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Porsche 928 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Porsche 928 Review Australia


Produced by a well-renowned German automobile company, Porsche 928 is a luxury GT. If you are thinking about buying it, you are making the right choice, probably. You can have it in the year models of 1978 to 1995. It is available in a 2+2 coupe style but is made a bit lengthier and broader. Well, if we talk about its speed, it is definitely faster comparatively.


But, unfortunately, the torque and aerodynamics are not as sharp or immersive for a drive. All trims are RWD with an engine placed in the front under its sturdy hood. It is considered as one of the historical high-performance sports cars. It will take you on the race tracks as well as on the city roads.


Porsche 928 Engine:

The thing that makes the car desirable is its engine and motor. Porsche 928 is acknowledged as a relaxing car to drive with its revved engine of 4 choices. You will find its engine pretty stable and powerful that compliments 5-speed manual transmission. If you are a fan of the auto-mode drive, you have two options to choose from: original 3-speed and upgraded 4-speed.


The disc braking system is splendidly reassuring. It will give you a memorable ride experience as it brings long-distance comfort out of every road situation. It offers a smooth ride on all gearboxes as the compatible engines are loaded with exquisite features.


4.5 L M28/01–M28/18:

The earliest versions of 1978 and 1979 are equipped with an all-alloy SOHC engine. This V8 engine with 16 valves produces a whopping 180 kW power. You must not opt for the North American variant of 928 Porsche as its engine is detuned to lower speed. As per the Porsche users, it will not be wrong to say that it is not very fuel-efficient. But its torque is highly acceptable at 363 NM. The engine features an aluminum cylinder offering lower displacement and adjustable bolt bearings.


Do you know what it's inspiring spec is? Engine design with low bonnet frame, providing enough space to let the airflow. The 1980 models have an electronic fuel injection setup making it a more suitable option. The additional use of the transaxle has supported in balancing 50/50 front and rear weight distribution.


4.7 L M28/19–M28/22 V8:

Truly speaking, it will be a better option, indeed. With a significant increase in power 221 kW, this SOHC engine is also available in the upgraded version of 228 kW power. The motor is a bit advanced, highly refined, and comes with size-reduced valves and corresponding pollution equipment to make it eco-friendlier. The major drawback is the lack of reverse gear in the earlier versions. In the 1982 variant, you will get a reverse gear lock in its standard manual gearbox.


In terms of safety, the 1984 version of Porsche 928 must be your priority as it comes with Bosch ABS brakes. Although they are available as optional it is satisfactory and worth the money. The 1983’s controllable hydraulic motor is another plus.


5.0 L M28/41–M28/47 V8:

Now, that is something you need to have an enjoyable ride. Regardless of the similar design, the 1985 to 1991 models powered with a DOHC motor is capable of delivering 215 kW power.


Well, wait! You have a better option of buying a Porsche 928 S4 of the model year 1986-1987 with an upgrade of offering 235 kW as maximum power. Its greater torque converter is responsible for providing a real sports car with high performance. The 1987 model will offer a reasonable ride even on the gravel roads. The clutch is sharp and the gearbox is smooth. The engine is made powerful yet lightweight with LH-Jetronic injection to offer a perfect power to the weight ratio.


5.4 L M28/49–M28/50 V8:

In comparison, the latest trims have a bigger engine capacity. All 1992 and onward models are loaded with exclusive motors, particularly the "Big Black" front brakes. It is refined but known to have some clutch issues and stiffer transmission.


Porsche 928 Design:

Coming to the exterior and interior styling, the most practicable spec of the Porsche 928 is its lightweight chassis. The body is amazingly balanced between a corrosion-resistant galvanized steel roof and aluminum-made doors, wing, fenders, and bonnet. The vehicle’s design is not all about style but also feasibility. Its old-styled polyurethane elastic bumpers do not only make the car visually attractive but also reduce the drag force. The classic pop-up headlights structured with the front wings give a fancier touch.


Although the cabin has front seats designed to give you ample boot space, you will still feel like it is a bit cramped. Especially if you are carrying light luggage. Apparently, you will be impressed with its curvaceous classy design.


On the inside, you will be provided with old-themed instrumentation with warning lights. The latest trims have smoothly manageable electric windows and sunroof. You can enjoy your favorite songs on its sound system. For enhanced safety, it has built-in airbag sensors. All seats are foldable, but as it will not give a space margin, the adjustable instrument cluster is also mounted along with an adaptable steering wheel.


If you are looking for an elegant and eye-catching style, the "S" 928 Porsche models have so much to offer including a rear spoiler, singular wing, and dandy side skirts. After certain modifications, the 1987 model comes with an evident cleaner and sleeker look. In 1989 the major additions are the Digital trip computer and ignition circuit monitor system added. More safety equipment is added up later. For instance, dual airbags as standard.


GTS Porsche 928:

The GTS Porsche 928 models come with distinguishing specifications. To improve the speed and make a robust appearance the rear fenders are broadened. It ultimately gives space to fit bigger wheels. Where early versions have 15-inch or 16-inch "phone dial"-style wheels, the 1989 GT comes with 16-inch "Club Sport" and "Design 90" style wheels.


Final verdict:

In short, Porsche 928 offers a stable ride with an impressive combination of power, steering, and comfort. Although it is an old car, you will still get refined equipment with spacious inside. The highlight is its V8 engine, ravishing enough to take you on a thrilling ride. We can say, the engine preserves a remarkable combination of straight-line stability and instant steering responsiveness. All controls are pretty well-disciplined.


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