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Subaru Tribeca Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Subaru Tribeca Review Australia


Among all the wide range of SUV produced in the past years, Subaru Tribeca has received criticism and appreciation equally. It is also known as Subaru B9 Tribeca. It is a midsize crossover SUV available only in 2005 to 2014-year models. One of the greatest advantages is its two ways seating set up, 5 and 7. You will find all the variants with 4WD having an engine installed upfront. Its feasible independent design offers a stable weight to the power ratio. The company has installed the latest variants with all the hi-tech safety features. The engine practicality offers a better driving experience. Its lightweight steering has outstanding on-road and off-road handling.


Are concerned about whether the car is reliable or not? You will be shocked to know that Tribeca Subaru is ranked in 7th place out of all the other 17 Subaru variants. The power and torque ranges of both engines are remarkable. If you need more options, you can opt for North American models. It has two versions: basic/plain and limited. Besides, it is AWD which makes it completely different from the original version.



At a first glance, you will see its box-shaped aluminum alloy engine. It is placed horizontally for efficient fuel and power distribution. All equipment is placed accurately, lowering the center of gravity. The engine placement is compatible with the automatic gearbox. The power is always delivered directly. The highlight is the "Variable Torque Distribution" setup fitted at the rear axle. It complements the electronically-controlled hydraulic clutch. What an incredible combination!


Rear wheels have LSD, maximizing the stopping power of the vehicle. Even at the peak speeds, you won’t feel unnecessary jerks or bumps, not even vibration. The engines are installed with a DOHC camshaft. Behind the steering, its 5-speed auto transmission does a great job. It involves all the engine's power for an easy, smooth, and quick gear change. As per the record, the fuel consumption of the Subaru Tribeca is 11.6L/100 km. Where this is a pretty disappointing feature, the small tank capacity of 64L fuel is another most unsatisfactory spec.



The initial models of 2006 and early 2007 have not so impressive engine. It has an aspirated, 6-Cylinder, 3L EZ30 boxer engine. The early 2007 trims have all-fresh and advanced struts, stabilizer bars, and adaptable spring rates. Still, you might not find it satisfactory enough. This engine lacks revving speed and has low power. The brakes are ventilated and efficient but sometimes feel incompatible with other mechanical aspects.


Cobb Tuning:

Looking for something extra in these early models? Go for the Cobb Tuning. Apart from a complete range of luxuries, it features mechanical advancements. The silver lining is the inclusion of the supercharger. Now, enjoy driving on the roads with the supercharged engine producing whooping 240 kW power. The 4-piston front brakes are also exclusively added.



The latest trims are better in power, speed, durability, and fuel consumption. It has greater than 6 Cylinders for a naturally aspirated, 3.6L EZ36 flat-bottomed engine. The maximum power is 256 hp, which is perfect to take you on a firm and stable road journey. Although it is bigger, it has 10% better fuel sage and mileage.



Having a 2750mm wheelbase, the Subaru Tribeca offers a roomy cabin with a strong chassis. We can say, it is an extremely pleasant vehicle to drive in all road conditions. Being compact, you will be amused with its drive and easy parking. The cabin has sufficient storage. The 2007 model has a stylish rear-end having completely rounded tail lights and redesigned hatch for a fancier look. The major downfall is its no wheel reach adjustment. But, 2nd-row seats are foldable with a 60/40 ratio and the backrest split with 40/20/40.


If you are willing to pay the extra money, you can get XM Satellite Radio, iPod connectors, backup camera, parking assist system, and navigation system in the "Special Edition" package. One of the smartly-designed features is the temperature controls displayed inside a rotary switch. In short, the instrumentation is imposing, and handy. The best part is the quick phone Bluetooth connectivity. The interior has premium feels with leather upholstery. Its bold front proclaims a bit of aggressive body whereas the rear-end balances the inclusive masculine style.


Do you need a good music experience? Its exquisite 9-speaker Harman Kardon audio setup will let you enjoy your ride. It is not only spacious but also sturdy enough to offer a towing capacity of 2000 kg in braked and 750 kg in unbraked. Mostly, SUVs' back rows lack necessary features. In this vehicle, you will get a DVD Player and wireless earphone portals. On premium Subaru Tribeca, you will get a powered sunroof panel.


Other impressive specs are:

UV impervious glass mirrors

18-inch alloy wheels

The driver’s seat is electric and comes with a memory

Front row heated seats

Air Condition

Dual-zone climate control

Intermittent and speed-sensitive wipers with de-icer

Audio - MP3 Decoder

Remote Fuel Lid Release

Electric and heated door mirrors with windows

Electronic Throttle Control

Fog headlights


High-resolution computer/infotainment

Video - VCD Decoder


Data Dots (advanced safety)

Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)

Engine Immobilizer


Seatbelts with pre-tensioners and load limiters

Active front head restraints

Brake assist

ISOFIX child seat points

Rear door child lock

Rear parking and reverse camera

Shock absorbing brake pedal


Cons of buying Subaru Tribeca:

Subaru Tribeca is a bit pricey with greater fuel consumption in comparison to other SUV

Sometimes, the Bluetooth system fails to integrate with the cars live audio streaming

Unfortunately, you would not be provided a composed, high-quality multimedia system

In certain turns, the gearbox can be indecisive or hyperactive

The fuel tank capacity is smaller, comparatively

No option of diesel engine

No option of a manual gearbox


Final verdict:

This economical Tribeca Subaru 7-seater is widely applauded as a nice-looking and decent car with reasonable on-road and off-road performance. It is the infusion of comfort and endurance. The drawback is the ascetically under-powered engine and a bit unattractive styling. For an appealing design, go for the late 2007 models having a sophisticated interior yet sturdy. It has an inspiring list of standard specifications and premium-build quality. Besides, it has sufficient boot space and splendid driving dynamics.


If you have planned on purchasing the car, you must look for all the loopholes. For your assistance, we have an online and all-time accessible portal. As soon as you enter the car details we will provide you with the valid and original past details of the vehicle’s driving, theft, or any accident.

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