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Peugeot 206 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Peugeot 206 Review Australia


Peugeot 206 Review Australia

One of the most economical and super minicars to recommend is undoubtedly a Peugeot 206. Engineered by a famous French automobile manufacturer it was officially brought to the market in old times (1998). The best part is that you can get it in a variety of body styles and all are made durable. Starting from the hatchback, it is made in coupé style and named as 206 CC, station wagon named as 206 SW) and a sedan named 206 SD.


Overall, it has a good styling that brings a touch of sophistication. The biggest plus and downside at the same time is seating that is fit for purpose but mispositioned and ramped. The build quality is amazing and offers years of use.


The layout is also pretty easy to understand. We can sum up this usable car as “cheap to maintain, hardwearing, and appealing” with certain drawbacks such as the rear beam axle, and the steering column switch.


Engine performance

One thing is guaranteed and that is the hardwearing and comfortably placed engine in Peugeot 206. The most treasured part that they are offered in both petrol and diesel configurations. You must never doubt its strength. It doesn’t only sound mechanically awesome but also feels like riding. Besides, the motor uses fuel appropriately making it a cheaper choice.


Need refinement or maintenance? Not a big deal as you can find Peugeot 206 spare parts easily and affordably. The ride is usually agile, and the steering gets quite entertaining. Remember, it will not take you on a road like a rocket taking off, but you will find it a good option as it is aimed to deliver a smooth linear surge.


All engine options are brilliant to drive and smooth to accelerate. You would definitely enjoy its quality to run longer miles. The most reliable engine is considered to be 1.6CC. So, if you are given the chance, pick this. Besides, tracking back to the old models, hatchbacks are equipped with three petrol engines:


 ✓ A 1.1L with 44kW power

 ✓ A 1.4L in 8v and 12v options giving 55kW and 65kW power, respectively

 ✓ A 1.6L in 8v and 12v options giving 65kW and 80kW power, respectively


In the diesel option you will get:


 ✓ A 1.9L 4-cyl (HDi version) with 52kW power


If you are thinking of having a sports car-like driving experience, you are mistaken as Peugeot 206 has not quite Alfa-sharp steering. Well, on the brighter side, it still delivers a direct and receptive one. With the help of adaptive suspensions, the ride remains astoundingly comfortable. It is good at absorbing harsh bumps over gravel roads.


Other engine configurations you have to buy from petrol collection are:


 ✓ A 1L 4-cyl, 16v engine with 51kW

 ✓ A 2L 4-cyl, 16v engine with 103kW

 ✓ A 2L 4-cyl, 16v engine with 130kW


More fuel-efficient Diesel engines are


 ✓ A 1.4L 4-cyl engine with 50kW

 ✓ A 1.6L 16v 4-cyl engine with 80kW

 ✓ A 2L 4-cyl engine with 66kW




 ✓ 4-speed automatic

 ✓ 5-speed manual

 ✓ 6-speed manual (motorsport only)



From the outside, Peugeot 206 has a sportier look that seems catchy enough and will grab your attention right away. All models are commanding that need a high level of attention. With an elegant exterior design, it also comes with a fashionable and nice interior. We can say, it is designed to give a fun drive!


The most appealing spec is the red lighting illuminating behind the buttons giving the interior an inimitable look. The cabin is equipped with comfortable and nicely shaped seats. You will feel like getting tucked. If you are tall, you would feel a bit cramped inside. Although the boot size and shape are decent, the space it provides is no more than reasonable.


Well, everything comes with some drawbacks so does this Peugeot 206. In comparison to other lavish cars, the interior appears less attractive with lesser details of the exterior of Peugeot 206.


2007 standard specifications 


 ✓ 6-speaker stereo

 ✓ Steering mounted buttons

 ✓ CD player

 ✓ Climate control

 ✓ Automatic dusk sensing light with electronic adjustment

 ✓ Fog headlamps and rear lights

 ✓ Power windows (front and rear)

 ✓ Heat insulated windows

 ✓ Rain-sensing, intermittent wipers

 ✓ Cloth trimming with metallic finesse

 ✓ Electrically adjustable seats

 ✓ Trip computer

 ✓ Digital computer

 ✓ Air Conditioner

 ✓ Tachometer

 ✓ Speed sensitive, tilt-only, and a leather-wrapped steering


Safety features of Peugeot 206


 ✓ ABS (Antilock Brakes)

 ✓ Airbag

 ✓ EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution)

 ✓ Brake Assist

 ✓ Engine Immobilizer

 ✓ Seat Belt with Load Limiters in 1st row

 ✓ Remote/Keyless Central Locking


Cons of buying


 ✓ Small car

 ✓ Dreadful adjusting seat for a driving position

 ✓ Few engine configurations seem sluggish.

 ✓ Engine stalling

 ✓ Engine misfiring

 ✓ The seat itself is short of support

 ✓ Uncomfortable straight-armed, bent-kneed position

 ✓ Push it hard into a corner and at the extreme, it will start to understeer


GTI model specs

You would love how Peugeot 206 GTI 2-litre, 4-valve engine revs up. This motorsport has advanced and forgiving handling. Steer the wheel, and you will see a car turning easily and accurately. You might face a bit of the body roll but compensate with controlled cornering. Sports suspension makes it a firm ride complemented with powerful 4-wheel discs. Other highlighted features are:


 ✓ Maximum power: 102kW at 6000rpm

 ✓ Maximum torque: 194Nm of torque at 4100rpm

 ✓ 16-inch alloy wheels

 ✓ Responsive throttle

 ✓ 5-speed transmission

 ✓ Good driving visibility

 ✓ Easy to handle equipment

 ✓ Column mounted radio control stick


GTI 180 specs

Introduced in 2003, the Peugeot 206 GTi 180 is a perfect blend of high-grade performance and comfortability, race, and power. It runs faster with its 2L engine with satisfactory torque and power of 175 bhp. With improved fuel efficiency, you will get an impressive road-holding.  It has smooth transmissions but gets notchy sometimes.


Other features include:


 ✓ 17-inch alloy wheels

 ✓ Racing bucket front seats

 ✓ Leather-trimmed instrument cover and steering wheel

 ✓ Aluminum pedals and gear shift knob

 ✓ Chrome and carbon fiber highlights

 ✓ Good driving position

 ✓ Fully automatic climate control

 ✓ Power windows

 ✓ Power mirrors

 ✓ A single in-dash CD player and audio system

 ✓ Automatic rain-sensing wipers

 ✓ Automatic headlights.


Final verdict

If a small-sized car with an established track record increases your interest, you must check out the Peugeot 206. A world-renowned car that can be taken to rally championships, world tours, and even desert crossings. Step into the Peugeot 206 and feel the difference! This is an inexpensive, amusing, and sporty car. The 206CC lacks the ride fun among its rivals but is an easy and comfortable cruiser. It positively looks at the business and for many buyers, that is enough.


Similar to other old cars, Peugeot 206 has old problems. So, it would be better if you get the right details of the car before finalizing a deal. And, we are providing you an instant way to get all the car’s accident, driving, and theft history. For your help, we have a 24/7 accessible portal on our site.


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