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Suzuki Vitara Turbo Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Suzuki Vitara Turbo Review Australia


Suzuki Vitara Turbo Review Australia

Want to experience a new, freshening, and soothing ride in an advanced SUV? What else can get better than driving in Suzuki’s small SUV segment that has its swag? Suzuki Vitara turbo that comes in a boxy design is a highly capable and usable car with the desired punch of speed and power.


Recently, the Suzuki Vitara turbo has been topping the chart but why? Because of their turbocharged engines that are unquestionably well-laden with loads of safety and comfort features. Apart from being well-equipped, you would find the car pretty practical and highly competent. With a spacious cabin, it is made sturdy and is straightforward to use.


The key appeal is the lower price range of the Suzuki Vitara turbo in comparison to rivals. Although, it carries the looks of a more expensive vehicle. Its unique shape and refined styling will catch your attention, right away and offer value for money. It is designed in the same way as any other conventional family car with good fuel mileage and convenience. 



As today, we are only focusing on the turbocharged engines of Suzuki Vitara turbo, you will have the two options of engine configurations that are available on petrol:


A1L Boosterjet

Relatively, it is a cheaper motor featuring an unproblematic 2WD. For an SUV of this size and type, this engine seems appropriately weighted, placed, and manufactured. With a final fuel economy value of 45.9mpg, it is suitable for long drives. But, if you want to minimize the fuel use, you must opt for the Allgrip Turbo 4WD that has a rate of 39.4mpg, only. Steady acceleration is guaranteed but is neither sporty nor spectacular. The available transmissions are 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic. Both are not only smooth but quick.


A 1.4L Boosterjet 

It is of larger capacity and will offer greater value for fuel consumption (43.6mpg) in its 2WD configuration. Similar to a 1L engine, the fuel mileage can be minimized to 36.6mpg with Allgrip Turbo. If you like cruising at higher speeds with a powerful punch, it is your best option. Its awesome torque and extra power are obvious, principally when you need to run faster to overtake. The gearboxes are responsive and are available in both manual and automatic transmissions, each having 6-speeds.


Trim levels


 ✓ SZ4 has a 1L petrol engine mated with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

 ✓ SZ-T has both 1L and 1.4L Boosterjet petrol engines mated with either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission

 ✓ SZ5 has only a 1.4L petrol engine but comes with a choice of 2WD and 4WD



If we sum up, we can say there is nothing intrusive in Suzuki Vitara turbo. Apart from being reasonably economical, the suspension and braking setup is brilliantly designed. With the installation of MacPherson struts, the bumps are soaked up admirably. The car can be described as a light-handed SUV. All engines offer enough punch to create significant wheelspin and torque steer.


Don’t worry about lags! If there is any turbo lag, it is scarcely visible. The gearboxes are consistent and when combined, they deliver a worthwhile ride. With its accurate power-to-weight ratio, Suzuki Vitara turbo assures torquey, pretty smooth, and quiet. The comfortable road grip and directional steering enhance the ride quality. The steering is made communicative and the throttle is made responsive.



All Suzuki Vitara turbo cars are designed to offer an accommodating cabin. It has enough rear space to adjust three adults. The Vitara's low price definitely does not make it a low-rent option because it has everything that a modern car will offer you. Once seated inside, it will give you a good level of basic yet advanced standard equipment. One of the major attractions is its higher driving position to provide improved driving confidence.


Need a little bit more space to stretch your legs? You can fold its collapsible seats or 60-40 split-fold backrest. With a decent load area, the cabin quality is maintained. For comfort, AC is fitted with a single-zone climate control feature. There is a soft-felt armrest and a headrest. You can keep your belongings safe in the glovebox and drinks in cup holders.


The only difference between the 2020 variant of Suzuki Vitara Turbo Allgrip and Suzuki Vitara Turbo is the equipment of roof rails. In AllGrip you can have not only roof rails but also an electric-assisted glass-made sunroof. The fanciness at its peak! Whereas in simple Turbo versions, you will get a sturdy roof rail only. In both variants, adaptive cruise control is the highlight.


Key/Start ensures safety and represents advancement, too. Digital displays are imposed on the front showing different information, such as range for remaining fuel, fuel consumption, speed, etc. The refined 3D touch screen with voice recognition or command in Suzuki Vitara turbo lets you drive with more concentration. The steering mounted and remote audio controls add up to the ease. Multiple infotainment screens are equipped. One is 7-inch at the dashboard and the other screen is 4.2-inch at the Instrument panel.


Other standard specifications of Suzuki Vitara turbo are:


 ✓ Illuminated Vanity Mirror

 ✓ Windows with Privacy glass at the rear

 ✓ Satellite Navigation

 ✓ Trip Computer

 ✓  Audio player

 ✓ 12v power

 ✓ AM/FM Radio

 ✓ Bluetooth connectivity

 ✓ Music streaming

 ✓ USB connection front

 ✓ Mobile Integration - Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

 ✓ 6-speaker stereo

 ✓ Heated Door Mirrors

 ✓ High and low beam Headlights with dusk sensing function

 ✓ Headlamps are height adjustable

 ✓ Front fog lights

 ✓ Power Windows (Front & Rear)

 ✓ Intermittent and Rain-sensing Wipers

 ✓ Multi-function, Tilt and reach Power Steering

 ✓ Manually adjustable seats


While choosing the trim level, you must give special care to the specs because they come with no optional extras. For instance, a panoramic sunroof is only offered on the Suzuki Vitara turbo SZ5 model. The striking features of the SZ-T are a touchscreen, rear parking camera, 17-inch alloy wheels, and voice commands.


Safety features


 ✓ 7 Airbags

 ✓ Collision Warning System

 ✓ Automatic braking

 ✓ Blind-spot monitor

 ✓ Lane departure warning

 ✓ Brake assist system

 ✓ Rear cross-traffic alert

 ✓ ISOFIX tethering

 ✓ Seat Belts with pretensioners (height adjustable)

 ✓ Electronic brake distribution

 ✓ Electronic traction control

 ✓ Hill holder


Cons of buying Suzuki Vitara turbo


 ✓ Cheaper cabin quality in terms of material (plastic trim)

 ✓ The smallest engine is underpowered


Youthful and vibrant Suzuki Vitara turbo S specs


 ✓ Boosterjet turbocharged 1.4L petrol engine

 ✓ 6-speed automatic transmission (no manual available)

 ✓ Front-Wheel Drive

 ✓ Maximum power: 103kW at 5500rpm

 ✓ Maximum torque: 220Nm at 1500-4000rpm

 ✓ Dual-tone colour to the range

 ✓ Fuel consumption value: 6.2L/100km

 ✓ Safety (7 airbags, ESC, EBD, rear parking sensors, and brake assist system)


 ✓ A rear-view camera

 ✓ Leather-and-suede supportive seats 

 ✓ Sporty air vents and gauges 

 ✓ A 7.0-inch screen 

 ✓ Satellite navigation 

 ✓ Apple CarPlay

 ✓ Trip computer 

 ✓ Electric mirrors and windows 

 ✓ Cruise control 

 ✓ The rear seat splits 60:40 


Final verdict

Suzuki has thrown its first Suzuki Vitara turbo which suggests more performance and improved economy. It is a considerably safe car with loads of convenient tech. It has a brilliant reliability record. On-road, it looks good and the engine seems reliable.


These series are not old but still if you are buying these in, you need to be extra careful. Instead of wasting your money, do your research first. You can visit our site to get the valid accidental, theft, and driving history of any vehicle. Our portal is open 24/7 and accessible by anyone.


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