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R31 Skyline Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

R31 Skyline Review Australia

The r31 Skyline is one of the mass-produced vehicles in Australia. The company replaced the r30 series with the 7th generation of r31. If you are looking to buy it, you must know that it doesn’t have luxury-oriented models to offer. In Australia, you might know it as a “Nissan Pintara”, a car with exclusive 4-cylinders. All vehicles are RWD (rear-wheel-drive) with the front-engine location.


Although it was only manufactured from 1986 to 1990, the company offers the r31 series in four impressive and hard-wearing body styles:
4-door sedan
4-door hardtop
2-door coupe
5-door station wagon

We can say, back in the 1980s, it was very much acknowledged for introducing new high technology features. Well, if you are a fan of Nissan, you must choose its HR31 model, which comes with an impressive RB-series engine. And, how can you miss the highlight of the dubbed HICAS (High Capacity Active Steering) feature?


r31 Skyline Review Australia: 

Nissan is a world-renowned automobile manufacturing company and Skyline is definitely one of its wonderful series. You will find all of its variants as RWD in multiple styles. Two common things are hard-wearing material and powerful engines.


If we only talk about its Australian models, you can have the following:
Pintara GLi, Executive, GX, & GXE
GX, Executive, GXE, Silhoutte, Ti
Silhoutte GTS1
Silhoutte GTS2

You will like r31 Skyline's exotic range and sturdiest making but if you want even a hint of fanciness, elegance, or visually appealing design, you might want to drop the idea of purchasing it. It comes in a “boxed” shape with plastic trimming, enough to give it a mediocre look. Additionally, no matter what model you choose, it doesn’t offer a spacious interior cabin. On the contrary, no other Australian made car can surpass its strength and toughness with a remarkable 6-cylinders drive train.


R31 Skyline Engine:

The only thing that makes r31 Skyline desirable is the engine. The powerful, ravishing engine! But, the question that still remains is, whether the strength of the motor system is important for you or the speed? No doubt, the company has intricately manufactured the engine setup to offer better speed control and steering management. Unfortunately, it lacks speed, and even on the highest acceleration, you will get no thrilling experience. Every year, the new engine was equipped with a fresh model to give an extra comfortable and relaxing journey. It comes with the options of petrol and diesel engines. It means you can choose any engine, without worrying about fuel use due to its proven efficient fuel consumption (combined).


Here are your options for petrol engines:
1.8L CA18I I4
2.0L CA20E I4
2.0L RB20E I6
2.0L RB20DE I6
3.0L RB30E I6
3.0L RB30DE I6

The skyline r31 has a single diesel 2.8L l6 engine in the model of RD28.


In addition to the above-mentioned engines, you can have three turbocharged l6 engines, available in the following selections of 2.0L:

Looking for a smoother transmission? It has a 5-speed gear shift of both, automatic and manual options. Every vehicle and engine has its downside, so does r31. Firstly, you would not get an upgraded engine with lots of hi-tech features in the earliest trims. Secondly, earlier variants have very small intake runners making the acceleration difficult and the engine sluggish. But, this drawback was compensated in the higher trims with the infusion of 6 massive runners. Thirdly, Nissan skyline r31 lacks adaptable coil-sprung independent rear-axle suspension. But it's r31 skyline Silhoutte has limited-slip diff (LSD) which increases its demand.

The significant change that you can feel while driving is the replacement of the NICS (Nissan Induction Control System) injection system with ECCS (Electronically Concentrated Control System) engine management. A perfect initiative to feature a bit extensive turbocharger with more fuel efficiency and better mileage. Among all Australian trims of r31 Skyline, the range of power lies within 76 kW to 142 kW, making Silhouette GTS2 the fastest vehicle.

We advise you to have a trial drive on its spectacular 3.0L petrol engine. It is compatible with EFI. It is standard in all GX and GXE sedans and station wagons, Ti-sedan, and sports-pack Silhouette. This car is known for its amazing speed of 117kW with enough torque of 252Nm. It is suitable for both drivers, the one who prefers auto-mode and others who feel comfortable in manual transmission. It features a 5-speed manual with the option of a 4-speed auto gear shift. This ensures your safe ride with 4-wheel disc brakes and telescopic power steering.


R31 Skyline Design:

Time has revolutionised and now the aerodynamic style is the preference. Unfortunately, in the 7th generation, you cannot have the perks of aerodynamic chassis, but it doesn’t lower the standard of driving comfortability. Overall, it has a box-like theme with a bit of a massive and bold front. Like, we said earlier, no luxuries can be found to make you feel lavish. Surprisingly, station wagon, coupe, and sedan vehicles, all have the same outlook. Four attention-catching round headlights, rectangular tail lights, and striking monocoque construction define a standard r31. You can say, the disastrous feature is the tail light apertures, awkward enough to make the car exterior bizarre.

In the latest trims of Nissan skyline r31, there is a high finessed multi-piece dashboard with steel and rubber trimming in the cabin. Consider it a massive, box-shaped metal piece, featuring chrome-finessed strips, plastic made bumper, and rubber all around the windows. It has wing mirrors to offer better vision but that still will not compensate for the boxy cabin with extended hub-caps.


Other noticeable specifications are:
Adjustable and power steering
Plain Speedometer
Fuel and Temperature gauge
Comfortable front headrest
Climate control
Keyless entry
Air conditioner
Cruise control
Sensing windscreen wipers
Old-aged Sound System of 2-4 speakers, depending on the model
Flexible radio antenna

Are you worried about your amusement? At the back of the rear seats, built-in headphone plugs are allowing you to listen to your favourite tracks on the radio or cassette. One of its variants, called Silhouette, comes in a classier interior, alluring layout, and 6-gauge cluster with alloy wheels giving a robust look. Although leather gives extravagance to the interior its fabric wrapped seats offer ease, comfort, and soft-felt touch.


Cons of buying r31 skyline:

Lacks modernity in design and motor system
The frame is prone to rust
Engine issues might arise after years of use especially of the distributor sensor circuits and the air-flow meter
At the part-throttle, auto-mode transmission can cause harsh and hard-hitting shifts
Noisy ride due to rear-axle strut/spring/damper units’ direct connection to the chassis
Plastic wrapped cabin giving off vibes
Sluggish engine and sometimes chaotic
Lacks basic luxuries
No advanced safety features in the earliest versions
R31 skyline GTS
Coupe-styled body
RB20DET-R turbocharged HR31 engine with Bilstein dampers
Inter-cooler located upfront to keep the motor under check and maintain speed
Automatic transmission with the option of manual mode
Maximum power of 130kW@5500rpm with the Maximum torque of 255 Nm@300rpm in first variant whereas the second version gives 140kW@5600rpm
Denser front grille with 16x7’’ alloy wheels for a vigorous look


Final verdict:

Depending on its medium-grade features, skyline r31 is reasonably priced. It has good on and off-road performance but lacks speed. All the 6 years models are admired for their perfect balance of road handling and gear performance. Unfortunately, it lags due to its unpleasing exterior and roughly structured chassis.
If you prefer an efficient motor system over luxury, r31 Skyline is worth a try. You have read the review but extra details won’t be damaging. Enter your card details on our online instant portal Quick Revs and get all history details (accidental, driving, theft, and travelling history).


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