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Rhino Racks Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Rhino Racks Review Australia

If you have ever planned a long trip around the world, you must have faced the problem of carrying limited luggage. The reason could be the smaller boot or wheelbase of the car. That’s when you really need the feel of roof racks. They let us carry additional baggage, especially the bulky ones. Are you planning for hiking? Carry your gear or bicycles easily with the rooftop. How important it is to be sure of the roof rack’s quality and strength. If you are confused about brands, go for Rhino Racks. It has been delivering premium quality items since 1992.


This is the company known for its top-notch pioneering roof racks. They have brought innovation and diversity within roof bars and related accessories. Rhino racks Australia has grown in past decades in the aspect of offering wide-ranging finest quality roof rack setup and accessories. It has become global. Their products tend to leave a memorable impression.


Rhino Racks aims to create lightweight, flexible and hard-wearing bars which will help endure maximum luggage without increasing fuel consumption or engine stress. It would be hard for you to believe their budget-friendly pricing strategies. They have been following Australia’s standards strictly and so every product is subjected to strenuous testing It provides environmentally friendly products. Their roof racks are manufactured specially to offer maximum safety and ease. Their construction involves hi-strength aluminum, Fiberglas, and nylon.


They have made a successful partnership with two renown enterprises:

All 4 Adventure.

Sean Scott Photography.


On the brighter side, as the name represents, they offer definitive support to South African Rhinos. They are concerned about the protection and welfare of this species. How convenient it is to find every product under one roof! You must be inspired by its exotic designs and reliable strength.



It deals in simple roof racks to luxurious car accessories. They have never provided sub-standard items.


Some of its greatest services are:

Strong Roof racks – It has three variants, made with highly durable material.

Spacious Roof boxes – Features classic range of boxes and related accessories.

Long-lasting Roof trays – It offers a wide range of 15 types of trays with multiple functions and fitting dimensions

Impressive Canopy roof setup – This category provides 14 adjustable and feasible canopy system. It covers Toyota cars, SAMMITR, Alpha, Fexi glass, and several ranges. It also includes canopy gutters, legs, tracking setup, and fitting kits in handy sizes.

Stylish Luggage bags – These are made with lightweight material with high tensile strength for safe traveling.

Wind fairings – You should check their range if you are fed up with your automobile’s strange engine noises. It decreases wind drags, as well.


sports and leisure:

Bike carriers – It even includes a tow ball option in bike carriers.

Snow Sports – Ski and snowboard carriers, snowboard roof boxes are also included.

Water sports – Kayak loaders, Boat loaders, and even fishing rods carrier to offer convenience.

Shades – Supremely designed sunshades enlisting Batwing and Sunseeker options.


Trade and work solutions are the third groups featuring ladders and steps.

Shapes and Accessory holders for load securing such as clamps, straps, etc.

Spares, Brackets, and components are the last category that has a wide array of fitting brackets and kits of spare parts for any kind of emergency.


What makes Rhino Racks so special?

The major reason is that they are expanding and introducing classic roof accessories with impressive tech for the latest models of the car.

Heavy-duty roof accessories with a huge range of styles and sizes.

VGS strip on roof racks.

Besides, providing the racks, they offer an instant and loyal buying guide.

Rhino racks works for animal welfare and produces nature-friendly items.

Easy to install and remove.

High-quality accessories at cheaper rates.

Variety of roof trays with Rhino-Rack distinctive Steel Mesh design.

Compatible with 4WD (Wheel Driving).

Sporty outlook and tough interior.

Aluminium foldable ladders.

Wheel step for quick assistance in changing gear or for extra reach.

Variety of sturdy eye bolts, jack holders, ratchet straps, and shovel holders.

Suitable and easy-to-manage gas bottle holders.


Cons of buying Rhino Racks accessories:

The only drawback that has been noticed is loud, creepy, and disturbing noise. The continuous harsh wind sound between the roof and the platform must be frustrating.


New products:

Its engineers and mechanics are working on providing more efficient and long-lasting products within an affordable range. They have introduced three special items lately: An internal ladder rack, an iLoad Internal ladder rack with a bracket kit designed for Hyundai, and an exclusive 6th generation Internal ladder rack with bracket compatible for Toyota HiAce.


Customers’ reviews:

Review 1:

“The fit and finish and strength of the new Pioneer platform is impressive, and it is significantly improved over prior model in terms of location and shape of the tie down points.”


Review 2:

“I am happy to pay for quality and looks as though I have a great setup for around $1000I This includes awning, awning brackets, vortex bars, x-tray, shovel mounts and shovelI

I love my rhino set up and won't be changing it anytime soon.”


Review 3:

“There is something seriously wrong here the noise is excessively loud and it starts at only 55kmh but at 100kmh its ridiculous in all weather conditions. What really concerns me is all the reviews I am reading with the same complaint on different vehicles and a standard reply from Rhino which seems to lead people to an email address that does not work. These set-ups are not cheap, and they are going on expensive cars.”


Final verdict:

Their heavy-duty items are the best choice for tradesmen. All roof racks can be adjusted accordingly. They have increased their production but have not decreased their standard of first-class quality. It offers immediate customer service. Here, you can ask about roof solutions to make your car look more chic-styled. Their explicit designs add extravagance to your vehicle. But, based on customer reviews, their wind deflector has been problematic. Unbearable crazy wind noise can lead to a highly uncomfortable ride!


We hope to deliver a satisfactory Rhino Racks review for our readers. And to please our customers, we want you all to be sure about the vehicle’s history before making it a deal. Afraid of fraud or false information? We got you covered by offering an accessible portal Quick Revs. It will help you search for the cars’ history.

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