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Everything you need to know about Shannon's Insurance

Shannons insurance

Many people believe and act according to the famous quotation “If everything seems to be under control, you’re not going fast enough.” Sure, the fun-loving, adrenaline-craving people are the ones who are more prone towards shifting their entire lifestyle based on this quote but the truly smart people who understand the ups and downs of life and have gained sufficient experience would like to keep their lives under control. They know that if it is under control, there is no need to go any faster since that would eventually result in the life getting out of hands which is pretty terrible since they spent the last years of their lives perfecting it and taking everything under control. Losing this control just seems… pointless.

Therefore, while driving a car, people like this prefer to stay safe. Sometimes the things aren’t just looking too good for us, and we face an accident. A large sum of money is needed in case of an accident to cover the costs but luckily, that’s where the insurance companies come in! Shannons Insurance is one such company that we are going to review in-depth.

About Shannons Car Insurance:

Shannons Insurance, a subsidiary of Suncorp, focuses on ensuring cars of all categories; old, new, unique, custom, rare, etc. Not only that, but Shannons Car Insurance also focuses on insuring bikes. Apart from the vehicular insurance, Shannons also deals in home insurance to homeowners in order to compensate for their loses in case something happens to their homes.

What type of insurances are offered by Shannons Car Insurance?

Shannons Insurance provides different insurances for different things. However, when it comes to vehicles, there is the only one that matters the most and it is the only one provided by Shannons. Shannons Insurance provides Comprehensive Car Insurance.

 1- Comprehensive Car Insurance:

This is the type of insurance that covers everything from damages to your car and yourself in a collision, to the third party and their property, and also covers the fire and theft aspect of the Third Party, Fire, and Theft insurance. This is basically the complete insurance package.

Along with that, Shannons also offers third party legal liability insurance.

 2- Third-Party Legal Liability Insurance:

This type of insurance protects you from legal troubles for up to $20 Million (through Shannons). It covers the costs if someone dies or is injured in an accident or if someone’s property is damaged. Note that it is not just for you to be driving the vehicle, if someone who you gave permission to gets into legal trouble, Shannons covers them too.

Positive Points:

 1- Choice of Repairer:

You get to choose your own mechanic. This is a great offer since many people prefer their vehicle inspected and repaired by their personal mechanic instead of someone they have never experienced or opted for before.

 2- Excellent Pricing Techniques:

Shannons Insurance does not do anything that would harm their customers. So, they have brought in an excellent pricing technique that does not judge your vehicle based on its market value, but on an agreed value. This makes the price much more efficient and affordable for the owners of the vehicles.

 3- Additional Benefits:

There are lots of benefits offered by Shannons; free windscreen replacement, multiple vehicle coverage, lifetime guarantee, 14-day car hire, etc. These benefits are all covered in the insurance money.

Negative Points:

Higher than normal price:

The price of Shannons Insurance is a bit higher than normal car insurance agencies. This is probably because of the packages that they are offering. They hold their name, however, and many customers have said that this price is justified considering all the benefits and excellent services they are provided with.

Shannons Car Insurance’s Customer Reviews:

On Google, Shannons Car Insurance has been rated 3.0 out of a total of 5.0 by the users. On Mozo, it has been rated as 8.8 out of 10 while on Product Review, it has been given only 2.2 out of 5.


Review #1

“Cyclone Debbie Bowen, ran over concrete broke gearbox, Shannons paid to have gearbox out so the mechanic could quote
the mechanic explained to Shannons assure gear cogs split into 3 pieces because of smash sent photos etc, they refused to pay said it was mechanical, and I was lying Took legal advice not worth it, Shannons is cheaper but what's the point if they don't pay.?”


Review #2

“My vintage car caught fire. The claim was processed quickly and efficiently. Communication was excellent and painless. Claim settled with no hassles. Would strongly recommend it. Wish all car insurance claims were that painless.”


Review #3

“Been with them for many years now. I have imported and they have been good to me. I recently went with them for home insurance with them as well. I made one claim which was handled quickly. I know a bloke who made a house claim and said they went above and beyond so that's why I thought I'd give them a shot.”


Review #4

“13 weeks and my claim are still going. The claim has been passed to 3 assessors so far. Absolute joke. They don't care about you or your car. Disgraceful customer service. Every person l spoke to were all indicative of hostility and bullying. Have 2 cars, 3 motorbikes a truck and home and contents with them. Thousands of dollars paid every year for almost 20 years and your reward for being a loyal customer...zero, nothing.”


Review #5

“Amazing results, fast claims and very helpful in finding parts for our old Austin Healey 100/4.
Great discounts for mature members and the have people who know cars and restorations. Well Done.”


Review #6

“After having a minor accident & having nothing but problems with Shannon’s bullying & condescending assessor & crap internal complaints process at Shannon’s/AAI. I suggest that you lodge an internal complaint, however, also lodge a complaint with AFCA as they at least try to help & the more people that lodge complaints about this insurer the more hope that all of us have of getting a fair outcome in the long run. The AFCA Complaints process is fairly simple & until the government has records of these unscrupulous insurers nothing will ever change.”


Review #7

“SHANNONS INSURANCE. do not pay out.. they will find any loophole not to pay. they do not care about your classic car. All they worry about is getting your money. Absolute Scammers”


Final Verdict:

Considering the customer reviews and the general outline of the insurance company, it can be said that Shannons is doing a good job in their field. Sure, there are some customers that are pretty pissed off but that can happen because they did not get what they want. There are customers who are happy with Shannons and have given them a lot of positive reviews. The final decision depends on you. In our opinion, you should go with it. Not every day you see an 8.8 rating on Mozo.


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