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Redspot Rentals Review Australia | All You Need To Know

Redspot Rentals Review Australia

When it comes to car rentals, there’s always a lot of options you can choose from. It’s always hard to decide where to choose from. As a customer, make sure you know a few things before you rent a car:


 ✓ Buy something within your budget

 ✓ Get the car checked before renting it

 ✓ Make sure the car isn’t damaged

 ✓ Make sure the car isn’t stolen


If you make sure of these above-mentioned things, you can rent a proper car. Speaking of car rentals, Redspot rentals is one of the most reliable companies.


Redspot Rentals is a true Australian success story. In 1989, the company started operations by renting a couple of cars from Dan Merkler’s service station in Sydney. Today, Redspot operates over 2,500 vehicles from sixteen airports and four city locations across the Australia and New Zealand regions.


If you’re interested in hiring top quality cars, then Redspot is the place for you! They offer a wide variety of rental cars; everything from sedans and hatchbacks to SUVs and 4WD vehicles.



Imagine you’re on a holiday or on a business trip and you need a top-quality vehicle to help you get around, that’s exactly the service that Redspot will provide you. Redspot might not have a big operation as its competitors, but they make up for that with the quality of their cars. 


This includes technological updates, hygiene, and maintenance. They make sure none of their vehicles are over 6 months old. This means you won't have to stop in the middle of a road because your rental broke down.  At Redspot, they take loving care of our fleet (Seriously, that’s their motto). An advantage you definitely get is the lack of hidden fees. This is something that might be more common in larger rental companies.



Redspot are currently operating out of both New Zealand and Australia. They provide the extra service of the customer being able to collect a vehicle at one spot and return it at another. They have 4 spots of operation in New Zealand, as well as nearly 40 spots in Australia. This provides customers with ease of access and an increase in mobility. Due to these widespread locations, Redspot allows customers to alleviate themselves of the hassle of looking for a return location for their rental.



As mentioned before, they have a wide variety of high-quality vehicles from top car manufacturers. These include BMWs, Mercedes, Audi, Nissan, Hyundai, etc. All Redspot’s vehicles are regularly serviced as well as updated at least 6 months. All their cars are air-conditioned and have comfortable interiors. 


They come in both automatic and manual transmission depending on the customers’ preferences. Each car is regularly safety checked, reliable and looks great. The company makes it a point to leave a note: “if you have your heart set on the car make, and we can’t source it for you on the day you need it, we’ll offer you a similar set of wheels from the same class, for the same price”



Redspot provides different deals and packages for different types of customers making it an accessible company. Whether you need a short to long-term car hire across Australia/ New Zealand, Redspot has a variety of passenger vehicle deals. These deals designed to help you get on your way at the best price possible.


Their offers include 15% off of any bookings in New Zealand that are for 4 days or more. They offer similar deals in Australia. The company likes to keep active on social media websites. It runs many promotion deals and giveaways on its platforms there. Redspot recently offered a brilliant $1 per day deal in December 2019 that was a spectacular hit with its customer base. 


Customer Services:

Redspot provides excellent customer services. Their FAQ pages are thorough and handle most inquiries that a potential customer or existing customer might have. Their website gives ample information on the kind of insurance that would be suitable for rental cars. It also helps you reach out to insurance providers for this purpose.


Business Program:

Redspot provides unique car services for businesses looking to frequently rent. These services can be for their employees as well as for other services that businesses might require vehicular transport. 


Their website has a separate page exclusively dedicated to the services that the company provides to businesses. It describes in detail the benefits that a business might potentially obtain by hiring their services. These benefits include:


Award-winning customer service:

Rental Loyalty Programs. (These provide the users with deals based on the amount that they use the service or have used the company’s car services in the past.


 A global network with over 2000 locations,

 ✓ Worldwide recognition and rewards,

 ✓ Corporate discounts are available to all employees within a particular company and maybe honored for both business and personal use.


Alongside this, the website also provides a detailed questionnaire designed to help get information that helps Redspot cater to individual business needs (including a special requests section).


Terrain Tamer Reviews:

Review 1:

“A smooth, pleasant experience all round. We will definitely use Redspot again!” - Sharon ( https://www.trustpilot.com/)


Review 2:

“I was very happy with the booking, service and return.” – Chris Amos 



Review 3:

“This is the second time I've used Enterprise/Red Spot at Melbourne Airport and I will use them again. The staff is friendly and efficient. Our vehicle was ready for us on both occasions and was well-prepared. There are no hidden surprises with costs and I do like the Top Dog rate which allows you to buy out the excess or at least reduce your liability. Thank you to the staff at Enterprise Melbourne Airport.” – Jim (https://www.trustpilot.com/)


Review 4:

“Courteous and efficient service at Maroochydore on Tues, 4th feb by the lady and gentleman on duty that morning, followed by a very nice rental vehicle. Followed up on our return on Sat, 8th by the same man, Great service all round.” – Keith Geary 



“I rent with Redspot almost every week and I would never book a car rental with anyone else at a location where Redspot is available. They have it all - easy to book with, good vehicles, good prices and customer service that is far above and beyond!! The Business club is VERY worthwhile.” – Angela Frimberger (https://www.productreview.com.au/)



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