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Porsche Boxster Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Porsche Boxster Review Australia

The name of Porsche is enough to impress someone! It is considered a status symbol, globally. It is the company that has been providing vehicles with hi-tech. The bonus point is its thrilling exterior. Porsche Boxster is the range of elite automobiles with a classic design. It offers a super adventurous pace, and engine for a memorable ride!


The recent upgrade in Boxster as Boxster S has been the talk of the town. Driving a Porsche 718 Boxster will give intensified electrifying vibes. Porsche has successfully made the Boxster a racing supercar. It has a well-balanced engine and attractive chassis. What is better than driving a luxurious Porsche on the twisting roads? Seems dreamy! It is a sports car which is quite pricey.


The Porsche is busy upgrading its cars with extravagant engines. It gives a smoother experience with exotic styling. Porsche Boxster has loads of striking features and an eye-fetching interior. You can find the latest tech with enhanced AI inside Boxster. Are you always up for a venture? Take a ride in the sporty-looking Boxster and intensify the spirit!


The legendary 718-series Boxster is one of the most admired creations. It was the first model to feature a modified turbocharged engine. It was Porsche’s first to introduce a 4-cylinder with mid-engine placement. The famous convertible “S 981 MY16” is a model with lovable looks. It also has a cool cloth roof. You must be thinking, what makes Boxster so special?! There is not one but many reasons to get inspired.


Vitally, the engine location provides a low center of gravity. It helps to gain a higher speed in a shorter duration. There are highlighting aluminum wheels. It has ample space offering you a relaxing ride. You can have luggage space. It has incomparable built-in technology.


Engine setup of Porsche Boxster:

Porsche Boxster S is an RWD. It offers two types of engines, manual and automatic. In Porsche 981, you can find a 3.4L engine. It features a classic six-Cylinder and manual transmission. The upgrade in the S Boxster variant’s engine is much more competent and lighter with only 2.5L mid-engine. It is placed at the rear, claiming 0 to 100 km/hour time of 4.2seconds on fitting automatic twin-clutch setup.


You are free to choose whether you want an exciting 6-speed manual gearing system or a comfortable 7-speed gearing setup with a manageable dual-clutch system.  You can enjoy the combination of automatic dual-clutch and a manual gearbox. In a single Porsche clutch, it will operate robotically. The engine is effective in fuel consumption. It offers smooth gear transmission.


The most noticeable and distinctive feature? The horizontally placed engines. Two engines on each site lie flat in the adjustable engine bay. Do you know how helpful it is in improving the car’s handling and pace control? The manual and automatic convertible can provide power up to 220 kW.


The maximum power at rotation per minute is 6,500 at least. Another additional feature you can find is the Sport Chrono Package. It provides 4.7 seconds on 0 - 100 km/hour. The maximum speed recorded so far is 275 km/h with a torque of 380 NM. The engines have a capacity of 64L in the fuel tank.



This enterprise is on the top for offering singular designs. It has an accommodating interior with a luggage capacity of 150L upfront and 122L at the rear-hood. The company has managed to create a broader wheelbase of 2,475 mm. You will have a wide range of outstanding colors to choose from. It will make your exterior look ravishing!


The range of exterior colors includes metallic, standard, and special. And how can you forget about its contractible top, the silver lining of the car! The company allows you to choose a separate captivating color for the convertible top, as well. The major thing required to have a lovely or gladdening ride is to choose a good-looking and stylish wheel. Porsche offers a range of wheels within six characteristic varieties.


The highlights of the exterior are its energetic bi-xenon headlamps and horizontal inflection strip and elevated P-O-R-S-C-H-E inscription between the rear headlamps. This 2-seater car weighing only 1355 kg represents aerodynamic guise. In its interior, you can find responsive Apple Car Play, satellite navigation setup, and digital radio with strong signals. Oh, you will unquestionably love its exciting audio system.


Who doesn’t love to enjoy a car drive in relaxing, adjustable, leather-wrapped, and heated seats! Ever dreamt about enjoying watching sunset or sunrise in a deluxe car with a retractable roof? A perfect thought! In Porsche Boxster S, there is a well-insulated sheath-able ridge at the top. What a treat it is to drive with a leather-cut and height adaptable steering.


You will have dual-zone climate-control and accessible Radar-based cruise control. It comes with rain-sensing windscreen wipers. The Porsche Boxster comprises multiple functions but it has easy to understand presentation. There is an advanced Infotainment setup PCM with a digital screen offering high-resolution. For more fun, there are CD/DVD player options, receptive Bluetooth connectivity, and hi-tech streaming. There are additional slots for USB input and dual ports for SD cards.


Additional specifications:

Built-in exhaust cam phasing setup.

The option of dry sump lubrication.

Fuel delivery via direct injection.

Effective and automatic inter cooling system to let you drive stress free.

The introduction of variable-geometry turbos.

To offer maximum safety, Porsche Boxster has airbags upfront, sideways, overhead, and at the driver's knee location.

The engine has resourceful anti-lock brakes.

In case of facing any haphazard, its modified stability control feature will handle the situation.

Parking sensors and cameras (up front and rear).

A significant spec of Porsche Active Safe, which delivers audible and visual warnings to avoid a possible collapse. This feature is absent in the car with a manual gearing system.


Final verdict:

The Porsche Boxster let you experience the drive punch at an accelerated speed. The Boxster S engine offers better displacement, torque, and speed. Its option to choose either manual or auto is another plus point! Porsche has made this sports car for every race lover and adrenaline junky. It would be impossible for you to take off of your eyes from its upgraded architecture accompanied by a commendable mechanical upgrade. And, most importantly, folding cloth roof.

But isn’t it important to know about the detailed history of the car before spending so much money? You have read the model’s details but there will be no harm in searching for the car’s history. And, luckily, we provide you this service on our website Quick Revs, too, besides reviewing the car.

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