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Sunyee Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Sunyee Review Australia

Ever thought about modifying your car with luxurious accessories? You can run your vehicle faster by upgrading premium quality batteries. What else could be better than automobiles specified solar panels? To make your vehicle impressive, visit the site Sunyee. It will offer you whatever you need for your car. The company deals in 4-wheel drive vehicles, as well. This company is known for its astounding quality, durability, and economical rates. From this company, you can order efficient solar panels and hi-tech batteries. It could be your best guide for camping in any part of the world, especially in Australia. It offers you to search and buy their elite products in accordance with the model of the car.


The company is a perfect destiny for camp lovers. It comprises a massive range of eye-fetching LED lights, towing mirrors, and mats. Choose any themes as not a single product lacks quality. Are you worried about not finding an appropriately sized solar panel? Here you go! SunYee International Pty Ltd offers foldable, lightweight, and rooftop panels. And, yes, they have classic inverters, as well. Planning to go camping with families or friends or colleagues? Go shopping from this authentic company. It has loads of camping and outdoor accessories.


The product range of SunYee:

The company has been manufacturing thousands of millions of car accessories. For the customer’s ease, all products are divided into specific categories:


4*4 accessories:

The significant items that fall into this category and are frequently used include:

5 varieties of trendy LED lights for multiple purposes: Lightbar, Driving lights, Fog lights, Work Lights, and Headlight.

Extendable towing mirrors.

Smooth felt floor mats.

HIKEit Throttle controller.

Weather shield.

Wiring fittings.

Tyre accessories.


Light Bars can be mounted on the bulbar for a fancier look. They offer all-time safety on or off-road limits. Driving lights are manufactured in 7 inches (17.78 cm) and 9 inches (22.86 cm). As we know about Australia’s weather, its high-performance fog lights and efficient weather shields are a necessity. To maintain the cleanliness, you can buy lush, smooth, 3D rubber mats, or can ask the SunYee International Pty Ltd to customize. Their throttle will help you cope up with redundant delays. To make your life easier, try their 1-way/2-way LED wiring setups.


Solar panels:






It also aids in finding suitable solar panel cables. It also enlists top class and energy-efficient inverters. They have used significantly advanced tech of mono-crystalline solar cells to make them extra lightweight. Do you hate shifting things? Their foldable solar panels are a ready-to-go solution. What else is better than having a secure and perfectly mounted solar panel on the vehicle’s roof. All solar panels are highly efficient and operate smartly.



Lithium battery (LifePO4).

AGM Deep cycle.


You can find energy-saving and responsive battery chargers as well. But, their deep cycle battery offers unparalleled power to your engine. Their lithium batteries are present in 100Ah and 125 Ah.


Camping and Outdoor:

The bestsellers from their camping range of car accessories are:

Portable water heater.

Chainsaw and drawer slides.

Outdoor lighting.

Boat cover.

Sporting goods such as bikes and cycle fittings boxes/kits.


SunYee International Pty Ltd always uses stainless and durable steel making it corrosion-free making it last longer. What if you need a shower while camping at a cold site, definitely scary to think! SunYee International Pty Ltd offers hi-tech heaters with an LED display of controls. The best accessory is their camping light. You are free to choose either sensor, solar, or LED lights. It will make your camping night a little classier. Sporting goods such as nets are made with high-quality mesh.


Caravan and trailer parts:


Corner legs.

Hitch pin and holders.

Adjustable tow-bars.

Caravan or trailer coveralls.


They have been manufacturing vehicles’ covers in multiple designs, sizes, shapes, and textures. They are potentially made with professional quality fiber.


What makes Rhino Racks so special?

Solar panels are anti-corrosive, water-resistant, and have protection against UV.

Batteries are leak-proof, spill-free, and safely sealed to assure greater speed.

Batteries maximize energy or power absorption.

Heavy-duty drawer lockers.

Built-in safety setup in their water heaters. It will assure your safety.

Powerful camping lights with long batteries.

Long-lasting and weather-resistant LED camping lights.

Portable and foldable sporting goods.

Trail and caravan coverall with proper ventilation support.

Quality guaranteed mudguards available in a variety of sizes.

Non-toxic floor mats. 


Shop by model:

For easy buying, you can search and review the accessories by your vehicle’s model. It has compatible systems with Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Holden, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Volkswagen, Land Cruisers or Jeep wranglers, Land rovers, and the list goes on!!


Customers’ reviews:

Review 1:

“I purchased this 300W solar panel and had issues with the amount of power it was generating, even on very bright sunny days. To their credit, Sun Yee listened and offered a full refund. They offered me advice on another folding solar panel from their range, which I will probably purchase.”


Review 2:

“The light bar doesn’t work at all. Useless service and no help offered whatsoever. Customer service treats you like a child. Avoid this company at all costs. There are many other good sellers of light bars at the same or better pricing.”


Review 3:

“great prices, great variety of lights.

 Will definitely recommend to anyone.

 Great all round, i was very satisfied with their products and service.

 Thay have a great range for all types of applications.”


Review 4:

“This people are so nice vary friendly

 And also helping what products you need and feet’s on your car

 I bought some rooftop products

 Thanks you guys

 Thanks again

 Best seller

 Best deals”


Final verdict:

SunYee International Pty Ltd is the brand of high quality and finest finesse in every product. Their batteries are highly energy efficient. Their LED lights or light bars act as auxiliary assistance to make your ride smoother. Besides, they offer 12 to 240 volts inverters. They offer extensive sorts of hitch pins and towing hooks to provide maximum protection. And how can you ignore their purpose-built holders for your ease? It has a long list of all essentials that you could need while enjoying your trip.

They offer fast delivery and secured shipment. If you find your accessories not suitable or damaged, they are happy to return the money or replace the product with the new one. They offer a lifetime warranty. How much better it would feel to be sure about car’s theft or any accidental history? Definitely, yes. We are here to help you through our user-friendly online portal! Quick Revs Get your required details of any car of any model or year within a minute.

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