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RACV Car Insurance Review: Things you should know

RACV Car Insurance Review


While it may seem pretty odd, a lot of people in the world like to take huge risks; risks that involve their lives. There are a lot of people out there who all sorts of crazy things for fun that usually that fun is able to take their lives (and in many of the cases, they do actually die). There are two types of people in this world; ones who live for fun and ones who live for life. The former is much more carefree and jollier while the latter likes to be cautious about their surroundings and their life. They value life a lot and know how precious it is. If you think that you are among the latter group, you should probably know about what you should do to avoid putting your like at risk. Any parent or guardian would have told you to get insurance on not only your life but also your possessions.


Car insurance is pretty important too as it can save you a lot of money as well as save your car provided you put it in any danger. And now since the topic of car insurance has been raised, let’s take a look at RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria) and see what the people have to say about it, and whether or not it actually is how the people define it as.


RACV Car Insurance is a big name in Australia; probably one of the biggest. It provides its services to 2.1 million people. All these people enjoy RACV services including car insurance and roadside assistance. RACV started off as a motorists’ social club in 1903 and since that time, it has gradually brought itself to where it is right now; a community giant that donates $20,000 each year to help people in need in Victoria and also provides the Sir Edmund Herring Memorial Scholarship of $54,000.


What are my options with RACV?

RACV car insurance provides a lot of different types of car insurance. These packages cover a lot of things which have not been mentioned here. If you want to learn more about these packages and the perks they bring along them, head over to RACV’s official website and take a look. The insurance packages that RACV offers are:


Third-Party Property: A sort of add-on to other insurances, Third-Party Property covers the costs of legal issues and/or damages caused to the victim’s property. Again, it covers only the costs of property, not of the physical injuries. It also does not cover the costs of the damage to your own property, only the victim.


Third-Party, Fire, and Theft: In addition to the features offered by the Third-Party Property car insurance, Third Party, Fire, and Theft also cover the costs of your vehicle if it catches fire or is stolen. It again does not cover any costs of the damage to your car by collision.


Comprehensive Car Insurance: This is the type of insurance that covers everything from damages to your car and yourself in a collision, to the third party and their property, and also covers the fire and theft aspect of the Third Party, Fire, and Theft insurance. This is basically the complete insurance package.


Comprehensive Plus: A buffed up version of the comprehensive car insurance, comprehensive plus even covers the areas where the original comprehensive car insurance lacks. In order to learn more about a comprehensive plus, head over to RACV’s official website.


RACV Car Insurance Price/Cost:

Price is something that gets everyone. Car Insurance costs in Australia varies by a lot of factors. These can be, but may not necessarily include:


 1- State

 2- Type of vehicle

 3- Age of the owner

 4- Gender


The average cost of car insurance in Australia is 750-800$ per year with a series of factors incrementing or decrementing the value.

The official RACV car insurance cost is undetermined. However, you can easily get a quote through their website.


RACV Customer Reviews:

Many of the RACV customers have posted reviews against the company. We will filter out the illogical and present to you only the ones that seem to be legitimate reviews:


Review 1

“I bought the top cover of roadside assistance before I go Great ocean road. My car broke down by an unknown problem. I call them and need a toll. They told me RACV roadside assistance not cover that area. I have to find a toll truck by myself!!! Never buy from RACV again!!!!”


Review 2

“The biggest insurance company in Australia yet they exercise no common sense or discretion. Apparently you are meant to give way 50 meters ahead of where you take a turn as you are found liable when someone does a lane change into you.”


Review 3

“I had been a member for more than 30 years before I left the RACV. I had my car, home, and contents insurance with them but when I needed their assistance for anything they were genuinely useless. Incompetent, overpriced delivering a sub-standard service on every occasion.”


Review 4

“Was hit by another car who has initiated the claim and was told to contact them. I have tried six-time now and have been on hold for more than 30 min each time. I have not called one single time when I haven't received a 'high wait time'. This is how they deter customers. Who can stand it? Who has the time? I have left Facebook messages, left private messages and emailed and still nothing. In the meantime I'm driving around with a boot mashed in a won't close. Absolutely disgraceful. Don't bother responding with, 'we sorry we haven't met your expectations'. I'll be going elsewhere.”


However, this is not always the case. There are times when customers are actually pretty happy with RACV’s service:


Review 5

“I have been a life member with RACV and I would not switch.”


Review 6

“Love RACV, excellent rates and options”


Review 7

“When I had an accident, they were very fast to help me and professional in their approach. Their rates are competitive and customer service is excellent.”


Our opinion:

On one hand, there are people who like RACV and on the other, there are those who dislike it. RACV’s official review, in our opinion and in the opinion of many other reviewers, is kind of in-between good and bad. Were it to be rated on a scale of 1 to 5, it would get about 2.5. It sits in the middle of being the greatest insurance company and the worst possible insurance company there ever was. The choice of whether or not you want to select it is completely yours. There are much better companies out there, but if you feel like this is the one, by all means, go ahead.


If you want to purchase a car but do not know whether or not it is reliable, check out QuickREVs and let them perform a car history check, VIN number check, and other kinds of checks to ensure that the vehicle you are about to purchase is good to go!









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