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Suzuki Alto Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Suzuki Alto Review Australia

In the need of a small car? You should check the features of Suzuki Alto as it may fit your demands. It is small but impressive in its features. There are multiple features that should be upgraded. But without upgrades, we must say that it will work fine and gives you an effortless drive. It is a tiny small packaged car with loads of advantages and drawbacks. The golden part of the car is its high reselling value. It is cheap and you can run it without messing up your financial dealing. You can say it might not attract Australians but, being a budget-friendly car, it will draw their attention.


Suzuki Alto is an Indian-built automobile. It features quite opposite model details in comparison to Australia's cars. Suzuki has gained much importance and has flourished much in past decades. So, this 4-seater is not an experiment but made with zeal, brain-storming, and hard work. Despite its minuscule size, it is a perfect option for a small family to plan a pleasurable ride. In the case of having second thoughts about making a deal, here is the highlight of all major characteristics.


While buying a car, keep in mind that it way lacks engine speed and horsepower. If you are into elegance and style, you must reconsider buying it as it will always need upgrading. Its interior will always demand freshening to make it look presentable. If you have made up your mind, you should know that it has enough to offer. Suzuki manufactures ideal cars for small families.


The silver lining of Suzuki small vehicles is its extremely low price along with practically outstanding lesser fuel consumption. It is cheap and has a high resale rate which gives a buyer an edge to cover the expenses. If you are worried about its safety protocols, you can satisfy yourself with its 4 stars in a safety rating. This microcar is lightweight, as well.


Engine setup:

A car without an efficient engine is a useless car. Suzuki Alto engine is quite compatible and competent. It might not surpass Australia's companies but will definitely give a smoother and comfy ride. To make it economically stable, the engine has been minimized to only 1L instead of a 1.2 or 1.3L. In an aspect of standards decided by the car enterprises, it has a built-in 3-cylinder layout instead of featuring four with 4 required valves. It will definitely sound strange, but it is mechanically and technically stabilized. The engineers have done a great job in making minimal size relatable with 3 cylinders engine and a distinctive exhaustion system.


The car is accurately balanced as its Power: to the weight, the Ratio is 56.5W/kg. The type of fuel it uses is petrol which will definitely cost lesser than diesel. As we said earlier, it comprises a classic safety system featuring anti-lock brakes and traction control. The recorded values are 50kW and 90Nm of torque. With this range of engine, the driving within places with small turning circle the gear handling or shifting is totally effortless. And what about bumpy roads? Suzuki got you covered through highly responsive hydraulic double-acting shock absorbers.


If you are addicted to the automatic gearing, this is not the car for you! It lacks electronic control and has a 5-speed manual gearing setup. And, yes, it can be customized. You can switch 5 gearboxes to 4 gearboxes. But, alas, can't change it to electronic! It is known to use 4.7L/100 km on manual operation but 5.3L on the automatic drive. Australians are used to Rear-wheel drive, but here you go to drive with front wheels. It has an extensive fuel capacity of 35L. As you know it lacks engine capacity, you rest assured of its effective rear Suspension function. It is a complete multi-linked setup.



Suzuki Alto interior is possible small but quite plastique. You are total in the charge of modifying the interior. The boot space is idyllic along with a highly relaxing seat arrangement. The seats are also height changeable. Added to the surprise, it has a hi-tech 6-speakers audio system. It has feasible steering and the gearbox is on the floor. It has fresh headlamps and can be customized to any color. Exterior radiant metallic finish will tempt the other riders, for sure! It has a distinguishing rising midriff that ultimately moves towards high chopped-off rear.


Besides, you can have a manual air-conditioner along with a slim floor. And, how can you forget the prominent "S" badge right up front! The manufacturers have perfectly fitted large and attention-catching speed dial with an LCD located beneath it give away the basic information on your driving status


Distinctive features:

Suzuki Alto has an additional lock assuring your safety and security.

The Towing Capacity of Suzuki Alto on the brake is 200 whereas it is 100 without brake.

Airbags are present that are a total of 6 in number providing supreme protection in case of an accident.

Hatch body style.



Non-turbocharged engine with 996 cc.

Manual gearing.


Unluckily, the car has no accessible external handle for the tailgate.Sorry to disappoint but it holds only one operative power switch for all the four windows rolling.

No cables for lifting the parcel shelf.

ABS with EBD to offer maximum safety and make you feel at home.

Inadequate rear-seat space.


New Alto:

You can buy the car at an instant or you can wait a bit and get yourself ready to feel the drastic change in its details. The recent modifications have apparently made the car more economic with CNG based engine. The major change is the addition of an enhanced infotainment system, displayed in 17.7 cm touch screen and quick Bluetooth connectivity.


What if you always forget to put the seat belt on? Pretty dangerous, right? The new Suzuki Alto offers an excellent feature of reminding ou to put drivers and passenger seat belt on. The previous versions have sensors but it has made certain advancements in smart reverse parking. Alto800 has also a remote keyless entry.


Final verdict:

More than 50% of Suzuki Alto's functions are manual. It lacks creativity in its framework styling it features man other exclusive specifications. It is spacious and gives you room to breathe along with comfortable seats. You can customize your car to a fresh classy look. Besides, it delivers efficient safety features. The new editions also showing better mileage. No matter what, Suzuki itself is a brand that is still evolving.


One can easily get confused regarding features and which model to buy. But before finalizing a deal, isn't it better to read about the car's history and past-related incidents? You can easily get the desired information regarding any car from our site Quick Revs. Be sure to know the history of the car before purchasing and model details, as well. And, luckily we provide both services for everyone!

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