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Speedhunters Australia Review - the Global Car Culture 


With the passage of time, people have jumped across the imaginary line from having their cars only as a transport vehicle to much further than that. Today, cars have become a social symbol and need, and people consider it as one of the necessities for a respectable lifestyle. There is yet another group of people as well, who are super enthusiastic when you mention the word car and would love to discuss the topic with you for hours. These people know how to appreciate the research and work done behind the designing and manufacturing of one model, and zealously understand the science behind that. You will normally find such people part of some racing clubs or belonging to the local car culture.


The Car Culture:

Now, being part of the car culture means that you must have a long-term hobby related to cars, which ensures that to stay connected and up to date with your passion. The most common hobby you will find that people have adopted is to collect cars. Even here in Australia, you will find people who have managed to collect old European and German classics, and so well maintained that you will not help but be in awe. These cars may have a history could be limited edition, or even may have starred in a blockbuster, these classic beauties are a treat to watch and may cost a fortune each.


Another popular group you will find are the people who love modifying their cars to better enhance the performance and improve how the car looks. This is another expensive avenue, where you will find whole cars custom made with most of the parts belonging to different vehicles. The cars are then prattled off on car show each one displaying the level of customization that has been done on the car’s features.


Last but not the least are the professional and beginner level motorsports driver, who love speeding their cars whenever a car event comes to town, giving them a chance to compete with their custom cars against other drivers. Huge car shows and rallies are arranged throughout the year for the different types of vehicles, which is a heaven for car enthusiasts.


To unite this global companionship of car lovers and hobbyists, you will many car clubs, physical as well as online, where the users are facilitated to share their passion and their stories, belonging to any of the three groups just mentioned. They serve as a perfect platform, especially the online clubs, in uniting the people from different states and even countries to show off their rides and tips, or ay stories that they might think is share-worthy. One such example is the Speedhunters, which have a global outreach and are popular in Australia as well.


Speedhunters – the Global Car Culture:

A global car culture blog site, Speedhunters have a vast team comprising of the World’s best authorities on cars, automotive writers and authentic drivers, with the common factor between them being that all of them know what they are talking about. If you are mad about cars and can’t stop reading about them, this might be the perfect site for you, with car stories and photographs being daily updated and added to the already building library of blogs, which you can read and enjoy at your leisure.


There was a time when people had to wait for monthly magazines that covered the car culture and the beloved cars and contained posters and articles that enthusiasts cherished. They would eagerly wait for the next edition of the car magazine to roll out and pin up the car posters on their bedroom walls. However, online sites such as the likes of Speedhunters have made things very different today.


Speedhunters quenched your thirst for automotive photography from around the globe, short films in the best quality featuring your favorite cars and some of the classic car shown happening around the World. They handpick and choose stories that have something unique and extraordinary in them, a highlight from a car event, or demonstrating the car safety ratings of the next family vehicle you were looking to buy.


The team at Speedhunters also briefly collaborated with the famous British car magazine Fast Car which provided a more in-depth and comprehensive drift and motorsport events, jeep rallies, car events and shows. Even though the collaboration was liked by the masses, it ended after some time with Speedhunters primarily focusing on their online blog site.


Categories you will find on Speedhunters:

A huge catalogue of events and content, which is updated daily, is bound to keep you engaged for a long time. The content is basically divided into two parts, namely Car Features and Events Coverage.


The following are covered in the Car Features:

 ✓ Modified cars and the different types of customization parts used.

 ✓ Performance as affected by tinkering with the car features.

 ✓ Hot rodding, for the peeps who are into muscle and low rides.

 ✓ New and used car safety ratings that you can rely upon.


In the Events Coverage section:

 ✓ The drift events that are taking place globally.

 ✓ All the major motorsports, including Formula One and Endurance-GTs

 ✓ The different car festivals and shows that are happening around the globe.


Share your stories with Speedhunters:

Have an event that you would like to share footage of, or just want to show off your newest ride, Speedhunters encourage their readers to be forthcoming with their content which is then scrutinized, edited and published online after a thorough quality check by their in house team. You can go through their FAQ’s for further details or email them directly when you visit their website.

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