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GIO Car Insurance Review: Insurance Policy, Rates, Coverage

GIO Car Insurance Review

Cars have become an integral part of our lives. Whether we like it or not, we are pretty much useless without cars since we won’t be able to travel long distances in a matter of minutes. Cars needed to be taken care of too, though. Just like we look after ourselves, it is really important to look after the cars too since if not, they can be disastrous and might harm you. Sure, regular car maintenance is important and all but one thing that is more important is getting the right type of car insurance for your vehicle. It is pretty obvious why you should do that since sometimes matters are just not in your hand and you have to face an accident.


At that time of crisis, your insurance agency can help you out by providing you with money to pay for repairs. In turn, you pay them money on a regular basis to keep your vehicle insured. This amount is much, much smaller than the cost of the actual repairs, so it is a win-win situation. GIO Car Insurance is one of the insurance companies in Australia that do the job. Today, we are going to see what GIO is all about.


About GIO Car Insurance:

GIO Car Insurance is a leading insurance company in Australia. It has been in the field since 1927 and since then has been providing insurance services for multiple types of things; cars, homes, boats, caravans, etc. Not only that, the company offers MULTIPLE different insurance packages that best suit the customer’s needs. Apart from that, there are many benefits that come with the insurance that are all great considering GIO’s price. There are many websites online where GIO Car Insurance has been given positive reviews, and that speaks for the company. If the customers are happy, it is automatically proved that the company is doing a great job.


What services or insurance packages does GIO Car Insurance provide?


GIO Car Insurance has four main packages that are all great for their customers considering the set of benefits that come with each of them. These four insurance packages are:


 1- Third-Party Property:

A sort of add-on to other insurances, Third-Party Property covers the costs of legal issues and/or damages caused to the victim’s property. Again, it covers only the costs of property, not of the physical injuries. It also does not cover the costs of the damage to your own property, only the victim.

Third-Party, Fire, and Theft: In addition to the features offered by the Third-Party Property car insurance, Third Party, Fire, and Theft also cover the costs of your vehicle if it catches fire or is stolen. It again does not cover any costs of the damage to your car by collision.


 2- Comprehensive Car Insurance:

This is the type of insurance that covers everything from damages to your car and yourself in a collision, to the third party and their property, and also covers the fire and theft aspect of the Third Party, Fire, and Theft insurance. This is basically the complete insurance package.


 3- GIO Platinum Car Insurance:

This is the most ‘supreme’ of all the packages since it covers literally every other package. Not only that, with this package, you can get multiple other benefits that would surely help you in the future. With GIO Platinum Car Insurance, you can get a repairer of your choice, windscreen damage compensation, and a replacement vehicle in case something happens to your previous one, regardless of how old it is.


Positive Points:


 1- Lots of benefits

There are a lot of benefits to enjoy. GIO provides you with benefits with each and every package, so there’s a lot to choose from but whatever you choose, it is going to be great! For more information on their benefits, head over to GIO’s official website and read more there.


 2- Affordable Cost:

The insurance cost offered by GIO is really affordable. Considering all the work that they put in to provide timely output and all the packages that they offer, the price is pretty great. 


 3- Comprehensive Packages:

As mentioned over and over again, their packages are great and cover many important things; thus rendering them comprehensive and ‘good’ in terms of customer value.


Negative Points:


 1- Customer Service:

Their customer service, as reported by many of the customers, is really slow and it takes a long time to get to them with all the advertisements. Perhaps, this might be due to a busy service with a lot of people calling them, but handling it efficiently is their job.


 2- Misleading Information:

As mentioned by customers, GIO has some misleading information on its website. Be careful and read thoroughly about what type of insurance you are going to get and what are the costs and benefits that come with it.

GIO Car Insurance Customer Reviews:



“I have been with GIO for many years and have filed several claims which were all dealt with promptly. In fact, for my last claim, my car had several issues and all the repairs were sorted to my satisfaction.”



“The claim process is quick and we get the smash repair of our choice while staying at a rating one driver. Plus we get a free Windscreen each year.”



“I've been with GIO for five years, and we've had to make some pretty complicated claims during that time. The staff has always been very helpful and friendly.”



“Refused to insure the roadworthy car with minimal aesthetic damage on the passenger side door. They said they would not insure a car with anything other than wear and tear damage. Called RAC and they had no problem whatsoever. Extremely disappointed with this service that we had in a different car for more than five years.”



“Worst insurance company to deal with don’t believe anything they say. They just past you on to one department and tell what you want to hear then pass you on again.
This has taken 8 weeks and still not resolved, the worst thing is I’m the not-at-fault driver I should have gone with the 3rd party insurance company they told me it’s easier to go with them, what a load of crap 3 different complaint departments without been resolved. They are great at apologies and blaming other departments, always read the fine print no wonder they have so many bad reviews”



“Called to talk about the renewal of my car insurance policy, where my premium increased while the vehicle value decreased with no claims done. The consultant arrogant and condescending just brushed me off. I advised that with that kind of service I will not be renewing. They did not care in the least. I haven't even tried to work out a better offer. Will never return to GIO.”


These reviews are not all there are about this company. There are many other that are still out there. You can read more about them on review websites.


Final Deduction:

In our personal opinion, GIO Car Insurance is a legitimate company that would help you in the time of crises. Yes, there are a lot of negative reviews, but there are a lot of positive ones too so, it kind of balances the tray here. Their benefits and affordable cost really make them worth giving a shot. The rest depends on you. Whatever decision you make, we believe that it is right for you!


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