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Shannons auction Review | Best car auction company in Australia

Shannons auction Review Best car auction company Australia

Cars are always a trend, talking about vintage, classic, sporty or veteran is always in fashion. Having classy and vintage cars is somewhat a unique kind of interest. Fashion is about the combination of getting the trend in a way no one else can. A number of times we have noticed people with cars that are rare and old. Earlier people buying cars and taking care of them like family members.


All the previous models that have been stopped manufacturing by the companies, while many of the folks having them in their homes as a brand. These cars are a symbol of significance that the production of these cars has stopped and their availability at a few places made it special because these cars are rare. For this purpose, Shannons auctions are introduced. For the buying and selling rare, beautiful vintage and classy cars.


Shannon auctions are the best platform introduced. In the Shannons auctions, 2019 many of the models were introduced that were quiet oldest but were the top models of that era. These cars never get old and are always considered as a symbol of a brand. 


Since 1981 Shanon auctions been part of this classic car auction. It’s not only about buying and selling they genuinely work for the real buyers We know the market while talking about vehicles and their motoring with numerous individuals. Marketing is all hustle for the customers for their favorite cars at one-stop, creating a platform where buyers meet their sellers and share the same level of interest.


Shannons Auctions offered services:

 1. They ensure the value of your vehicle, keeping in mind all the modifications and changes you made for your car. 


 2. Shannons gives you the opportunity to select your desired repairer for the protection of your valued car or you can request that Shannons hire a certified assessor to deal with the fixes for you.


For example: if your vehicle is much older than 35 years and is associated with a mishap where it is an all-out misfortune, you have the alternative of holding your unprepared vehicle. However, if your vehicle is under 35 years of age, you will have the primary choice to buy your unprepared vehicle. 


 3. Shannons Auction acquires no hidden costs, however, they charge a fixed price for vehicles with Reserve prices and a lesser expense for vehicles submitted with No Reserve. Depending upon the deal a commission is charged (No Reserve vehicles bring about a lesser commission). For instance, if your vehicle doesn't sell at auction, or in the following days, you have the choice to move it to our Park and Sell office (which works in our showroom) for as long as one month at no additional expense. 


 4. Lifetime ensures on fixes approved by Shannons.  


 5. One free windscreen or window glass guarantee, per vehicle every year. 


 6. 14 Day vehicle procure following subsequent robbery within the limit of $1,500.  


 7. Up to $500 for crisis fixes and $500 for convenience in case you're more than 100km from home.  


 8. In the case of a total loss, a car as a replacement is offered if you are the first registered owner within 12 months of registration.  


 9. With the legal liability of $20 Million offered for bodily injury to, or damage to, the property of others. 


 10. Providing accommodation and emergency expenses to the customers with more than 100km from your home.


Shannons Auction Online Bidding:

From anywhere in Australia you can bid live with the help of efficient services provided to stream live auction This, however, allows a number of people to watch and bid online. Therefore, it is a reliable and productive way to bid. You need to link the website for the online bidding as well as all the information provided about all Shannons past auctions with prices in addition to the online services Shannons upcoming auctions date are also announced there.


A new service introduced online, where customers can easily log in and claim for their request and managing supported Shannon. If you are previously a member you only need to log in but if you are new to the website you need to put forward all the details and then sign up for a new account.


While keeping in mind that online bidding registration closes 24 hours before the auction. The auctioneer will call for the bid once the auction starts, however, all bids rely upon with auctioneer direction and all phone calls history and online offers will show up in the offering history progressively.


To bid for the asked bid value simply offer the amount, and click the bid button. When the auctioneer confirms Sold at the end of the bidding conclusion that is how the following item is sold. The Shanon’s agent will collect the bids and present it live in the auction and the highest bid wins. This is all about the bidding process.


Ways to bid:

Following are the three ways introduced to bid for Shannons auctions:



  Attending  auction


Park and Sell:

With the park and sell service offered by Shannons Auctions, you can easily display your car in their showroom. Their showrooms are open 6 days a week for the customer's satisfaction. Desired customers after visiting the showroom can contact you with the provided details according to your desired amount. Interested buyers can also have a test drive of the vehicle before buying.  Vehicles are usually displayed for almost 4-6 weeks.


Shannons Auctions Website:

Shannon's website includes pictures that detailed the interior and exterior of each vehicle, vehicle history, and specifications. All the details of buyers and the cars being sold are easily available on the web page of Shannon's auction. Shannons is considered to be the most visited car site. Shannons to draw in purchasers and vendors from around the globe. An expanding number of vehicles are additionally offered to authorities and interested customers. 


Shannons advertise auction for vehicles in daily newspapers and motoring magazines. The details for the auction and the event organized for the auction. Newspapers are a great source of sharing information and a number of people read newspapers daily. The news published in newspapers, magazines as well as websites all around the world that cover a number of audiences to join the auction and become part of it. 


The car magazine involves an excess of data regarding auctions and the deadlines of these auctions featuring trendy and classy cars from all over the world. The news spread all over attract visitors from distant places because vintage cars always fascinate everyone. And everyone wants to have these fancy cars in their beautiful garages.



Shannons auctions are all about auto classic and vintage cars. The platform that provides both seller and buyer meet at same interest. The auction and how it is performed live as well as online. Shannons auction proposes many features for the assistance of the customers. All the guidelines for the reliability of the proposed features for the people visiting the website online.

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