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Tesla Model Y Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Tesla Model Y Review Australia


Tesla has always been a dream car for everyone, and it deserves to be. After all, it brings the right blend of style, practicality, and technology. But what Tesla Model Y has to offer is peerless. It is a maneuverable, all-electric, family-friendly SUV offering plenty of cabin space and powerful batteries. As it is similar to Model 3, they are called siblings. Well-appointed exterior and premium interior make it a good pick.


On the one hand, you will be mesmerized with fast charging capability. On the other hand, you will never stop admiring its manageable onboard technology. We can say, the Model Y will surely appeal to every buyer who has good taste. In the past, Tesla has been criticized for subpar build quality. Now, Model Y has proved all the critics wrong! But still, it cannot be called a perfect car.


Tesla Model Y engine and road performance: 

As we all know, it has no petrol or diesel engines; their enticing Supercharger network will leave you amazed. You will feel light and pleasant on a smooth road. As soon as it hits the bumpy roads, Model Y doesn’t act much like a capable cruiser. It gets overly firm, and harsher crashes or thumps can be noticed. Despite all, it is found suitable for everyday cruising. Whether you are driving in rainy weather or snowy, it will bring the reassurance you will need to have peace of mind.


The distinguishing feature of Model Y from other SUVs is its highly rapid speed.


You can have the Model Y in two versions: the Long Range version and the Performance version. In terms of speed, Performance beats the former. Where the Long Range version manages to go from 0 to 60mph in 4.8 seconds, all the Performance version needs are 3.5 seconds. Whoops!! Coming to the top speeds, Performance has no completion! The former shows a value of 135mph, and the latter has 155mph. Pretty big difference, though!


Do you know one of Tesla’s Supercharger tricks? Upon selecting a Supercharger as your last stop to top up the battery, the car will begin preconditioning the battery on the route. Results? It will minimize the time you will be spending waiting at the charging station.


The machinery seems pretty expensive. But the real highlight is Tesla’s Autopilot system. Just AH-MAZING! It significantly enhances the functionality. Another silver lining to its robust electric configuration is advanced cruise control programmes. This is a network of cameras and sensors. They access the surroundings, and once scanned, they feed the data directly to best tackle the road and traffic situation. All standard adaptive systems tend to work brilliantly, easing the drive.


On the darker side, Tesla Y fails to deliver the necessary road engagement. Moreover, you will find it struggling to change the direction quickly. The ride comfort is also not up to the mark. 


Tesla Model Y exterior:

Carrying a similar architecture to the Model 3 hatchback, the noticeable difference is the increased ride height and a taller roofline. It added up to the headroom. Simultaneously, the floor is completely flattened. This ultimately doubles the ride comfort. Now the question is, how can you differentiate the Performance from the Long Range version? By larger 21-inch alloy wheels of the Performance version. All trims have a unique styling supported with an impressive glass roof.


The wheel arches and door sills are creatively accented with quality black plastic. These details boost the bodywork. To keep the exclusivity alive, the rear window is kept small. And is also steeply raked. Surprisingly, it doesn’t hinder the rearview.


Tesla Model Y interior:

If you expect Y Model’s cabin to be loaded with extravagant features, styling, and bold treatment, YOU ARE WRONG! The company has focused on bringing minimalistic vibes to the interior. The only thing that seems big is its high-resolution touchscreen. It covers the center stage. The infotainment screen is responsible for controlling and monitoring a variety of functions. Only a few functions are physically controlled by a multi-function steering wheel.


Infotainment seems reasonably comprehensive. It comes with Spotify music streaming, Bluetooth connectivity, and a DAB radio. It sounds like a pretty posh deal! The marvelous 15.4-inch landscape central touchscreen looks smart. Besides, the Tesla smartphone app is worth mentioning here. All controls are responsive and easily accessible. To minimize distractions while driving, Tesla fits a smart voice control system. It obeys your verbal commands on-screen in no time.


Are you getting bored while waiting in the parking area? You can watch your favorite show on YouTube. Or, you have the liberty to play games. You will be stunned by operating various novelty functions present in the Toybox. The cabin comes equipped with climate controls and powered mirrors. Use infotainment screen to adjust. Adding to your surprise, you can unlock and turn your car as long as your smartphone is connected. In fact, you can unlock the vehicle by only holding the B-pillar.


Apart from inside comfortability, the driving view is accurate. All thanks to the commanding driving position! The front row seats are supportive, heated, and power-adjustable. Although 2nd-row seats are not adjustable, they are heated. Driving in your entire comfortable zone is not a problem anymore! Not only the front but the rear view is also pretty appalling. The rear cameras help in parking more effortlessly.


Talking about the storage, it is big! In fact, it is bigger and spacious than Model 3. You will be rewarded with decent legroom and knee room. The addition of two wireless smartphone charging pads has made life easier. The 4 USB-C charging sockets are perfect for a long family ride.


The two most irresistible features are:

 A Driver Profile function: It lets you save the positions of seats and the steering wheel. Moreover, you are free to personalize the infotainment and tech.

 Summon Mode: The most innovative feature, as you can drive the car out of the parking area and meet you anywhere, autonomously. Scary but exciting!


Price of Tesla Electric Car – Model Y:

 For the Model Y, the Long Range: £55,000

 For the Model Y, the Performance version: £65,000

 For moving up from a base Model 3 into Model Y ownership: additional £12,000


Cons of Buying Tesla Y:

 Two-tonne weight

 Uninspiring and dull steering feels

 Overly firm ride quality on rugged terrains

 Lack of single motor option

 Pretty expensive

 Compared to its competitors, it has compromised rear visibility

 Absence of Apple car play or android auto

 The 7-seat option is not debuted, yet

 Strikingly less fun to drive than Model 3

 Road, engine, and wind noise aren’t intrusive but can be heard

 Not so impressive suspension setup


Final Verdict:

One of the best things about, Tesla Model Y electric car is the host of kit and tech it provides. The batteries are reliable, making journeys more relaxing and safe. You will not find any unnecessary clutter inside the cabin. Honestly speaking, the elegance of Model Y’s interior is unmatchable. The cabin offers plenty of passenger and storage space. The Model Y SUV carries a considerable resemblance with the Model 3 hatchback. Yes, it might not be the quietest electric SUV, but the comfort level and safety, design, and style – incredible!


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