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Supercheap Auto Review Australia | Hours, Services, Packages

Supercheap Auto Review Australia

The time has come when the world has realized that the success of a business depends most, if not all, on the customer’s satisfaction. It is quoted a hundred thousand times that the customer is always right, and the fact is reinforced in many ways. Industries are doing all they can to provide the best customer support and work towards the perfect satisfaction ratings.


Australia, along with Canada, claims the throne of having the best customer satisfaction scores with Germany trailing after that. This gives the idea of how serious the standards are taken here, and the customer is taken care of. The real estate and IT services sector may have the highest satisfaction ratings at almost 96 %, but for auto stores, it gets even better. Customer satisfaction ratings regarding auto stores, specifically in Australia, are much more stable and greater than any other industry. This may be because the Aussies love their cars and take the utmost care of them and are willing to spend good money on maintenance and improved performance.


Topping the list is the Supercheap auto stores, and we bring you a review of the services they offer and why they are voted the best.


The Supercheap Auto stores:

It all started in 1972 when an automotive and accessories business was started by Hazel and Reg Howe and soon after they opened their first retail store in Brisbane, which soon gained popularity and brought a huge turnover in the first year.


Things dramatically changed soon after, with the hiring of Bob Thorn, who oversaw the retail operations. The company grew exponentially in the next few months and the total number of stores grew to a 12 in just a year. In the next five years, Thorn oversaw the retail operations and by 1997, they had almost 200 stores operating in Australia.


In the new millennium, the Supercheap autos expanded and opened 7 new stores in New Zealand, under the same name. The interesting thing is that all the seven stores were opened on the same day at the same time and a record number of people checked in. Today, they have 41 stores operating in New Zealand alone and a whopping 300 stores are trading all over Australia.

Their operation, however, includes but is not limited to only car accessories and automobile services. They are part of the huge Super Retail Group and are involved in different programs as well, including the CARMA, a program that focuses on safety awareness on the road.


Supercheap auto services:

Limiting the Supercheap Autos to just an auto spare parts store would be no true justice if you look at all the different types of services that they offer. It is true that they are an authority of their own on auto spare parts, but let us briefly glance on the different services that they offer on the Supercheap Auto online store:


In-store services:

With services that include the exterior and the interior of your vehicle that are available over all the stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, and mostly without any need of a booking as well, where you not only can find the right product for your car but get that fit as well by personnel that is both knowledgeable and friendly. With services ranging from oil recycling, battery charging, fuel treatment to wheel covers, headlight protectors, seat covers, and dash camera set up, you have multiple options to get your car serviced, checked and customized. Moreover, they also provide with some free checkups as mentioned below:


 ✓ Battery Condition Check

 ✓ Vehicle Lighting Check

 ✓ Wiper Condition Check

 ✓ Glass Inspection

 ✓ Wiper Condition Check

 ✓ Glass Inspection


My Garage:

This is a brilliant feature provided by Supercheap Autos using which one can search for their particular vehicle type and make, after which all the possible upgrades and accessories for that vehicle are listed down which you can browse through and buy according to your needs.


Special Orders:

Looking for a custom order products for your vehicle which would not be easy to find normally, or spare parts for the automotive or other equipment that you wish to order, Supercheap Autos have a huge network of more than 300 suppliers from which you can choose from and order what you need You can place a Special Order online through their website, and you can also browse the products when you visit any of their retail stores. The only drawback here is that since the products are being shipped directly from the suppliers, the timeline may be extended as compared to a normal shipment.


Windscreen solutions:

A whole section is dominated by its windscreen services and solutions, and they put a lot of serious thoughts on these services. They include fixing your windscreen in case it has been damaged or scraped, and you can also get your windscreen inspected for such cracks from your nearest retail store before that crack grows big and completely damages your windscreen altogether. You will find that you can easily find and replace your windscreen in case it is damaged, or else Supercheap Autos can also help repair that if that is possible.


Mechanic Finder:

This feature, in three simple steps, allows you to find the best-suited mechanic in the most reasonable budget for your car and the service it demands. You are first asked to enter your car details (model, make, etc.) and the service that you require currently. Secondly, you are asked to select a mechanic based on the different quotes and the amount that each one is demanding. One you think you have found the right one for you, you can book your appointment with them.


Supercheap Auto Trading hours:

The trading hours for all the retail stores don’t vary much; they all have opening hours at 8:30 in the morning, and don’t close store well until 4:00 pm in the evening, while some stores close an hour later.

Supercheap auto locations:


With 300+ retail stores operating in Australia alone, it would not be feasible for us to jot down every one of the Supercheap Auto locations. However, some of the main retail stores can be found on the following locations:


 ✓ Auburn, Sydney

  Airlie Beach, Mackay Regional 

 ✓ Armadale WA, Perth 

 ✓ Ashmore, Gold Coast 

 ✓ Bankstown, Sydney 


You can also use they are built-in a feature on their website, called the Supercheap Auto Near Me, which is basically a store locator and allows you to pinpoint your location and lets you find out the nearest retail store that you can visit.


Supercheap Auto Review:

Well, it’s not by accident that the Supercheap Auto first won the Canstar Blue customer satisfaction award in 2013, in the category of auto stores, and has been in the lead for winning the Roy Morgan customer satisfaction award recently. Customers all over Australia and New Zealand have found the Supercheap Auto stores worthy of the scores due to which they always give them good points and are satisfied with their services.


If we look deeper into their strategy for keeping up their standards and meeting with the customers demands, we will find that they have a knack of focusing on small and numerous items for your vehicle that are most attractive and not very expensive, so that car enthusiasts go and are able to find something or another on every trip to the Supercheap Auto store. This is also one of the most authentic places where you can buy and order auto spare parts for your vehicle online, anywhere in Australia.

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