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Suzuki Cappuccino Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Suzuki Cappuccino Review Australia


Suzuki Cappuccino Review Australia

Are you searching for a car that is not only fuel-efficient but also space-saving? Suzuki Cappuccino is the car for you. If you are low on budget but not in the mood to take a risk, you can pick this economical, fun-drive, pint-sized, 2-door, and 2-seater sports car. Or simply a detachable hardtop Kei car available in 1991 to the 1998-year models. All models have a front mid-placed sturdy and compact-sized Suzuki Cappuccino engine complementing its RWD. You would find this vehicle extremely reliable. Besides, it is one of the brilliant convertibles with the smoothest conversion and adaptable interior.


The company has successfully made it smaller, and lighter to let it fit even in the minimum spaces. The highlight of the Suzuki Cappuccino is that it is equipped with the fastest spinning turbo-charged engine. The sportier gearbox makes it feisty and dynamic, at once. If you are looking for a fun ride, you must give this vehicle a chance. Regardless of its tiny engine, it provides satisfactory on-road and off-road performance.


Engine details

One evident thing is that all the motor parts are in a fitting size under the strong hood, with an FR layout. Despite the turbocharged engine is too small for a car of such size, Cappuccino Suzuki is engineered to produce 63bhp@6500rpm of the power. You will find the engine torquey enough to give the 63ft (19.2 m) lb@4000rpm.


top speed noted so far is approx. 93mph (149.67 km/h) is pretty amazing. As the engine is positioned efficiently you get a comfortable, yet sportier drive. Luckily, it comes with both, 3-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmissions. Its petrol turbocharged engine runs fast and smoothly. All gearboxes are floor-mounted. The combination of the turbocharger and an effective intercooler is an ultimate highlight.


In the earlier versions, you will get a 3-cyl, 12-valve 657 CC DOHC engine called F6A. And, coming to the later versions (1995 onward), Suzuki Cappuccino has a tremendous K6A engine. Comparatively, it is made lighter with the addition of chain-driven camshafts. Another advantage of the K6A is its enhanced torque as the F6A engine provides 85 Nm and K6A. Noticeable specs of the latest trims are lightweight yet powerful wheels and an optional 3-speed automatic gearbox. And, how can you miss its crisp and new power steering? Early Cappuccino versions have all-wheel disc brakes and RWD.


Imagine driving in a car that can rev up to an impressive 9,00 RPM. Definitely sounds incredible and will feel pretty amazing. The gearbox and clutch are notchy enough to make you feel like you are racing on a supercar. These are smooth enough to create no unnecessary engine problem.


Japan-specified variants

Japan-specified variants of Suzuki Cappuccino manufactured from 1993 to 1995 will provide you a different engine meaning a more advanced motor with an optional 3-speed automatic gearbox. Where ABS, airbag, speed-sensing electric power-assisted steering, and LSD are also installed, in other basic trims, there is no LSD causing skidding. The double-wishbone suspension is another highlight that makes the ride firmer and more stable.



The major reason behind its lightweight cabin and sturdy chassis is its all-new, fresh and appealing aluminum-made body. Every year the model has its hood, roof, front roll bar, and lower front guard panels made of strengthened aluminum replacing heavy metal components. Coming to its hard-wearing exterior, you will be impressed as it features a glass-made rear wraparound window offering a clear view. The demisting elements are the plus point. Due to its size, styling, and engine placement, this car is surprisingly usable. You would hear people saying that it is too small or sleek but its sleek-profile body assists the driver to pick a fast pace.


Imagining Suzuki Cappuccino size, you must be expecting a tight interior but that is not the case. Even with its compact proportions, you’ll get sufficient legroom and headroom. The inside will give you premium feels and it looks like the interior is leather-wrapped, but it is not. To capitalize on the road and speeding grip exclusive skinny tires are featured. The very first thing that will catch your attention will be its adjustable sharp-looking steering.


To offer the ultimate comfort, Suzuki has introduced "high specification" BA variants. You can buy those at a higher price. You will get a greater number of airbags, more enhanced ABS on all 4 wheels, and an incredibly applicable LSD. All trims, no matter if these are enhanced, of higher spec, the earliest or the latest, hard-top roof comes with the option to be partly dismantled to give you a stylish T-bar style configuration or can be detached completely, and here it comes a full cabriolet.


Roof panels

Who doesn’t like fanciness or a ride in a comfortable yet luxurious automobile? This small-boxed Suzuki Cappuccino comes with the options of roof panel styling. You can enjoy a ride in a closed coupé:



Full convertible (if you retract the rear window and roll bar entirely)



Most surprisingly, it lacks LSD. With no LSD, the vehicle has a higher chance of skidding on the road at the maximum speeds.

Regrettably, the engine is highly dependent on the motor temperature.

In certain road situations and speeding, you will find the gearbox stiffer. It gets cold, not allowing you to switch between gears.

The body is not rust-proof, especially the floor-plans, sills, and wheel-arches.

Aluminum is a good option for weight management but not for stress or force as it is not dent resistant.

Although you will get the best disc brakes, the clutches can act weak, so be aware of the road slipping on peak gears.


Final verdict

We can say, Suzuki Cappuccino is not bad investment only if you keep in well with routine service. The car is cheap offering better fuel consumption. The car is small, which means easier parking and feasible speed handling. The inside is enough to let you keep storage. And, you would love the user-friendly and decent on-road performance.


It is advised to get a well-treated car on the first try. It is possible if you have all the previous information. Now, you are welcomed to our site to use an online portal that is accessible all the time. Give us the car details, and we will give you a verified accident, driving, and theft history.

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