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Ssangyong Rexton Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Ssangyong Rexton Review


Ssangyong Rexton Review

Looking for an SUV that is mid-size as well as spacious? Have a lot of handy features? Comes within an affordable range? Seems classic in design and gives a safe ride? Look no further! Out of all the best options you have now is SsangYong Rexton mass-produced by SsangYong Motor since late 2001.


This 5-door SUV must be on your buying list because its performance won’t disappoint you. As its logo says, it is made to deliver more in every respect, it WILL deliver extra strength, excessively zing style, and more space. Ready to meet your needs!


You must have heard that it has a not-so-classic interior but it is really not cheap if you don't look very closely. Truly speaking, in a glimpse, you would be impressed. Apart from leaving a strong impression, it guarantees to deliver a pleasing environment to travel in. Being a skillful load-lugger, SsangYong Rexton has reasonable interior space with generous safety equipment.



If you are thinking about what makes SsangYong Rexton a good option to choose, then there are multiple answers. But on the top of the list is its durable engine that features premium 'multilink' suspension that is designed to absorb all the potholes in a fairly sophisticated manner. We all know it is not a uni-constructed but body-on-frame vehicle, well the ride quality is absolutely brilliant and never compromised. Drive is always smooth and will give no jerks.


SsangYong Rexton never leans in corners; all credit goes to the magnificently big tires. Along with stability, it offers amazing grip making as little fuss as possible. The steering gets vague, sometimes sabotaging your confidence for cornering abilities.


First-generation (2001–2017)

If you are a fan of old cars, you can go for the older versions. Well, these are not that old. 2001 models are not that old, are they?! Well, opting for the 4WD, you are provided with three engine configurations that look equally impressive.


 ✓ A 2.7L petrol engine with a maximum power of 121 kW and torque value of 342 N⋅m 

 ✓ A 2.9L diesel engine with a maximum power of 162 kW and torque value of 310 N⋅m 

 ✓ A 3.2L petrol engine with a maximum power of 162 kW and torque value of 310 N⋅m 


No matter what engine you choose, you will get a fully compatible transmission. First, let’s talk about the diesel model as they are a more preferable option. From the initial years, you can enjoy driving with a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. Coming to the petrol model, you will only have one gearbox option of automatic transmission. 


The real mechanical revolution was bought in early 2006. But do you know what they did that makes them an ideal option? They bring more diesel options!

Now, if you are really into diesel configurations, you can get your hands on a 2L XDi diesel engine featuring Euro 5 and a 2.2L e-XDi diesel engine with Euro 6. Magnificent! A better option is to choose 2.2L which is mated with a 7G-Tronic automatic transmission made by Mercedes-Benz.


Second generation (2017–present)


 ✓  A 2.0L e-XGDI 200T petrol engine featured with a responsive and fast turbo. It is made to produce 225 hp.

 ✓ A 2.2L e-XDI 220 diesel engine mated with a suitable gearbox guaranteeing to deliver 181 hp. It seldom feels underpowered. Besides, you will never feel a jerk between shifting gears.


Design (interior and exterior)

One of the most shocking aspects is the ‘separate chassis’ setup of SsangYong Rexton that you can also call 'body-on-frame manufacturing technique. Starting from its classic exterior, you would definitely love its front-end styling with impressive details. Overall, it is made for a muscular look. The broad grille adds up to the robustness and muscularity. Uniquely shaped headlights make it look more amazing from the front. To bring the modern touch, you can notice its LED DRLs. From the rear, it is also neat enough to make a good impression.


Everyone needs a comfortable driving position and SsangYong Rexton ensures to deliver a driving position that is not only comfortable but also provides improved vision. Inside has a dashboard with eye-catching woodgrain finesse. It brings luxury and makes the cabin more tasteful. When you are seated inside, you will feel how fairly convincing its boot space is. Every control is simple to use and easy to access. In simple words, you will love how incredibly SsangYong Rexton has all the straightforward graphics placed. The instrument cluster seems to add a high-tech flavor. 


On the central pod, we have all infotainment controls placed pretty well. The air vents at the sides look pretty smart and modern, too. The biggest impressions are made by its infotainment and top-quality leather upholstery. There are a variety of specifications that are subjected to change depending on the trim level you have chosen. For instance, where ELX and Ultimate models come in a diamond-stitched effect, all you will get is a plain finish in the entry-level EX. Well, both are attractive.


EX models feature


 ✓ The high-resolution 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system

 ✓ DAB radio

 ✓ Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

 ✓ MP3 compatibility

 ✓ 17-inch alloy wheels

 ✓ Cruise control

 ✓ Rain-sensing wipers

 ✓ Automatic headlamps

 ✓ Electric windows

 ✓ Bluetooth

 ✓ Air-conditioning

 ✓ 220v power supply


ELX specification


 ✓ Bigger 18-inch alloy wheels

 ✓ Leather seat trimming

 ✓ Heated seats for front and rear rows

 ✓ Color information display added to the instrument cluster

 ✓ Dual-zone automatic climate control

 ✓ Heated steering wheel

 ✓ Range-topping Ultimate models feature

 ✓ 20-inch alloy wheels

 ✓ Xenon headlamps

 ✓ LED cornering lights

 ✓ Powered tailgate

 ✓ Ventilated front seats

 ✓ Driver's electric memory system

 ✓ LED 'mood lighting' setup

 ✓ 'All-round view' parking assistance setup


Safety features


 ✓ Autonomous emergency braking

 ✓ Collision warning

 ✓ Lane departure warning

 ✓ Blind-spot warning

 ✓ Rear cross-traffic alert

 ✓ Airbags (for 2nd-row passengers, too)

 ✓ ISOFIX mountings


Cons of buying SsangYong Rexton


 ✓ Poor ride quality on low-speed

 ✓ The steering becomes vague

 ✓ Uninspiring fuel economy

 ✓ Legroom is a little restricted


Final verdict

We can all agree that SsangYong Rexton brings nothing cutting-edge, but still considered a family workhorse. It has an impressive road performance. Along with 7-seat versatility, it has enough storage space. Unarguably, a good value for money. Suitable for even heavy-duty family use. It brings irresistible appeal with the well-equipped interior that is made pretty practical.


After reviewing car details, if you have made up your mind, then it would be better to be 100% sure. Just to be clear about your choice, get a detailed history of car theft and accidents. We are bringing you an all-time available portal for instant search.


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