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Subaru XV 2021 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Subaru XV 2021 Review Australia


In the '90s, Subaru made a big hit with its rally derived Impreza and Liberty. The rugged appeal of this brand has always suited Australia's tough conditions. This is why it has always been the favourite of recreationally adventurous buyers. 


All the hatchbacks ib the world portray themselves as off-roaders, whereas the Subaru XV 2021 claim that it has the most vital substance to match its tough-ish style. The 2021 XV is a solid SUV, and it is best for city slickers who love that their boots get a bit muddy. In order to know more about Subaru XV, keep reading the review!


Subaru XV 2021 engine: 

In Australia, the Subaru XV is available in two drivetrain options. The first is the carryover 2.0-litre petrol engine that comes with a smidge more power. The second is the hybrid version of the same layout that comes with an electric motor mated to a continuously variable transmission. The XV range does not include the manual variant.


The 2.0i models produce 115kWof power and 196Nm of torque. On the other hand, the hybrid model produces 110kW of power and 196Nm of torque from the engine and 12.3kW of power and 66Nm of torque from the electric motor. Other than that, it should be known that all variants are available with an all-wheel-drive system. A lithium-ion battery powers the hybrid system, and it is packed under the boot floor and has different functionality than Toyota's popular system.


Subaru XV 2021 exterior:

The exterior of the Subaru XV  is unique. It has fun and adventurous looks and feels. The striking exterior feature that catches the appeal of many adventurers is that this car is not an SUV. Instead, it feels more like an upgraded version of the Subaru Impreza hatchback. 


The exterior of the car is simple and, at the same time, cute, tough and capable. The consumer who has been looking for a small, all-wheel-drive SUV, then this is the right choice for you. The intelligent design that lifts up hatches and wagons instead of creating SUVs make this ride the perfect match for the other products of Subaru. Other than that, the tough-looking alloys, plastic claddings and the height of the ride also showcase the all-wheel-drive capability that lies beneath


The 2021 XV model comes with only minor changes. The changes include a new set of alloy wheels, a tweaked grille and an updated front bumper. It is also available in multiple colours that might grab the attention of the youth. The great point is that one can choose any available colour without additional costs. 


Subaru XV 2021 interior:

The interior of the XV comes with a lot of fun and adventures. The signature chunky design of Subaru makes it stand out from its rivals. On the front seats, you will get plenty of room as well as good adjustability. The occupant still gets ample headroom and adjustability despite the high seating height. This small SUV also provides the driver with a commanding view of the road. 


Everything is clad in soft material inside the cabin, including the dash, doors, and transmission tunnel.


In addition, the front passengers also get the following interior feature:

 Four USB ports

 Huge centre console box

 Comfortable large bottle holders

 Removable divider

 Small bay 

 Climate unit

 12v outlet

 Auxiliary input

 Single large bottle holder

 Small adjoining bin


The rear seats come with many surprises. The rear seats also offer plenty of head and knee room for tall people, similar to the front seats.  It is surprising because a few SUV segments provide such space. Even though the S and premium grades come with a sunroof fitted, there is ample airspace for the head and decent airspace for the knees.


The rear seat occupants get to enjoy a flip-down armrest that accompanies pockets on the backs of the seats, a small bottle holder in the doors, and a bottle holder. The rear seating gets to enjoy the same cladding as the front. Also, the width of the rear seats is notable. The only seat that suffers is the centre one due to the presence of a tall transmission tunnel that facilitates the all-wheel-drive system.


The Boot capacity for the non-hybrid variant is 310-litres, and as for the hybrid variant, it provides 345 litres. Compared to other lighter SUVs, the boot space offered by XV is pretty good, but as they say, that there is always room for improvement. Other than that, the boot space can be increased to 765 litres in non-hybrid and 919 litres in hybrids by folding the seats down. 


Subaru XV 2021 specs:

The 2021 Subaru XV comes with many unique features that include:

 17-inch alloy wheels

 6.5-inch multimedia touchscreen

 Wired Apple CarPlay

 Android Auto connectivity

 4.2-inch supervision cluster

 6.3-inch function screen

 Basic air conditioning

 Single USB port

 Basic cloth seats

 Halogen headlights

 Standard cruise control


Subaru XV 2021 safety:

Although the Subaru XV did not go under crash test but based on the related Subaru Impreza, the 2021 Subaru XV scored a five-star ANCAP safety rating. 


Here are some active safety features that are available on the top trim of XV:

 Autonomous emergency braking

 Blind-spot monitoring

 Lane-keeping assist

 Reverse emergency braking

 Lane-change assist

 Rear cross-traffic alert


Subaru XV 2021 pricing:

The price of Subaru XV ranges from $29,690 for the base trim level to $40,790 for the high trim level.



 It provides a solid road feel

 Has relative value

 It comes with good safety equipment



 It has a thrashy 2.0L engine

 The Hybrid version is not super-efficient

 The boot is tiny


The final verdict!

Although the Subaru XV is an old segment that only makes subtle changes every year, all the variants of  Subaru XV look modern and have the same capability as any of its rivals. The driving dynamics, safety suite, all-wheel drive, comfortable interior and quality finish make this ride a charmed one! Whether you buy this car or any other, the important thing is that you know all about its history. At Quick Revs, we provide services that enable car enthusiasts to know all about the hidden past of any car they plan on purchasing. 

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