 ✔ Rear center console with the ventilation system

 ✔ Rear armrest 

 ✔ Electric power steering that has reach and rake for adjustments

 ✔ Front seat back map pockets

 ✔ Reclining front seats



 ✔ Alluring design

 ✔ Storage cabin

 ✔ High-quality instruments and switches

 ✔ Standard safety tech feature

 ✔ Exterior and interior styling

 ✔ Infotainment system

 ✔ A safety system that includes both Active and passive 

 ✔ Comfortable while driving

 ✔ Powertrain and transmission set-up

 ✔ Modern technology installed to make the modern look

 ✔ Warranty 



 ✔ Not everyone is comfortable with front-wheel drive. 

 ✔ A number of functions are controlled by the infotainment system.

 ✔ Pricey capped-price servicing

 ✔ Use of few plastic trims that don't last as expected

 ✔ More wear and tear than normal.


Peugeot 3008 Reviews:

Review 1:

I have just spent $5000 to repair a 4 year old car that is 3 months past warranty. The NRMA said "it happens" and they have no way of knowing if it was something that had been existing for a while, or had just happened. They discovered metal shavings in the fuel line and said that if it had been a Japanese car the same repair would have been around $1500. Nice looking car, but no more European for me.


Review 2:

"The Peugeot 3008 SUV is something of a revelation compared with its predecessor. Peugeot has managed to create a desirable and striking family car that will not only look great on the driveway, but it has space for the family, drives well and won’t cost a bomb to run."


Review 3:

I have owned many new cars in my life but this one tops the list! It's just a fun car to drive and so different from the boring normal . Its appearance inside and out is so stylish from the chiselled handsome front to the striking good looking rear. And well inside is just wow! You get so much as standard such as the LCD instrument display which VW or Audi charge couple of grand extra for.

There is truly so much to like in this vehicle you should really check it out ! You maybe surprised.


Review 4:

Styling and Luxury at the very best.


Review 5:

Peugeot's small dealer footprint in South Africa and the negative perception of its service quality still haunt the brand. It will take some time for the 3008 to win over local buyers, but if the French marque can successfully allay consumer fears, then the 3008 will realise its true potential. Afterall, it's an excellent, premium product that stands out in a crowded segment.



Talking about Peugeot's 3008 we must not forget the standard features that have made it look stronger and perfect. The SUV ensures your safety first by proposing several safety features. Everyone has their own experiences therefore, the positive and negative reviews about the Peugeot do not affect my experience with the model. The model has excellent interior and exterior and my experience with Peugeot 3008 is amazing.


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