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Pink Slip Checklist: How to pass a pink slip inspection?

Pink Slip Checklist

Everyone needs to be safe and sound. This is mandatory because human life can not go on if everyone just took care of themselves and had no regard for other people. Although the sad reality is based on the fact that everyone cares about themselves, it can not be said that there are no people in the world who actually care for others more than they do for themselves. These are the kind of people who rise up the ranks and gain high spots if they want. Such people then go on and make rules and make them mandatory for everyone to help protect human life as a whole. One such rule developed by a kind-hearted person is the pink slip inspection one. Continue reading the article to find out more about pink slip inspection, rule, and the pink slip checklist.

What is a pink slip inspection?

The first question of everyone who is not really aware of the aforementioned term is to question what it actually is. Well, in simple words, an eSafety Check (colloquially referred to as Pink Slip Check) is a procedure where a trusted, authorized inspector checks your vehicle for whether or not the vehicle can be classed as roadworthy (you will learn more about it later). The set of checks is in different areas of the vehicle and in the end, the inspector will judge whether or not your vehicle is able to be driven on the road (hence the name ‘roadworthy’). All this process is termed as a pink slip inspection or eSafety Check.

Just as a piece of side information, because the information is recorded in electronic devices and stored over the internet for later uses, it is called an “e”-Safety Check.

Why does such a thing even exist?

Simple; for your safety and for the safety of others. Pink Slip Inspection allows you to safely drive your vehicle and keep it up to date. If it passes the test, it means that it is incapable of harming others (at least not directly). Despite there is always a chance that the vehicle can bring harm to others, many of the possibilities are considered to not have any probability of occurring as a precautionary measure. However, this test does not guarantee anything and the potential faults of the vehicle which might have been overlooked during the test may end up causing issues for you or other people.

Is it mandatory to pass the pink slip inspection?

Yes. It is both a rule and the ethically right thing to do. If you do not pass the inspection, you will have to get your vehicle fixed and do other things that you are directed to do. If you continue to drive your vehicle without ever getting it inspected, you will end up having to pay a hefty fine in thousands of dollars.

What kind of vehicle is considered ‘roadworthy’?

As per the definition, any vehicle which passes the pink slip inspection test is considered roadworthy. However, in lay man’s terms, a vehicle is considered to be roadworthy as long as it does not have any issues that cause it to a breakdown in the middle of the journey. Faults in the engine, leaked fluid containers, not working brakes, etc. are usually the issues that cause a vehicle to not function properly, hence rendering them “unworthy” to be on the road.

What do you need to pass the pink slip inspection?

A regular pink slip inspection consists of the following areas of the vehicle inspected thoroughly:

 1- Engine Condition and Functioning

 2- Exhaust System

 3- Seatbelts

 4- Lights

 5- Brakes and Brake Fluid

 6- Fluid Containers

 7- Vehicle Exterior

 8- Tyres

As long as all of the aforementioned aspects of your vehicle are in a ‘functioning’ order, your vehicle will not have any issues passing the pink slip inspection. However, we have prepared a pink slip checklist just in case for you to go through to be sure.

Pink Slip Checklist:

Make sure that you have gone through the following pink slip checklist to be sure. However, this list does not guarantee your vehicle’s passing but does highly increase the chances. If there is anything else that you think needs to be added here, please inform us as soon as possible. The pink slip checklist is:

 1- Ensure proper functioning of seatbelts:

Seatbelts are one of the most important parts of the vehicle that protect you in case of a collision. Make sure that they functioning properly by testing them over and over again (this does not mean crash the car! Just check the seatbelts by jolting them forwards rapidly).

 2- Make sure your lights are well-lit:

Your vehicle’s lights should be properly working. They should not be dim enough to make you or the other person not notice anything. The light intensity should not be too high either to blind the people in front of you.

 3- Vehicle Body precautions:

Your vehicle body should really not be in bad condition. Get rid of that rust as soon as possible and if there are any heavy dents, make sure you take care of them properly too!

 4- Engine Checklist:

The engine is the most important part of the inspection. The inspector thoroughly checks the engine. Make sure that you know the engine is working properly, not leaking fuel, not consuming too much fuel, not overheating, will not cause any immediate problems, and is not expelling harmful smoke.

 5- Proper Level of Fluids:

The level of fluids (oils, lubricants, etc.) should be properly maintained. Their containers should also not be leaking.

Exhaust System Functioning: Make sure that your exhaust system is working properly and there is nothing bad coming out of it. Care for the environment is care for people.

 6- Tyre Condition:

As long as your tyres are not in bad quality that would cause them to burst or puncture immediately, you should be good to go.

What happens if I fail a pink slip inspection?

It is not a bad thing if you fail your pink slip inspection. When you fail one, make sure you go through our pink slip checklist again and in the 14 days, you are given to fix everything you failed to pass in, get them all repaired properly. This will save you from a fine that is awaiting you.


All in all, a pink slip inspection is a test that grants your vehicle a ‘roadworthy’ title. If you go through our pink slip checklist, you should be good to go. If you want to read more articles about vehicles, make sure you check our blog. If you want to buy a car and want to perform a REVS check, let QuickREVs do it for you at an incredible price and in a really time-saving manner!

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