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Sunraysia rims Review Australia | Wheels, Tyres & Rims

Sunraysia wheels are Australia's preferred steel wheels brand. It is quite flexible to off-road and generally, and is cheap in price that makes them look more amazing. They stock more than 6000 wheels 3,000 tyres from the greatest brands around the world. Afterward, conveying top-level brands and carrying them to Australia! They present to you the quality rims you need at affordable costs. 


Open the wheel selector option at the top point of the page, put in your make, model and accurate wheel size and they'll give you a list of the item to select from. To discover 4WD wheel brands including Fuel, Grid Rotiform, KMC, King, Moto Metal, Black Rhino, etc from 15″ to 24″, you'll discover brands that take into every single 4WD make and models including the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Mazda BT-50, Nissan Navara, Toyota Landcruiser, and the various Utes and 4WD's. 


The stock wheels in a wide range from – 76 to +50 for exact fitments and wheel widths of 8 to 12 inches. The in-house experts consider different elements including big break clearance, flares, lift kits, bullbars and more to ensure a 100% fitment to your vehicle. Make customization of your car to another level of upgrading with more than 100 unique finishes, for example, matte dark, gold, chrome, bronze and more.


Sunraysia wheels Pty Ltd have been an Australian icon for quite a long time. Utilized for its bush bashing capabilities, many of 4WD's have been utilizing Sunraysia wheels on their desired tracks. 


Their affordable range makes them simple to damage and is simpler enough to use many pillars to twist them back to shape. Because of its heritage, Sunraysia wheels, Australia has gotten synonymous with steel wheels, despite the fact that there are many brands taking into account all your steel wheel’s needs. 


The two most famous structures by Sunraysia wheels are the 8 thick spoke the wheel and the various hole spoke form factor. In case you're looking for Sunraysia wheels, you'll see it genuinely hard to track down. The leading brands which have supplanted Sunraysia wheels are King and Speedy steel wheels. There is no competition for the best rims rather than the Sunraysia wheels.


Sunraysia Wheels for Sale at AutoCraze:

To see the full range of wheels and tyres, utilize the wheel selector at the top of the page. At AutoCraze, our in-house specialists have more than 30 years of working experience involved with the car industry. 


We're 100% Australian owned and worked, with committed masters to make purchasing of booth tyres and wheels as simple as 1, 2 and 3. We work to provide life to your vehicle as well as we work in 4X4 suspension and 4WD accessories. To discover more about Sunraysia wheels clock left kits or packs or accessories at the top corner of the page.


What are the benefits of buying Sunraysia wheels and tyres at AutoCraze:

 ✓ 12 Months Interest Finance is available on all Sunraysia wheels

 ✓ Free shipping from Australia-wide on Sunraysia wheels

 ✓ All Sunraysia wheels are top-rated and match with Australian standards

 ✓ Free fitting of wheels and rims in the vehicle and balancing as well in all Sunraysia wheel and tyre packages

 ✓ Free installation kit with Sunraysia rims

 ✓ 100% fitment guarantee with all our Sunraysia rims and tyres

 ✓ Over 300 fitting and balancing partners across Australia


Sunraysia Rims vs Alloy Wheels:

The past few years, monoblock cast wheels located in Australia have tremendous upgrades over Sunraysia steel wheels. At AutoCraze we just stock top quality wheels and fit for going rough terrain, complying with Australian standard and are load rated. 


Unlike Sunraysia wheels, alloy wheels are cast and equipped for embellishment to various shapes. These results in the adaptability in many designs and is viewed as the standard in modern-day vehicles. 


The inexpensive Sunraysia rims are certainly the more alluring option for 4WD off-road lovers who aren't hoping to use up every last cent. There are many more motivations to get compound wheels now. In case you're searching for the customization and more than able off-road abilities, alloy wheels have become more appealing with the latest technology and techniques and system developments as well.


Steel wheels Pros:

 ✓ They are Cheap

 ✓ Easily repairable and are able to bend back in original shape with a hammer Steel wheels Cons

 ✓ Structurally weaker as compared to the alloy wheels (it can bend easily.)

 ✓ Much heavier than alloy wheels

 ✓ Limited range of styles and colors


Alloy wheels Pros:

 ✓ There is a huge range of designs, styles, and colors

 ✓ It is stronger, lighter than steel wheels

 ✓ A wider range of the sizes of rims and wheels with offsets and fitment options

 ✓ Possible improved vehicle handling


Alloy wheels Cons:

 ✓ These are more expensive than steel wheels


Sunraysia Rims Reviews:

Review #1:

Awesome rim, but heavy. You will notice the braking difference they make. I know that I do.


I've heard a lot about steel v's alloy in the bush. And I agree on a theoretical basis. I run steel rims but, I don't know anyone personally that's busted an alloy rim in the bush. Chipped, perhaps, even taken a chunk out, but got home on them ok.


In the long run, steel rims last. But alloys are nicer as far as weight and looks go.


Review #2:

there good for off-road and on-road use myn get a work out never had a problem, what type of use do you want them for just road use and weekend 4x4ing? if so they'll be fine.

For rock crawling, you can get heavier guage steel rims and valve guards but not needed unless you want to go extreme terrain 4bying



Sunraysia's are good steel rim. But, get good quality ones. Some cheaper versions can be difficult to balance because they are not true from manufacture. My Sunraysia's have lasted years as my off-road set. I won't use alloy in the bush.


Review #4:

I have had 2 sets on 2 diff cars . 1 was a hilux , 2 was a cruiser , Never had any prob . As for price they are good value to smick - up your wagon . Yes they are heavy and you will notice the diff , say driving on the beach . Go bush you;ll never now the dif . One thing when you buy them , you can pay extra for ones that have a bead of silicon were the rim has a space all the way around the middle . Or if you want put the silicon in there your self .


If you do a lot of beach work they will tend to rust in this groove ! This also something to look at between steel and alloy .


Review #5:

There is a saftey alert out about Sunraysia Rims. These wheels are very strong and breakage has been isolated. Just make sure you get Sunraysia/ROH rims and not rims that look like them.



The Sunraysia wheels and rims have been recognized as the best of all other brands in Australia. All the Sunraysia rims 16 x 8 and Sunraysia rim 17x8 wheels are fitted according to their vehicle needs. These have a variety of classic colors as well including black Sunraysia and white Sunraysia rims there are a variety of colors for your favorite car. There are different sizes of these rims that start from 16 to 17 inches respectively. Hopefully, the article helped you get to know more about Sunraysia wheels and rims.

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