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Range Rover Convertible Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Features, Specification, Price


The one and only kind in Australia’s Automobile market Here’s Range Rover Evoque Convertible. What makes it unique, you might ask? The retractable roof and an SUV-styled exterior design make this car stand out and distinctive from the rest. By bringing you the luxurious, fashionable, and premium look. If you want to make some heads turn, Range Rover Evoque Convertible gives you just that stylish finish. But obviously, a car isn’t just about the style. Let’s have a look at the specifications of the Range Rover Evoque Convertible.


Range Rover Convertible engine:

Let’s talk about the heart of the Range Rover Convertible and every other car, It’s Engine!  Range Rover Convertible’s engine comes in two different options. One, four-cylinder the 2.0-liter turbo (petrol), and two, four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo (Diesel) both of them being nine-speed automatic transmission. Depending on the extra weight and the big wheels this engine has to bear, one might expect a bumpy ride but it is considerably perky. Land Rover has done an amazing job in covering and cushioning the road imperfections. The nine-speed automatic transmission plays a vital role in keeping the turbo on boil, thus better performance.


Range Rover Convertible exterior:

The exterior design of the car is what makes it attractive and grabs attention. Evoque Convertible provides you with luxurious two doors along with a retracted rooftop stylish SUV, with a comparatively confined boot space but an off-roading convertible all of it just in a Range Rover Automobile. The convertible uses almost all the space in the boot or trunk leaving you with barely any space for your luggage. 


Range Rover Evoque Convertible comes in a fabric rooftop that can be stowed away in a matter of 18 seconds and at 50km/hour it can be raised in just about 21 seconds. Which makes this rooftop the widest and the longest of all rooftops to this time. This Convertible Range Rover comes in alloy wheels with a 19-inch standard wheel size. The complete rooftop mechanism puts in about 68 kilograms of the weight but the structure actually provides support to this roof and adds about 300kg of weight (to the total weight). The rear mirror view comes in electric anti-glare along with fog lamps in front and illuminated door mirrors (puddle lamps).


Following are the Range Rover Evoque Convertible Dimensions:

 Height: 1605 mm (from the ground up)

 Width: 1980 mm

 Length: 4370 mm

 Wheelbase: 2660 mm

 Towing Capacity (braked): 1500 kg

 Towing Capacity (unbraked): 750 kg


Range Rover Convertible interior:

The standard version or model of Range Rover Convertible comes with a total of four seats. This seating number is the key difference between the Convertible Evoque and the Standard Evoque. The interior of the Range Rover Convertible is something that really takes all the credit. This premium car comes with a 10-inch, high-resolution touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 disc, and a CD or DVD slot. Talking about the screen, it is a multifunction control screen. It also contains an in-car voice system. The touchscreen brings us to the speakers, Range Rover Convertible is equipped with 11 speakers’ stereo subwoofers. The front row seats are Windsor leather upholstery, perfect for hot and cold days. The back row seats are comfortable but with an exception of longer rides especially for tall height and long-legged people. The leg space in the back is a little tight but understandable for an automobile of this size. For tall individuals, the headspace might be small as well. When we talk about the safety and security measures of this car, it contains about five airbags.


These airbags are listed down below:



 Knee Driver

 Head for 1st-row seats (front)

 Head for 2nd-row seats


Along with it, this car also comes with an ABS (Antilock Braking) and a central locking system. Range Rover Convertible also comes with electric power assisting steering wheel, controlled air conditioning, USB audio input, and GPS navigation system. Range Rover Evoque is available in a number of colors including Firenze Red, Narvik Black, Indus Silver, Carpathian Grey, Yulong White, and many more.


Range Rover Convertible specification:

Following is the list of specifications the Range Rover Evoque Convertible comes with.


Exterior Specs of Range Rover Convertible:

 19-inch Alloy Wheels with Sparkle Silver Finish

 LED Signature Lights

 Keyless Entry

 Heated Windscreen

 Front Fog Lamps

 Remote boot release

 Turbo Intercooled In-line Engine

 68 Liter Fuel Capacity

 Retracted Rooftop

 Front and rear parking aid

 Illuminated door mirrors

 Rear View Camera

 Fabric Finished Rooftop


Interior Specs of Range Rover Convertible: 

 Four seats in total

 Remote Central locking system

 GPS Navigation System

 11 Stereo Speakers subwoofers

 A total of Five airbags (listed above)

 10 Inch Touchscreen (high resolution)

 USB and Bluetooth Connectivity

 Multifunction steering wheel

 In-car voice system

 ABS – Antilock Braking

 Brake Assist

 Cruise Control

 Starter Button

 Electric Parking brakes

 CD and DVD player

 Heated and Ventilated Front row seats

 In-control Apps


Pricing Range for Range Rover Convertible:

Based on the trim level or specs you choose to purchase; the Range Rover Convertible price varies, based on that. It starts from $62,670 and goes all the way up to $93,679 (till the year the latest model was manufactured).



 A luxurious and premium finish automobile

 Fabric rooftop limits the wind noise

 All-wheel drive system; clamber over the rocks!

 Classy and minimalist interior dashboard design

 10-inch, high-resolution touchscreen

 For the driver, Range Rover Convertible might be pretty comfortable.



 Confined Boot space (roof up or down doesn’t matter)

 Back rows can be pretty uncomfortable in the matter of space.

 Speaking of which, the back seat with no back doors makes getting in and out of the car pretty awkward for both the front row seater and the back one.

 Lower roof (lesser headspace).


The Final Verdict:

Now that you know all the details from the engine to exterior, interior, and the price range of Range Rover Convertible, it might be easier for you to make the choice. Range Rover Evoque Convertible is not just a luxurious SUV it also fulfills one’s desire for a sporty look. With the retracted fabric finish rooftop, you get just that. The inside might not be spacious enough but if you are someone who likes to get the heads turned, this might be your car. Range Rover Convertible gives you that sassy chic look, if you desire something like this then just go for it!

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