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Pickles Belmore Auction Review Australia | Best Car Auction Company?

Pickles Belmore Auction Review Australia

You must have heard the name Pickles thrown around you and hope you did not confuse the name with a cucumber that has been left to ferment in vinegar. In fact, Pickles is one of the leading auction companies in Australia, with more than fifty years of experience in auctioning and salvaging industrial related assets and all kinds of vehicles.


Pickles Auctions have been around for a long time and have slowly grown from a small-town business to a large organization spanning 23 branches and conducting over 40 auctions weekly which are immensely popular. They take pride in the buying and selling of used vehicles representing large organizations. They offer a large number of services which will be discussed in the coming sections, with options for bargaining and also in the fixed price category if you do not want any hassle.


Pickles Auctions are also known for buying and selling used assets, as well as industrial assets on a huge scale, offering the most flexibility and convenience to their customers.


Even though they are headquartered in Sydney, Australia, their vast network of branches is spread out to include every state in the country. In the last financial year, they sold a record 230,000 vehicles and industrial trucks, earning a staggering sum of over 2.8 billion dollars. Their operations in Australia alone have employed nearly 1000 people.


Pickles have been known to do business with almost all the major private and public companies in the country and their biggest clientele include the federal government of Australia, State governments, fleet companies, banks, front-line military, and other NGOs which are operating in the country. They have the honor of being Australia’s one and only auctioning organization to be credited with the National Health and Safety certification.


Pickles Auction History and Innovation:

Founded in 1964 by Peter Pickles, hence the name, it was initially limited to auctioning damaged vehicles and antiques before moving to Sydney. Gradually they increased their operations and included industrial machineries such as trucks, earthmoving machinery, and plants. In the year 1988, they opened up their head office at Belmore and things started to go off for them from then on.


Pickles Auctions were quick to grasp the benefits of technology and innovated a great deal in how they conducted their auctions. That is a huge part of the reason for their success today. In 1996, they launched their official website, Pickles.com.au on which they displayed their categories and things that were auctioned, and soon after the Pickles, Advanced Information Reporting System was introduced.


Another popular category was the Pickles Fixed Price, or better known as PicklesGO was introduced at the start of the new century, which was a sigh of relief for the people who did not want to get in the hassle of bargaining when buying a vehicle or an asset from the auction. They were also one of the earliest auctioning companies to introduce auctioning online, with the launch of their PickleLIVE bidding system back in 2004. The system continues to this day with thousands of vehicles and assets being sold each week on the platform. Later, they introduced a mobile version for their website and opened up a branch in Malaysia to extend their operations in Asia. In 2018, they launched their very own DIY Inspect app which received positive reviews.


Pickles Auctions Operations:

Limiting the Pickles to only a vehicle auctioning company would be wrong; in fact, their operations span multiple industries and products which we list down. You can find Pickles' upcoming auctions to see the schedule for the coming days and plan accordingly.


Starting from vehicles, Pickles Motor Auctions offer countless automobiles that are sold through their Pickles Auctions online system or from their on-site branches which are located throughout the country in almost all the States. Featured vehicles include Government vehicles, luxury, and exotic class, military-grade, four-wheel-drive SUVs, and fleet class vehicles. Pickles car auctions are held weekly with hundreds of participants looking to get their hands on the best deal.


Pickles Auction Salvage provides damaged goods, ranging from Pickles cars to caravans and everything in between. You can find boats for yourself, trailers, and motorcycles, you name it. Private buyers and trading customers alike are known to show interest in these Salvage auctions or people who like to custom build their vehicles or restore damaged cars.


Maybe the most beneficial category of all is the Industrial auctioning, where every kind of industrial and construction equipment is sold and purchased. Pickles has been known to partner up with various major vendors and hold auctioning events, from weekly to yearly, where sectors like engineering, construction, information technology, manufacturing and agriculture can find the goods for their requirements.


If you like browsing the internet in search of general and recreational good, hoping to find the best deal for you, Pickles offers a ‘General Good’ category which includes furniture, computers, office equipment, smartphones, and more.


Steps for buying Pickles used cars from Auction:

1. The first thing that you need to do is to select the item that you wish to buy, which can fall into any of the four categories that are mentioned above. You can browse for the item at your local Pickles branch or online website.


2. You can inspect the selected item physically when you visit the physical store, or you can check out the Condition Report that is attached to each item online.


3. To get your hands on your buyer number, you need to fill out a registration form and get eligible for bidding. You can also register yourself online, fill out the form to get your buyer identity.


4. To place a bid, all you need to do is raise your hand in a way that you can be seen by the auctioneer. In the case that you are the highest bidder, you will be approached by a staff member of Pickles, you will be asked to submit the amount, and that is pretty much it!

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