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Porsche 944 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


If you are in the need of an elite sports car that has a famous nameplate to flaunt, revving engine to speed, and provides you with a comfortable drive, Porsche 944 might be your perfect fit. Regrettably, you can find it only in1982 to 1991-year models. All cars are RWD with an engine placed upfront. You have the choice to choose from coupé or cabriolet body styles. The best part is its turbocharged engine. The steering offers easy handling and with higher levels of road grip. Well, the car is found to be cheap because of its better fuel consumption and fuel mileage.


Porsche 944 is a car that offers a comfortable ride due to its impressive front and rear weight distribution. We can say, it is a nicer car to have a pleasing drive, regardless of its old manufacturing. But, remember, you would find it highly old-fashioned but in an intricate manner. No doubt, it is a pretty well-executed automobile. The interior can be its downfall because it has cloth trimming and a boring oval-shaped instrument panel.



In comparison to the older models, it is equipped with a faster engine and advanced motor. The company has made a lot of refinements and undoubtedly the outcome is impressive, making this car suitable to drive even in 2021. The brakes are more responsive offering maximum stopping power. The adaptable suspensions with adjustable bars and springs are the plus. The 1985 models offer a more comfortable ride and better steering handling. All 1985 trims have increased oil sump measurements with all-new front and rear cast alloy control arms and semi-trailing arms.


Do you need a sports car with a large fuel tank capacity? Unlike other sports cars, it has a larger tank capacity. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the engine noise. The car is surprisingly quiet with no vibrations at even the peak speeds. If you fancy a luxurious vehicle with more advanced features the 1987 model has its perks. Particularly, the Motronic DME is refined featuring ABS and airbags for extra safety. You have the options of 3-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmissions which makes Porsche 944 suitable for both drivers.



The 1983 model, Callaway is installed with a 2.5 L inline-4-cyl engine producing 121 kW power. It is enough to take you on the thrilling drive. This engine is placed inside the cars manufactured till 1987. Its efficient chambers will guarantee optimal fuel injection. If you are still not satisfied, you must know that it has a special internal wastegate preferring the use of 91-octane fuel to increase engine steadfastness.


According to some, the turbocharger and intercooler never work well together. But, if you disagree, the Porsche 944 TURBO variant can be another choice. You will find it amazing how it has utilized a ceramic port liner for gas temperature maintenance. The engine placements and strengthened gearbox offer improved aerodynamics. The stiff suspension will bug you a little. As we have mentioned, it has a wide range of vehicles, so you can choose its 944 S variant, manufactured from 1987 to 1989.


Now, if you are asking why it is a better choice then the answer is its cutting-edge engine. Same DOHC 2.5L engine with heavy-duty naturally aspirated, redesigned dual-overhead-camshaft 16-v setup producing 140 kW power with a spectacular self-adjusting timing belt tensioner. Even with its extreme speed, the engine won’t get hot due to its efficient exhaust system.



Always try to look for the latest trim as they will have lesser old car issues. The 944 Turbo S, one of the most preferred Porsche 944, introduced in 1988 features stronger equipment, powered by a 3.0L Inline-4-cyl engine. The 944 Turbo has the same setup. Driving a car with an incredible power of 184 kW@6,000 rpm with a torque of 350 NM sounds pretty remarkable. Turbocharger with adaptable shock absorbers and height changing threaded collars struts and a greater hollow rear-end anti-rolling or torsion bars perfect the on-road and off-road performance.


Over the past years, the only car that has not received any criticism out of the 944 range is Porsche 944 S2 manufactured from 1989-1991. Although it has comparatively lesser power of 155 kW and has a manual transmission, still it is highly recommendable due to its significant amplification in torque. Dual airbags, LSD, and ABS are also optional.



Every model of 944 Porsche has received certain new elements. For instance, the 1983 model has an exclusive 4-speaker audio setup, and 1984 has a standard powered sunroof and electric steering. Where 1985 trim has refined and robust alloy wheels, freshened layout, and heater advances, the 1986 Porsche comes with an improved lubrication system.


Are you into massive cars with a stronger look? Go for the North American version with huge bumpers. Besides, you will feel how amazingly soft and light the steering is. The 1985 Porsche has a style-worthy dash with trendy door panels. Well, you can get heated and powered seats as optional. You can enjoy the ride by listening to your favourite music on a striking Porsche HiFi audio system. The most highlighted part is the distinctive cookie-cutter style wheels.


Other basic specs are:

Windscreen wiper with washer

Receptive indicators

Headlight dip and flasher

Dials representing oil pressure, battery condition, and clock

Panasonic radio

Lockable glove box

Tape rack

3-speed fan

Ventilation system


The exterior is zinc coated, and the interior is modernised with a smart steering position. It provides a comfortable driving level. We can say that the interior is pretty basic with racing seats and a roll cage. The 944 Turbo S wheels have something extra to give with their power and 16-inch Fuchs forged and flat-dished style. Being mechanically advanced, the Turbo S has an upgraded 10-speaker audio setup featuring equalizer + amp, as well.


Cons of buying Porsche 944:

Sometimes, the ride feels harsh on high gear

Exhaust system is not compatible with other equipment

Unexciting layout with boring cloth-trimmed interior

Lacks hi-tech instrumentation

The roof panels have a pretty complex mechanism

Service can be needlessly expensive

In the case of remodeling, the parts are not easy to find


Final verdict:

If you need a nice-looking car, you must choose the 1986 onward trims of Porsche 944 with a crafty interior and modern instrumentation. The car is cheap and comes with special exclusive packages that can be availed at higher prices. The car has a larger rubber rear wing. It is definitely a substantial and better-focused sports car. Some early variants do lack electric steering.


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