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STEDI Driving Lights Review


In case you need to light up the night with the newest LED innovation and look great while you do it, then, at that point, STEDI is the best decision for you. STEDI's lights are up to the mark LED with style to coordinate with their performance chops. They use CREE LED innovation matched with state of the art design to enable one to see farther, simpler.


With lights spread out to 120° wide and over a kilometre long, there's no street or far off a corner that will not be illuminated like daytime. STEDI lights outclass conventional lighting arrangements by up to 180%, so great you'll be seeing into what's to come. With mounts and a wiring harness to help each setup under the sun matched with an extraordinary value for your money, STEDI assists you with standing apart from the crowd.


Why Is STEDI The Right Choice For You?

If you are tight on a budget and want to build a limitless touring weapon, STEDI has a little something for everyone.  Catching a STEDI light bar is an outright easy decision and allows you to redesign your light profile simultaneously as giving you an icy new bit of bling to flaunt.


Types of STEDI Lights:

There are three main types of STEDI lights:

 STEDI light bars

 STEDI driving lights

 STEDI work lights


STEDI light bars:

In case you're after the sleekest, most classy approach to spread light down the thruway or a dusty road around NIGHT, nothing matches the LED light bar. STEDI have given their range a bit of subtlety with regards to their choice. Regardless of whether it's one of their curved bars to send an incredible light emission or one of their bulky twofold line lightbars to give an unrivalled lumen volume at short proximity, you'll have the road illuminated like Christmas Eve.


STEDI ST4K light bar:

The STEDI ST4K is the most flexible of the multitude of light bars in STEDI's broad list, delivering a splendid beam that dominates in both distances and spread. The innovation at the establishment of the ST4K Series is a similar incredible tech utilised in the well known Type-X Spot Lights. The blend of fantastic brightening, extraordinary distance, and generous spread settles on this the natural choice for any driver looking for a single light arrangement.



 Led Manufacturer - Osram (Oslon) ®

 Led Count - 12

 Voltage - 12V & 24V

 Lens Material - Optical Grade, Hard Coated Lexan

 Peak Intensity (Candela) - 132,480Cd

 Lumens - 2,880 Lumens

 Housing Material - A360.0 Cast FacePlate, Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink

 Amperes - 2.5A @ 13.6V | 1.1A @ 24V

 Lifespan - 50,000

 Flood Beam - 50°

 Spot Beam - 5.8°

 Ingress Protection - Ip68

 Operating Temp - -40°C To 60°C

 Weight - 1.020Kg


ST3K LED light bar:

Next, you have the ST3K LED light bar, with its remarkable low-profile design that offers similar bar math as the dearest ST4K Series. The fantastic light bar is great for applications where a safety setup is called for or for drivers who favour a more low-key look on their vehicle.



 Led - 50 X Osram Oslon White

 Effective Lumen - 10,250Lm

 Peak Intensity (Candela) - 608,000Cd

 Operating Voltage - 10-30V

 Dcip Rating - Ip68

 Current Draw - 11.2A @ 13.6V

 Colour Temperature (Cct) - 5700 Kelvin

 Housing Material - Aluminium Extrusion & Castlensge™ Lexan

 Mounting Bracket - Powder Coated 3Mm Stainless Steel

 Bolts And Fittings - 3 Series Stainless Steel

 Beam Type - Flood Spot Combo

 Life Span - 50,000 Hours

 Weight - 4.250

 Operating Environment - -40 - +50° Celsius


STEDI ST2K Light Bar:

The STEDI ST2K Light Bar is a work of art even among STEDI's as of now impressive range. This one is mainly for drivers who need better mid to long-range brightening without dealing with the excess near-range light produced by your typical light bar. The incredible amount of light this model has is somewhere in the range of 150 and 200m. This makes it an optimal accessory for high-velocity vehicles and for anybody that invests their time cruising the highways at night.



 Main Beam Led Count - 20 X 15W

 Voltage - 12V & 24V

 Lens Material - Optical Grade, Hard Coated Lexan

 Lumens - 20,000

 Housing Material - 6063 Extrusion

 Amperes - 20.7A @ 13.2V

 Lifespan - 50,000

 Beam - Driving Beam

 Ingress Protection - Ip68

 Operating Temp - -40?C ~ +150?C

 Weight - 5.790Kg

 Certificates - E-Mark R10 


STEDI Driving Lights:

Not at all like lightbars, STEDI driving lights are concerned with how far and how bright they can send light down-range. The difference is night and day, for anybody updating from stock driving lights to a bunch of premium STEDI Driving lights.


Likewise, with the rest of STEDI's eye-popping scope of gear, their determination of driving lights in the Type-X reach is something beyond just tools to see in obscurity. They're something you can flaunt on your next convoy or outing to the shops.


For the driver reluctant to agree to second best, STEDI's Type-X Pro Driving Lights are the lone decision. They're the gem in STEDI's crown, and make sure to blow some people's minds day or night, any place you go. Filled to the gills with powerful LEDs and built to deal with the crude, the Type-X Pro is excellent and the brightest that STEDI has to bring to the table.


Getting the best in class goodies is one thing. However, in case you're searching for the blend of power and value for your money, you might be in an ideal situation rocking STEDI's Type-X Pro Led Driving Lights.



 Led - 37 X Oslon High-Flux Led

 Raw Lumens - 26,270 (Pair)

 Tested Lumens - 15,870 (Pair)

 Amp Draw - 10.4A @ 13.2V (Each)

 Power Draw - 137W

 Candela - 1,334,025Cd

 Beam Pattern - 6 X Spread 31 X Pencil Beam

 Ingress Protection - Ip68 | Submersible Up To 3M

 Colour Temp (Cct) - 5700K

 Voltage Compatibility - 12V & 24V

 Lumen Maintenance - 50,000 Lm-80

 Weight - 2.860Kg (Each)


STEDI Work Lights: 

STEDI's selection of work light highlights everything needed to do the job, with beefed-up lighting solutions compacted into polished housing units. Effectively mounted onto rooftop racks, railings, or pretty much elsewhere, you'll have the light you need to work nonstop.


Wrapping Up!

Anybody hitting the tracks knows that it is significant to trust the gear you take on your next experience, so STEDI has given their most splendid work on guaranteeing their driving lights, spotlights, and other accessories are capable of going romping. Their space-age light housings are upheld by protected glass equipped for withstanding ballistic impacts, keeping the valuable CREE LEDs inside as protected as houses.


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