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Skoda Yeti Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Skoda Yeti Review Australia
Finding a wagon with compact size and high-level comfort? Why not look for Skoda Yeti. It has multiple models with several comfortable and advanced specs. It might be your perfect choice with a family-friendly cabin. It is space-efficient with a roomy interior and is capable of adjusting 5 people easily! It has an SUV body type with an impressive outlook. Presenting you with a wagon with an extensive wheelbase of 2578 mm sounds ideal. The range of mileage for Yeti is 17.67 to 17.72 kmpl. It varies as per model and engine type. And, yes, also on the type of fuel consumed, either it is diesel or petrol.

You can consider it as a family wagon perfect for an enjoyable driving experience. But, keep in mind, it is not an off-roader automobile. Apparently, if you have seen it, it looks pretty expansive. Do you know why its worth has increased in the past years? Because with several upgrades and especially with the replacement of a 1.2-liter turbocharged engine, the car has become more fuel-efficient making it budget-friendly. The vehicle is known for its organized interior, appealing framework, and easy handling.


Skoda Yeti debuted in 2009 but was introduced late in Australia, which means it became available by 2012. Its structure and engine setup resemble Volkswagen Tiguan but consider it more compact. In its manufacturing history, it has received a major facelift. If an SUV with a pleasing design and all drive or FWD (depending on its variant), is not on your priority list, we must say, keep it in your option. It features a turbocharged engine but not supercharged. It would not be wrong to say that this car is practically fit for the nuclear family. Even after numerous upgrades, no substandard quality material has been used and no compromise on comfort has been made. Being a fuel economical car, families found it pretty appealing.



Cars' performance is totally dependent on engine and fuel type. Keeping the advancements in mind, you can choose previous models with 1.2 turbocharged four-cylinder engine and 1.8 turbocharged four cylinders. And in the latest setup, you can enjoy a 2.0 turbocharged-diesel engine. The older models have a 1968 CC engine with a surprising 55 fuel tank capacity. 4 cylinders with 4 valves each let you experience a reliable and smoother ride. It can be personalized with the addition of an optional DSG (dual-clutch) transmission setup. Moving on to the engine transmission the upgrades in the yearly models include 6-manual followed by 6 DSG and 7-DSG. Must acknowledge the Remarkable progress!

If you have shortlisted this 2012 model of Skoda Yeti, here are some key features that you must know before purchasing it. The engine being the vital part should be the first to be discussed.
Maximum torque is evaluated as 320 NM @ 1750rpm with an exceptional power of 103 kW @ 4200rpm, making it capable of providing a superior ride experience. It has been known for offering epic balance. The team has engineered every feature with admirable effort. Another alluring feature is its 6-speed automatic direct shift Transmission. Besides, if you want a 4WD car, you should go for it! It runs on diesel along with absolute 60L tank storage. Are you thinking about its fuel consumption, then considering all specifications you must have assumed it quite high! The company has made it quite fuel-efficient with 6.7L / 100 km.



You will not find any luxurious interior or extravagant exterior designs with snorkels, side steps, flashy colors, etc. BUT, you will definitely feel the height of comfort, coziness, and efficient spacing. 5-seater SUV with a leather-trimmed tidy steering, power-controlled front, and rear window mirrors with height-adjustable seats! Sounds fascinating. If not, then consider its automatic climate control and air quality control features. For a posher look, it has highly advanced and high-tech features including a high-resolution infotainment system. It shows compatibility with Apple via CarPlay. On the dash, upfront, you can see an understandable tachometer, electronic multi-trip meter, and digital clock. Feel the comfort on its modifiable leather-wrapped seats.

And that is not the end! It features a quick actioning Air Conditioner and Heater, collapsible rear seat, with customizable headrest and central armrest. Want to know about the outside Temperature? The car displays it on the HD digital touch screen. For additional entertainment, it has a built-in CD Player, all-time accessible radio, and speakers for clear audio streaming. There are USB portals. It offers receptive Bluetooth Connectivity, as well.

Talking about Skoda Yeti exterior, no one can ignore its outstanding alloy wheels, and enticing fog lights (front and rear). It has a highly responsive rain-sensing wiper and rear window washer. To make it look stronger and robust, Chrome Grille is fitted upfront along with smoke headlights and a hard-wearing roof rail.



Responsive Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) to avoid possible crash
Low fuel warning light which helps you stay updated about tank storage
Brake assist
Central locking
Child safety locks are the most effectual feature
Driver and passenger airbags along with side airbags to offer maximum protection
Efficient Cruise Control
Front and rear parking sensors
Traction Control
Vehicle Stability Control System (VSCS)
Engine Immobilizer for collision protection
The crash sensor on the front and rear sides
Seat belt fastening alarm
Door Ajar Warning


Cons of buying Skoda Yeti:

Although it seems an ideal car with every feature one can expect or demand, there is always something you would probably be missing out. So, we are enlisting some features that you won't find in any model.

No navigation control
Absent heated seats
Lacking voice control recognition system
No sunroof and side stepper

The major safety feature left out is Anti-Theft Alarm
Headlights are not automatic but manual
No DVD player option or portal
No remotely controllable audio system

Additional features:

Xenon headlights
Responsive trunk light
Vanity mirror
Reading Lamp in the back seat
Kerb Weight is 1445 kg
Electronically controlled exterior rear-view mirror
Skoda yeti Towing Capacity of 2012 model is 2000 with brake and 700 with unbrake
Rear integrated 2DIN.
Remote trunk opener
Remote fuel lid opener
Keyless entry
Rear window defogger

Final verdict:

Skoda Yeti features a low-cost drivetrain keeping the price less. And how can you not be impressed with its intelligent space utilization! You will find it well equipped with a bold and imposing layout, compliant interior, finest safety protocols, and striking engine. Even its oldest model is characterized by incredible packages. But in petrol-based engines, you can possibly face the problem of a stretched timing chain or failed timing-chain tensioners. It will do nicely for a small family as Skoda yeti price is also low in comparison.

Now, as you are aware of the car details, broadly. Do you plan on buying it or still doubtful? Another way to end your confusion is to search the history details of the car you are planning to buy. And, we can help you by providing all accidental and theft incidents of the car without wasting your precious time. So, stop waiting and visit our official site Quick Revs to get all the needed information regarding the car within minutes.


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