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Subaru Brumby Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Subaru Brumby Review Australia

There was a time when most of the mini pickup trucks were manufactured for commercial use. You could get a 4x4 utility vehicle that was fit for hauling large industrial machinery or for transporting the crew in the 1990s. Things started to change when companies introduced utility vehicles which could be used as commercial vehicles as well as family cars. That was a time when much of the Ute market was diminished, including the Subaru Brumby.


Being one of the most robust and indestructible vehicles ever made, the Subaru Brumby just keeps going on for years. That makes them a great buy if you are looking for a secondhand vehicle. If they are maintained with regular servicing, they seldom give any reason for complaints. Owners report no major issues even after the vehicle has seen over 500,000 km.


The vehicle is loved by all due to its practicality and robustness. Most notable of the owners of the Subaru Brumby is the ex-president Ronald Reagan of the United States. The president used the Brumby on his ranch in Santa Barbara.


The Subaru Brumby Ute is a utility vehicle. It is known by the name of Brumby only in Australia. In the rest of the world, it is known by different names. In the US, it is called the BRAT, which stands for Bi-drive Recreational All-Terrain Transporter. In some parts of the world, it is known as the 284, or the Shifter, Targa, and MV.


The Subaru Brumby was produced between 1978 to 1993. It used the Subaru Leone station wagon as the base, especially built on the demand of the president of Subaru America. Surprisingly, the Subaru Brumby was never sold officially in the local Japanese market. The vehicle was only meant to be an export-only model and was only available in Japan as a grey import.



Development of the Subaru Brumby was completed in 1977, to compete against other small trucks. Their main competitors were vehicles produced by Nissan, Mazda, and Toyota. In contrast to the trucks which were being produced by other car manufacturing companies, the Brumby offered four-wheel drive.


Notable features that put the Brumby in a league of its own included a spring-loaded hidden door. It also included an optional T-top split roof and a spare tire under the hood. It has other features such as an optional T-top split roof, a spring-loaded hidden door for a sidestep into the cargo bed, and a spare tire mounted under the hood. Even though exports to the US ceased in 1987, the Brumby continued to be exported in the Australian market till 1994.


Subaru Brumby Specs:

Engine specifications: Twin Choke Stromberg carburetor, with a power output of 57 kW. The maximum torque is at 103 Nm.

Transmission: Four-speed manual, with four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive.

Suspension: Independent front suspension, plus an anti-roll bar and transverse links. Rear independent suspension with rear torsion bars

Brakes: Hydraulic dual circuit. The front brakes are drums with 288 mm. The rear is also drummed with 180mm


Subaru Brumby Mods and Prices:

Subaru offered two trims of the Brumby. There was a base model focused on commercial or provincial use, which cost $5798, and the RV variant which cost $6298'. The RV ended up in a previously packed market, however with the accomplishment of its station cart sibling, Subaru was onto a slam dunk - regardless of whether on nothing else except for its uniqueness.


The Subaru Brumby was fitted with desert white wheels shod with 155 SR13 radials, not the huge sand tires that were well known at that point. There was a bull bar at the front with a sliding grille, along with stripes and stickers. One of a kind element (on what was at that point a pretty unique vehicle) was the spread that fitted over the heap territory.


The spread cleared up over the back window and joined to the following edge of the rooftop by means of a Velcro strip. The vision was not weakened, gratitude to a reasonable plastic window worked into the spread. The spread was secured expectedly at the edges and back end.


Standard Features and equipment:

The Subaru Brumby was available in eleven different colors. These range from spice brown to black and everything in between. There were two different trim levels available, with minor differences. The Brumby DL carried a single headlamp rig, while the GL supports two extra headlights.

Standard features include:

Square halogen headlamps

Twin halo moon roofs

Parking lights on the rear bumper

Bull bars

Cassette player with radio

Tow bar



The Subaru Brumby Ute is relatively easy to ride around town for a 4x4. It tends to be noisy for sure. The controls are stiff, but they loosen up after some time. The interior is built to be more practical than luxurious, and the overall feel is what makes it so great. Subaru Brumby parts and accessories are also available readily in many retail stores around the country.


Even though the Brumby is long in length, the cabin space is a bit cramped. The seat does not extend back as much as you would want. Another thing that would seem irritable is the speedometer which is hard to read. That is due to the placement inside the dash. The brakes are something of a surprise, performing quite well.


The road grip is better than most utility vehicles. All in all, this is a practical little truck as well as being a great off-roader. You can be sure to enjoy the ride with something different on every turn.


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