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Stratton Finance Review: Is the monthly finance fee really worth it?

stratton finance review

There are always ups and downs in one’s life. A time where one feels like he is the happiest and luckiest person to ever live on the planet and the time where he feels like there is no one worse than him. Problems are a part of our life and the only one to truly succeed is the one who knows that problems will arrive and when they do, he is prepared to face them. When they finally do arrive, the person faces them with courage and patience and eventually gets his reward. That’s how life works. Yes, I know, Philosophy 101. Let’s just not delve into that and focus on what we need to. If you want to buy a car and are in trouble of your own with the finance, you can resort to loan companies like the one we are going to discuss today; Stratton Finance.


Stratton Finance is one of the very popular car loan companies in Australia which have made their mark in recent years. They have been in the business for more than 25 years now and in that time, they really have made a name for themselves. They offer loans for up to $100,000 and that’s a pretty big amount considering you can buy almost any car you want in that amount. But is it really the right amount for you? You never should consider anything that you know that you can not payback. This is why you should keep the loan amount in a range that is payable by you and does not cause any long term issues.


Types of Services Offered:

If you think that Stratton offers only the car finance service, think again. They provide a number of different services and the list is mentioned below:

 ✓ Stratton Insurance

 ✓ Property Finance

 ✓ Plant and Equipment Finance

 ✓ Boat Finance


Secured vs Unsecured Loans:

If you are unsure about what kind of loan you want to acquire, let us help you out here. There are two major types of car loans. These two types are the most popular ones and the others is somewhat derived from them.


Unsecured Car Loan:

This is the type of car loan where you own the car when you are done with it. There is no risk involved in it since you can not lose the car. It is called unsecured because there is no security or collateral involved in it. You are unlikely to get this loan unless you have a good credit score and your loan history is okay.


Secured Car Loan:

A secured car loan is the better of the two, in our opinion. Although there is a risk involved since your vehicle is kept as a security if you fail to pay the loan, it is better since it has a lower interest rate and high acceptance rate. You are likely to get this type of loan approved and the costs will be much lower than you expect.


The choice is completely yours as to which type of loan you want to acquire for yourself. Personally, we would recommend going for the secured car loans since the rates, amount of interest, the duration, etc. are all great in this type but the only drawback is that your car is at a risk of being taken if you fail to pay the loan or do not meet any condition of your contract.


Stratton Finance Features:

We do not really feature an insurance company if it does not have something unique or special that puts it on top of the other insurance or finance firms. Stratton Finance has the following positive aspects or features about them that make them one of the best car finance firms in entire Australia:


Low Rates:

Stratton Finance offers one of the best rates in Australia. It would not be wrong to say that their rates are one of the lowest along with the number of services they offer to their customers and the entire circle is just amazing. The fixed rates start from 4.69% pa with a comparison rate of 5.64% per annum.



Stratton Finance is a bunch of nice people. They will appoint a consultant to you to help find what’s best for your situation and which kind of loan is the most appropriate for you. It is not mandatory for you to go with what the consultant says or even get the consultant in the first place but it is still a nice feature.



The terms of the loan are pretty good. You can start with a low term of 3 years or go with long ones ranging up to 7 years.



Repayment is done on a monthly basis. You can opt to pay early if you want as long as the dealer is okay with it.


Tax Deduction:

There is a potential tax deduction. However, this only holds if you want to use the vehicle ONLY for business purposes. Stratton Finance needs to be informed of this beforehand so they can go through the process of the tax deduction for you.


Deposit Options:

Deposits are usually made in cash. However, you can trade in a car too if you want to pay for your finance. That’s actually a nice option considering that at least there is an alternative.



Stratton Finance is not all fun and games and just the saint of the finance world. There are some negative aspects to it too.



There is a fee involved to acquire their service as the title says. There is a service fee and an application fee. The former is paid every month and is $9 only, however, the application fee is 700$ and must be paid one time only.



If we were being honest, we would say that Stratton Finance and Insurance is actually a good option if you want to acquire car finance for a vehicle. However, the choice depends on you and we believe that whatever you choose will be the right option!


If you are thinking about purchasing a car, make sure you run proper checks on it. QuickREVs helps you scan a vehicle for its history, make and model and its legitimacy very easily at a really low cost!

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