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Roh wheels Review Australia | Best Wheels in the Australia?

Roh wheels Review Australia

We all know the importance of maintaining one’s car. Periodic oil checks and changes, other fluids check, and the engine health is all-important. But sometimes we just forget the fact that your car’s wheels also are imperative. Keeping an eye out for wear and tears and to time change the wheels when their life is over is vital.


When you go to the market to find a replacement for your wheels, you will see plenty of options. There are street wheels, steel wheels, and specific wheels for off-roading. You will find wheels of different sizes and materials. It becomes confusing sometimes to find the best wheels for your car.


Choosing the Right Wheel for your car:

If you are thinking of upgrading or changing your car’s wheels, you will need to keep a few things in consideration. We list down the major factors when buying the suitable one:

Consider only reputable wheel retailers


We strongly advise to not go for cheaper wheels from some of the least known wheels retailers. More known brands may sell expensive wheels but are mostly guaranteed to provide quality wheels. It is always a great idea to Google and looks at the reviews when buying new wheels.


Keep the diameter in consideration:

It is a widely understood fact that changing the size of the diameter can directly affect the ride and handling. So, do your research according to your vehicle and go for the one which is most suitable.

Choose the size modestly


Most people would like to buy wheels which are bigger, to give a sportier look to their car. However, there are some drawbacks to buying big. The bigger the wheel, that will mean a compromise in the safety, fuel economy, and ride comfort.


Roh wheels Review Australia:

ROH wheels are one of the leading wheel brands in Australia. They offer a range of wheels for car enthusiasts using the latest tech. Their Flow Form manufacturing technique is renowned using which they manufacture lightweight and robust wheels.


Their range includes street series wheels with an added style and performance. They are known to produce wheels using the most advanced technology in their production. Which results in smooth and extreme driving experience.


What makes them stand apart?

First and foremost, ROH wheels are designed and tested specifically for Australian conditions. The wheels that are made pass the Australian Standard AS1638, marking them of safe and high quality. There is exhaustive testing to meet the Australian Standards, which entails years of warranties. Indeed, the heavy-duty Trak 2 steel wheels carry a lifetime structural warranty, when they are fitted with a GVM+ suspension upgrade kit.


ROH wheels catalog:


Street wheels:

The ROH lightweight performance range of street wheels apply the ingenious flow forging technology, coming up with road wheels which are sophisticated, lightweight, and made of aluminum alloy. The street wheels are a great fit for a variety of cars, both locally made and imported.


The production of cast aluminum alloy road wheels is done using the flow forging method. Today, it is considered one of the most advanced manufacturing processes. The process starts off with the casting of unique performances. These are then reheated before being placed on flow forging molds. After that, roll formers are used to apply lateral pressure to each casting. This compresses and extrudes the rim section to form the wheel.


The wheels produced as a result offer a significant reduction in unsprung mass. The end result is improved driving performance and handling. The process makes sure that the mechanical properties of the casting are altered. The tensile strengths are unmatched as a result.


Off-road wheels:

The exclusive range of Dakar proven off-roading wheels is also flow forged. The range includes top of the line wheels such as the ROH 4x4 wheels, Apache, and Hostile wheels, ROH Assassin wheels. The wheel size ranges from 16-inch through 20-inch. All the ROH 4x4 wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty.


These are also Flow Forged wheels highlight the GVM+ load conveying limit and lower unsprung mass. Bringing about improved vehicles dealing with on-street and prevalent 4×4 abilities on rough terrain.

All ROH 4wd composite wheels include the ROH Easycleans Baked Enamel paint finish for predominant salt splash execution and against enduring strength. This makes ROH 4×4 wheels unmistakably appropriate for all recreational and business applications.


Their fitments incorporate an enormous scope of the most famous 4×4 and SUV vehicles including top-selling Hilux, Ranger, Colorado, BT-50, Triton and Navara.

ROH Vapor and Invader composite wheels are load-appraised for Landcruiser 200 Series in 17×9 at 1,500kg per haggle at 1,250kg per wheel. And ROH Maverick in 17×8.5 is load-evaluated for LC70 Series at 1,550kg limit per wheel.


Steel wheels:

Designed, tried, and tested specifically for Australian conditions, the ROH steel wheels surpass both the Australian and testing standards. It is used by various industries and people including the mining, government, and crisis handling sectors.


Accessible in very intense dark or white powder-coat completes, you can depend on ROH Trak 2 steel wheels to convey exceptional outback unwavering quality, on or off the roadway. Through comprehensive testing to Australian Standard AS1638, we offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty on our whole scope of substantial Trak 2 steel wheels, incorporating when fitted related to a GVM+ suspension redesign pack.



At ROH wheels, they understand that consumers are looking for maximum performance from their wheels. They believe that it can be achieved through maximum strength and minimum weight.

As a result, you get wheels which may be a little more expensive than other brands. But the lifetime structural warranty and the robustness means that they will keep up with you for years to come.

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