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Summernats | The Biggest & Most Iconic Automotive Festival in Australia

Summernats The Biggest and Most Iconic Automotive Festival in Australia

Street Machine Summernats is Australia's greatest vehicle festive celebrated. Celebrating modified vehicles is a culture in Australia. But, this four-day event in the nation's capital tied with shocking vehicles, big horsepower, and much bigger burnouts. Each year Summernats pulls out around 100,000 visitors and 2000 participants – it's amazing!


All about the event:

Summernats presents Australia's most epic auto activity. Highlighting the world's greatest burnout competition; the National Burnout Masters, the beautiful City Cruise, the craziest vehicles in the nation. Furthermore, great music with various bands lined up with two great concerts.


With so much entertainment, Summernats is a motoring way of life celebration that you have to understand. To ensure that you join more than 100,000 fans for a famous Australian motoring experience like no other. It is world-renowned for flaunting the coolest, hardest, angriest, and craziest road machines on earth.


Our participant vehicles look and sound different but the same as the family hack, the new vehicle is straight from the showroom and unique in relation to what you see at your market car park. 


The yearly Street Machine Summernats bolstered by Rare Spares is Australia's greatest drive party in the Southern Hemisphere. More than 2500 of Australia's most stunning changed vehicles and more than 119,000 individuals plunged on Exhibition Park in Canberra for the four-day car way of life celebration.


Where it takes place:

An event named Summernats held in the capital of Australia, Canberra. But, it started in the late 1980s. Show Park in Canberra (EPIC) is the focal point where all the activity unfolds, but for the term of the occasion, you'll see cool road machines cruising directly through Canberra, particularly during the Summernats City Cruise down Northbourne Avenue. There has been a theory that the occasion will move to an alternate area, later on, yet until further, it is still at EPIC.


Participants and visitors:

Participants and visitors spectating are both alike and typically acclimated with a thick cover of smoke floating through the occasion, yet dissimilar to earlier years, the mists weren't only the after-effect of serious burnout action. With quite a bit of Eastern Australia in the holds of a calamitous fire crisis, swarm numbers were down and the mind-set somewhat stifled.


The ACT itself got liberated from bushfires; the smoke had blown in from somewhere else, so as it's already said, the show must go on. Usual top choices, for example, the city journey, mullet competition and float shows all had a quality of the strange about them, but, when the opposition warmed up on the burnout cushion, Canberra's smoke-related concerns overlooked in a haze of, well, more smoke.


A few new occasions and highlights include Skid Row, which was a unique solid boundary area of the primary circle, along Tuff Street. It permitted general contestants to flaunt the exhibition with their machines includes burnout in a sheltered situation, and without the need to enter the full burnout competition. Summernats is generally home to extreme street machines, predominately controlled by a great V8 engine.


But, last year the coordinators expanded the general assorted variety of the occasion by presenting another floating feature. A tight yet energizing little circle was set up inside the grounds for spectators to watch the sideways skills of pro drifters. On the other side end of the speed and horsepower spectrum, Team Isuzu joined the occasion last year, flaunting their Concept X rough terrain vehicles. Free traveler rides offered in the fundamental field around the custom Iron Summit arrangement. This was one more fascination in help widen the appeal for the car festival.


What is there to do at Summernats?

There'll be no shortage of activities to spectate or to take part in Summernats 2020. The Burnout Championship and Burnout Masters competition are the fundamental attractions, but at the same time, there's the Horsepower Heroes dyno competition, the City Cruise, mullet competition, public expo, driving occasions, floating, the Top 60 show vehicle lobby, live music and heaps of cruising. There is currently even a committed burnout path on the voyage course called Skid Row! A great number of individuals lined the dividers and watched Australia's hardest vehicles drive past so close you could high-five the inhabitants. A part of the vehicles was loud enough to the extent that they shook the ground as they drove past.


The burnouts were a group most loved by and by, with the fans arranging against the fence so close they left to walk away in black dust from the destroyed tires. Burnouts aren't about getting in there and turning the tires until they pop. It takes a lot of skill to toss an amazing vehicle into a tight space.


Although it has the option to toss it around without any purpose and alter courses when you can't see where you're going, or the distance away the dividers are. The 'tip-in' makes up a major piece of the judging. Getting that wrong and you may lose your entire run. Last year, Matt James took out both first and second places in the event while burnout monsters named as UNWANTED and COMPACT.


Who are the Summernats Grand Champions?

They make a list of the Summernats Grand Champions since the occasion began so that you can look at it too. Excellent Champion granted to the best in the general vehicle from Summernats. It needs to score great and high with the show vehicle judges and perform to an exclusive need in the driving occasions to perform a joined score more prominent than some other participant. Every year a general honor, distributed for the best road machine. This event recognized as the Grand Champion, joined by the celebrated sword.


Summernats is Australia's biggest car way of life commercial center and puts Pass Packages:

 ✓ Platinum Passes

 ✓ Season Passes

 ✓ Day Passes

 ✓ Tent City Packages



All the summernats car festival crazy fans are waiting for the latest date of the event in the existing year. You can book your ticket in advance so that you get yourself registered on time. For every car lover, this is a must-visit event. The event is itself an amazing four-day trip that includes all the entertainment in it for you.

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