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Review of Kumho Tyres in Australia, Are They Any Good?

Kumho Tyres Australia


Like other shops, the tyre shop owners also want their customers to believe that if the tyres are expensive, they will provide a better ride.  Sometimes this is true as the ride you get with the expensive tyres is far better than the ride you will get from the cheap ones. In this article, we are going to review a tyre brand that keeps the prices of their tyres somewhere in the middle of high and low. This means that they are neither too cheap nor too expensive. 


The design team of the Kumho Tyres spend time and money on research and development in order to create different makes and models that work with different kinds of applications. In this article, you will know if it is worth the money or not. Read on to know about the types of tyres Kumho manufacturer.


What tyres does Kumho make?

There is a wide variety of tyres that are manufactured by Kumho. Their range includes budget-oriented, performance-based as well as  4×4 tyres that can cost a pretty penny.


If we categories the tyres that Kumho makes, we will get four-tyre categories that grab the attention of most of the Aussie motorists.

1: Crugen

2: Solus

3: Road Venture

4: Ecsta


1. Crugen:

The first type that we are going to go through is the Crugen. These tyres are specially designed for the SUV segment, especially the luxury-oriented SUVs. When we talk about luxury SUVs, we mean the ones that one considers more like school pick-ups than sticks and mud.  Within the Crugen range, you will come across different designs. There are tyres that are made from a hard compound that is best for longer wear life, and then there are some tyres made of a soft compound that is best for performance-oriented use. 


The designs of Crugen tyres are made by keeping comfort in mind, and there are tread patterns that are designed to minimize road noise. Coming towards the diameter, the Crugen tyres tend to move onwards to the larger side of the spectrum. The tyre starts from 17 inches and moves towards 20 inches. In Fact, in the year 2002, Kumho introduced the world's first 26-inch tyre. 


As Crugen tyres are more important than the passenger car tyres, their prices, therefore, start around $200. Also, there are some tyres that cost over $400! However, if you have bought an SUV, you would have bought it because it provides increased safety and visibility on the road. Therefore this price tag is not that much for good quality and capability as well as keeping the family safe! 


2. Solus:

Solus is the standard, touring-style tyres. These types of tyres are best for passenger vehicles that are made for city commuting duties and school pick-up. 


It is made from a stiffer rubber compound. Therefore they have a long wear life and are fuel-efficient. The Solus tyres have grooves that help to prevent aquaplaning by efficiently dispersing water.  In addition, many Soluses are low noise, which implies that passengers can ride comfortably. Coming towards the sizes of Soluses, the trend is more towards the smaller end of the spectrum. The solid tyres are also available in 14-inch diameters. 


The price of the Khumo's Solus tyres begins at around $80. This means that this type of tyre is best for people who are budget-conscious. If you are a city slicker looking for solace in the urban streets, then Solus tyres are the one for you! 


3. Road Venture:

The road venture, as the name suggests, are the tyres that hit the road that is less travelled, and these tyres help you to figure things out in their own way! The road ventures are Kumho's 4×4 tyres that require a capable 4×4. The design of these Kumho Tyres is an upgrade to OEM tyres.


These tyres are made from the deeper tread and come with mileage warranties and outstanding puncture resistance.  Some of its models are also hardcore. The range of road ventures includes modern crossover SUV tyres as well as serious mudding tyres. Coming to the size of the road venture, their diameters usually start at around 15 inches. For SUVs, they are available in 18 inches sizes and also above. 


These tyres from Kumho's may cost you around $150. Most of the models in this range will cost over $200 each. The most expensive, best for 4×4 enthusiasts, would go for $300. 


4. Ecsta:

If you are a bit tight on budget but need quality tyres, the Kumho's Ecsta tyres are the one for you. These tyres are designed to bring you performance ecstasy at prices that will amaze you. Coming to the manufacturing, Ecsta's range is made from softer rubber compounds that provide control, stability, good braking performance and also enhance traction. 


These tyres are specially designed for sporty-ish sedans and coupes. The most popular Ecstasy include the popular 'KU31' and 'KU39' models. If you are one of those who face flat tyres very much should opt for these tyres as they are also available with run-flat tyres. Let us now determine the size of the Ecstasy. Coming to the size of the Ecsta, you will get tyres with diameters that start from 15 inches and move to 18 inches and above. 


The price of the Ecsta starts from $110 per tyre. The good thing is that this range has a wide variety of tyres. This will enable you to find the right one for your vehicle at a reasonable price. 


The final review:

We totally recommend Kumho's Tyres as this brand has a wide variety of options available. All the tyres in this range have high performance for their price category. If you're looking for a new set of tyres, then Kumho's tyres are the best as they provide severe services. With perfect tyres, it is highly essential to know all about your car's history. Get the history of your car in detail and at a very low price via the Quick Revs online platform! 

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