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Terrain Tamer Review Australia | Deals in 4WD Original Replacement Parts

Territory Tamer, a standard in 4WD original replacement parts. With a history since 1969, they keep on conveying on the guarantee of reliable, research, and design to give you parts that are made in the quality Australian outback environments. Access to a wide scope of stock in their warehouses in each Australian City. You will only welcome this when you are in a tough situation and need a quality part in a rush. With the available means, they can find the part out of your vehicle as soon as possible.


On-road or outside of what might be expected, Australia's first decision for 4×4 Suspension and Accessories is Terrain Tamer. Regardless of whether you utilize your 4×4 as a family vehicle or as a rough terrain adventurer, the landscape tamer has the items that will convey the solace and security you demand your vehicle.


The Terrain Tamer Connection is a real platform where you can find every suitable item for your vehicle. They provide you the feeling of reliability and serenity when you buy a Terrain Tamer Product. When out Four Wheel Driving there can be a fear factor if you get confused about getting into genuine parts, they will make your difficulty out of the way. This fear is not about the Terrain Tamer clients since Terrain Tamer clients realize that they get the best item as well as get all the additional advantages that only the Terrain Tamer Connection can offer.


The information and experience that Terrain Tamer Parts supply Australia's greatest mines and in this way, they worked to withstand the hardest at the competition! 



The expert advice from every one of their warehouses. Their folks manage 4WD Parts and Accessories day in day out, so in case you're uncertain ring them up or despite everything, become more acquainted with them and they will reveal to you the part you are after. 



Since they are Australia's greatest pro provider of 4WD new parts to the business then we have a tremendous system of repairers they manage all over the place, each day. So if you are stuck and needing fix from the highest point of Cape York to the base of a Kalgoorlie mine then we will make a few calls and complete the connection. This significant connection is the basic reason that once individuals become a Terrain Tamer client, they structure a deep-rooted association. So next time you separate in the bush, it is Terrain Tamer that will get you home.


They have a wide range of the following:

 ✓ Brake kits

 ✓ Brake catalogs

 ✓ Suspension

 ✓ Filters

 ✓ E-locker kits

 ✓ Cooling

 ✓ Clutch

 ✓ Fuel

 ✓ Electrical

 ✓ Recovery and accessories

 ✓ Transmission and driveline

 ✓ Safari products

 ✓ Steering and body parts

 ✓ Engine parts

 ✓ AVM range


Territory TAMER has been leading the market since its production and is considered as the top in the creation of repair kits and accessories for a very long time. The reason for this is that their kits contain just quality parts and they generally react first to the requirements of our clients. All bearings and seals are manufactured in Japan according to the required specifications.


However, the gaskets are fabricated here in Australia. Terrain Tamer kits have everything you require for that driveline fix, all the bearings, gaskets and seals you need for your vehicle and they even manufacture nuts, gear lever seats, and hedges, boots, washers, etc. All kit components are made of the good quality (eg; Koyo bearings and seals) however, all the components are secured with a global 12 months warranty.


Terrain Tamer ELocker Kit:

The Terrain Tamer Differential Locking Kit has every single thing required that includes bearing and gaskets in addition to the Australian made Harrop Eaton ELocker. The Harrop Eaton ELocker is an electromagnetic locking differential, requiring no blower or carriers, that is drawn manually with an on/off switch by the driver. Internally, the licensed Eaton gears are designed in a modern way that highlights a solid 4 pinion design. The Harrop Eaton ELocker has a basic 'drop-in' fitting procedure and permits the front and back axles-lock freely. Made in Australia Manually Selected Electronically Activated 


Safari Snorkels:

It is located in Australia in the mid-1980s and industry started progressing in-design and toughness, Safari Snorkels that were made to protect the vehicles 4WD engines from the dust and water hazards regularly experienced as an unpleasant rough terrain driving conditions. Safari Snorkel Systems are altogether examined and tried for every particular vehicle, and correctly planned and tooled to suit each demonstrate of mainstream 4WD, empowering the exchange of the air admission from under the cap to a high and safe area for a cool and steady air supply.


Made to the best expectations in reliability and rigidness, UV stable, cross-connected polyethylene material, every Safari Snorkel framework is erosion safe and incorporates quality apparatuses and fittings for prevalent fixing, OEM levels of introduction and long haul strength, conveying a ceaseless, cooler air supply for most extreme engine execution.


Terrain Tamer Reviews:

Review 1:

Great service, and thinking outside the box to keep parts coming out while keeping staff and customers safe.

I made an error ordering and couldn't be happier with the service I received identifying the correct parts and sorting out the dollar side of everything.

Incidentally, I bought Terrain Tamer slotted rotors and pads for my 200 series and they are bloody fantastic!


Review 2:

Have one of their heavy duty clutch’s in my cruiser and can not fault it!..

And have the hub to hub bearing kit in the front Diff.

And further more I have purchased a full service kit which includes

Air,oil & fuel filters and also has a new sump plug gasket ,,

For half the cost if you were to buy these items separately 


Review 3:

You just ask what your after you get good advice. only sell you what you need. Quality product.


Review 4:

I bought 2 front struts for my hillux 12 months ago. Very disappointed. Has resulted in poor handling.



Terrain Tamer is an auto parts store that includes car service and vehicle accessories. This vehicle accessory store includes al 4WD parts, 4wd suspension lift kits, suspension,4wd wreckers as well as all 4 wheel drive accessories. This company has been producing spare parts for a long time with reliability that is why it is most desired among many people. Further, my experience with them was great and I would definitely visit again.

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