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Suzuki Baleno Review Australia | Features, Specifications, Price

Suzuki Baleno Review Australia

When you pay a large sum of money when buying a new car, it is natural that you have high expectations from it. So, what happens when you purchase a cheap car? What are your expectations then? The Suzuki Baleno is not an expensive car, and you might think that it should be enough to transport you from one place to another. Well, the Baleno does that, and so much more!


The Suzuki Baleno 2019, also called the Series II, saw improvements in the exterior to further enhance the overall look, with various colors to choose from. So, does the new Baleno car live up to the expectations? Read on to find out.


Belonging to the light car segment which has a lot of competition, with the likes of Toyota Yaris, Mazda 2, and the Suzuki Swift, which proved to be immensely popular here in Australia. Suzuki applied a similar approach to that of the Honda Jazz by offering ample space and practicality in the Baleno, at a reasonable price to attract customers. The Suzuki Baleno hatchback is similar somewhat to its siblings, the Suzuki Swift. However, it is bigger in size and offers more cabin and boot space than the Swift.


Engine and Performance:

The Suzuki Baleno GL is powered by a 1.4 liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine that outputs a modest 68 kW of power and a torque of 130 Nm. The power is transferred to the front wheels using a six-speed automatic transmission.


The engine may not seem very intimidating, but it does well. Even at 2,000 Rpm, you would feel that the car is powered up, and after 4,000 Rpm, you might notice a slight noise emitting from the engine which may not be very pleasant.


Unfortunately, there is no diesel engine option available, which might put some people off. Previously, there was a top-spec Suzuki Baleno turbo GLX offered, which had a 1.0-liter turbocharged engine included, but it ceased production recently.


Driving Experience:

When it comes to the driving experience, the Suzuki Baleno offers a reasonably well road grip, despite the fact that it is equipped with economy-orientated tires. The Baleno may be secure to drive, however, it is not what you would call enjoyable. The drive does not give a lot of input from the front tires, and it requires consistent acceleration on motorways. You will likewise wind up whirling the wheel a dreadful part to get it around corners. There is a ton of body fit in corners, as well.


Regardless of the delicate suspension, you do now and again feel the street's surface and the suspension is boisterous when it is going all over. You likewise hear a lot of street and wind noise at high speeds. All things considered; this is a supermini so a specific measure of this is not out of the ordinary.



The interior, at first glance, looks to be elegant due to the large touchscreen in the center of the dash and the smaller number of buttons to give a clean look. The infotainment screen is mounted high and the buttons can be easily pressed, no matter how bumpy the road is. The satellite navigation is also placed in a way that it can be easily accessed while driving.


The front seats are comfortable, but some people might feel that it is situated a bit too high. There is ample space to stretch out your legs and the seats are somewhat supportive on longer drives. Move to the rear, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of space available for the passengers


Specifications and Features:

As with any mid-level car, the Suzuki Baleno is a blend of solid features and specifications. The GL variant is equipped with power windows and steering, cruise control, electric mirrors, a rear camera that comes handy when you are reversing, halogen headlights, air-conditioning, and 15-inch steel wheels. Impressive, right?


You also get a 7.0-inch touchscreen, and the infotainment system includes compatibility for both Android and Apple CarPlay. Surprisingly, you also get satellite navigation included in the base model. Where Suzuki has managed to include many of the top features that you would expect in a car, there are some essentials missing that you wish should be there. For instance, there are no parking sensors and no adjustment whatsoever on the steering wheel. Also absent are LED headlights and alloy wheels, which are only available as optional.


Suzuki Baleno Price:

The Suzuki Baleno GX is offered at a base price of $16,990 which is both attractive and affordable when compared to other cars in the same class. If you go for the five-speed manual transmission, you save an additional grand.


The slightly pricier variant Baleno GLX cost around $18,000, and for the additional two grand you get some more features and bells. The GLX is only available in automatic transmission. The Suzuki Baleno is offered in two basic colors which are Fire Red and the Arctic White. Or you can pay an extra $500 to get any of the three premium colors, namely Stargaze Blue Metallic, Premium Silver, or the Granite Grey.


Final Verdict:

If you consider the practicality that the Suzuki Baleno offers, the ample cabin space, and the satisfying finish, the price may seem seductive and attractive. But when considering the safety features, you might be forced to think again.


In some parts of the World, such as India where the Baleno is being manufactured, the safety features may not be such a big issue since they focus less on safety and more on practicality. But here in Australia, this is a big deal and maybe one of the primary reasons that the Baleno failed to live up to expectations that were left by the Suzuki Swift.


Overall, the Suzuki Baleno is a comfortable ride, with a spacious interior and boot, which makes it ideal as a family car. The standard equipment is also a high selling point. But the interior quality is not up to the mark when you compare to rivals, and the steering does feel vague at times.

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