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Pirelli Tyres Review | What Makes It The best Tyre Brand in Australia?

Pirelli Tyres Review Australia

Maintaining a car involves you to take care of various aspects of your vehicle. You keep a check on the engine health, fuel economy, engine oil, etc. But one thing that is overlooked most of the time are the tyres.

Believe us when we say that tires are an essential part of your vehicle. They are required to carry your vehicle and without them, your car would not even move. So, it comes as a surprise how often people tend to give only second thoughts to the condition and health of the tyres.


As per experts, it is important to analyze the tyres of your vehicle from time to time. That does not mean merely checking the air pressure from time to time. That is important as well, but you need to keep tabs on the overall health as well.


Knowing the right time when to change your worn-out tyres is important as well. That is essential for the safety of yourself and your car. And when going for new tyres, you must be aware of what kind and brand would be the most suitable. That brings us to the question that we will be answering in this article: Are Pirelli tyres the best tyres brand in Australia?


Pirelli Tyres are amongst the top if not best, tires manufacturing companies in the country. They provide a huge variety of tyres type, suitable for all conditions. They are built to be multi-purpose especially considering Australia’s harsh climate.


Pirelli tyres have been around for decades with operations spread throughout the World. Their closest competitors are Continental and Michelin. The tyres that they produce are expensive and even then, makes them sought after.


Why Pirelli Tyres?

Pirelli tyres are known to take their Research and Development seriously, with considerable investment in that department:

 ✓ High tech, state-of-the-art modeling

 ✓ Innovative and eco-friendly approach

 ✓ Partnership with famous car manufacturing companies as suppliers


What Makes Them the best Tyre brand?

Pirelli Tyres offer a definitive driving encounter. As one of the most renowned tyres brands on the planet, Pirelli tyres are known for keeping quick and elite vehicles glued to the road. They are constantly advancing their tyres innovation because of their relationship with Formula 1, and other global partners.


Pirelli's tyres are intended to give you the hold to deal with loads of torque and keep your vehicle stable in different conditions. No matter if it is raining or steaming hot, summer through winter. With the absolute best-taking care of tyres available, your vehicle will react to inputs better. Causing it to circumvent turns simpler and stop all the more adequately under slowing down. 


Pirelli city tyres that are eco-friendly, yet their quality lies in their elite tyres that give a definitive driving encounter. As it has been said, power is nothing without control. With the absolute best gripping tyres available, Pirelli tyres, by and large, destroy quicker and need supplanting sooner.


Top Selling Products:

Pirelli offers a variety of tyres for all kinds of vehicles. Their best-selling products include the following:


Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus:

Also known as the Scorpion AT+, this is one of the most robust tyres that are offered by Pirelli. These are high performing tyres specifically designed for off-road trips. They are known to give excellent performance on rocky terrain, sand, mud, or snow.


The Pirelli Scorpion tyres are distinguishable from their aggressive tread pattern design. It has a powerful carcass that is ideal for long journeys into the wild without any worry of safety. The tread pattern allows the tyres to have maximum grip on the road, no matter the conditions.


Pirelli Motorcycle tyres:

Over the years, Pirelli have been known to be associated with all kinds of racing. It is no surprise, therefore, that Pirelli Motorcycle tyres are considered leaders in the motorsport world. Their top-selling tyres for motorcycles include the DOT race tyres and the DIABLO Superbike tyres. They even have various ranges of tyres for wet conditions. They prove to be highly beneficial if it is raining on race day.


P Zero Pirelli tyres:

The P Zero is a new generation of tyres which takes the business to another level. Pirelli came up with these tyres after years of R&D along with their partnership with the top car manufacturers. These tyres are especially great for SUVs and can be customized according to vehicle make and size.


Basically, in the category of sports tyres, the P Zero does well in Australia’s hot summers. They come with the following perks and advantages:

  Puncture Proof: The tyres employ a new technology known as SEAL INSIDE. The tech allows the tyres to keep the pressure even, even after the tyres are punctured. This has proven to be a great safety feature since flat tyres often lead to accidents.


  Noise Cancellation System: Pirelli’s noise cancellation system helps reduce the overall noise while driving. This is done by a sound-absorbing device installed in the tyres which reduce the noise by half.

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