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Suzuki Swift Sport Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Suzuki Swift Sport Review Australia

A new term that is being thrown around nowadays is ‘hot hatch’. Now, it is a bit difficult to tell exactly what the term means, but one can deduce that it refers to a hatchback with good performance. In my opinion, it should be a car which makes exhilarating driving possible. So, the question is this: is the Suzuki Swift Sports a hot hatch? And does it deliver on everything that Suzuki claims? Read on ahead our Suzuki Swift Sports review to find out!


According to Suzuki, the latest hatchback has truly evolved into a hot hatch bringing an exciting drive. The Suzuki Swift Sport 2018 is lighter than the previous generation with an improved engine and higher torque output. Suzuki relied heavily on customer’s feedback, bringing a car that appeals more to the masses than the standard car. The exterior is beautiful with just the right stance and grooves. It has been purposely made wider and lower and even though it is small, it looks nice on the road.


The Suzuki Swift Sport 2019 is also available in a range of funky colors with a metallic touch. In case you are looking to stand out of the crowd, you can always go for the bold Champion Yellow color which will not be forgotten soon. Or you can go for the less dramatic metallic. But we will leave the choice to you.


The Suzuki Swift Sport has been labeled as a subcompact car, produced by Suzuki for many years now. Previously, Swift has also been known as the Suzuki Cultus in many export markets. It was in 2005 when Suzuki launched the Sports model for Swift for the first time. It was initially launched only in the local Japanese market, called the Swift RS. A year later, after seeing the success in the local market, it was launched in the European market as the Swift Sports.


The first generation of the Suzuki Swift Sports was powered by a high revving 1.6-liter VVT engine. As compared to the simple model, the Sport variant exhibited sportier bumpers and spoilers. It also features a stiffer suspension, twin exhausts, and sports seats. In some markets, the Swift Sport came with five-speed manual transmission and 17-inch alloy wheels. It also came with an Electronic Stability control system.



The previous generation for the Suzuki Swift Sport was powered by a four-cylinder 1.6-liter engine. It was capable of producing 100 kW of power and 160 Nm of torque. The engine was supplied by Fiat. It came with the option of a six-speed manual transmission or you could go for the CVT with seven-speed manual transmission.


For the new Suzuki Swift Sport 2019, the car manufacturing company downsized the engine. Whereas the previous generation had applied a 1.6-liter engine, in the latest generation they included a 1.4-liter engine. The 2017 Suzuki Swift Sport Turbo also applied a similar turbocharged petrol engine. It was capable of producing 138 bhp of power. The increase in power is not significant, but the torque is where things get interesting.


The engine produces 230 Nm of torque which is a whopping 70 Nm more than the previous engine. A similar six-speed manual transmission is applied which is both responsive and nice.



Standard features for the Suzuki Swift Sport include 17-inch alloy wheels, HID headlights, and rear lighting clusters. The car also applies a front grille, rear spoiler, and a sporty body kit. The ground clearance is lower than the previous generation but is still excellent. Inside, you get sporty leather bucket seats. The seats have a Sports mark and red stitching. Also included is a new and improved steering wheel and different instrument cluster.



The Suzuki Swift Sport interior is sporty, as the name implies. It complements the overall exterior and outside body by including front sports seats. There are aluminum pedals and a flat-bottomed steering wheel covered in leather. The red stitching also improves the looks and gives a rich feel.


The interior delivers comfort and you feel nice when sitting inside. However, the dashboard could have been softer as opposed to the hard plastics used.


Driving dynamics:

The steering offers a pleasant, firm weight and it additionally offers a conventional measure of correspondence. The body feels too deft too. In addition to the brakes merit an uncommon notice as they are awesome. Pedal feel is solid, and the brakes themselves have a lot of nibble to them. The Swift Sport is an awesome section point for somebody hoping to encounter an energetic bring forth. In spite of the fact that saying this does not imply that professionals cannot draw fun from this lightweight pocket rocket.


Refinement is not remarkable. You are probably going to see a considerable measure of noise entering the cabin. Notwithstanding this, you will end up wrenching up the sound system once you hit the highway. Yet in any event, the Sport is a good cruiser on the motorway, in addition to the additional force making surpassing a bit of cake.


Talking about the commotion, the motor/exhaust leaves a ton to be desired. Since the sound that the pair exhausts make is not actually energetic. Pound the choke and you are welcomed by a clamor that would not be strange in a standard hatchback, and it's not even close to offering the ear-satisfying burbles of the Fiesta ST.



The new Suzuki Swift Sport with the six-speed manual transmission will set you back $29,990. While the automatic transmission with the CVT will cost you $31,990.


Final Verdict:

Okay, it is true that the Swift Sports power does not look like much on paper. But believe us when we say that the driving experience says so much more than that. The increased torque means that it delivers a hot hatch sensation. The price may be a point of contention for some, but the car offers many things at that price. It has more space, better looks, faster, and a good amount of instrument. The fuel economy and safety features are worth mentioning and are the high selling points.


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