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Personalised Plates QLD Review Australia | Want Personalised Plate?

Personalised Plates QLD Review Australia

License Plates:

License or number plates are essentially the means by which the ownership of a vehicle is registered with the government of a country. These plates help the authorities regulate the use of vehicles as well as providing a means by which fines for driving and road violations can be administered efficiently. Number plates also help the state in effectively safeguarding communities and when needed locate and take action against citizens for illegal use or activities conducted with vehicles.


Queensland State License Plate Requirements:

According to the Qld.gov website, there are several requirements that an individual must follow in order to obtain a registered license plate. According to state law, if you drive on Queensland roads, your vehicle must be fitted with official number plates. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to make sure that registration plates are kept in good condition and are clearly visible and legible from any position that they are required to be visible.


The characters on a number plate must be visible from 20m away at any point within an arc of 45 degrees from the surface of the plate, above or to either side of the vehicle. If the owner has put on a cover on their plate, it is important that this cover is non-reflective, untinted and that the registration letters and numbers are clearly visible through said cover.


Furthermore, the qld.gov website makes a point to mention that drilling holes in a number plate is only permitted in certain circumstances:

 ✓ To enable it to be attached to a vehicle

 ✓ If the holes do not interfere with the appearance of any characters on the plate,

 ✓ If plates are not altered in any way so as to damage or deface the plate.


Drilling holes in a plate to attach a reversing camera is not permitted. You can be fined if your plate details are not clear due to a drilled hole, cover or a frame or for not replacing damaged or illegible number plates.

It is important to note that any number plate issued to a vehicle, that includes personalized plates, remains the property of the State of Queensland and must be submitted to the Department of Transport and Main Roads if required. For personalized and customized plates, it is the number plate combination that is the property of the person to whom the plate is issued, not the physical number plate.


What are the personalised plates?

Personalized plates are a great way to customize your vehicle of choice and truly make it your own. Plates can be designed according to your choice whether it’s a design that holds personal importance for you or whether it’s a business logo that can be used to promote your business. Not only can you modify already existing numbers that the State has already provided you but you can also change the letters and numbers on the plate. 


There is a wide range of different styles and colors to choose from and once you buy your personalized plates, you will own them for life, even if you move interstate or no longer use your plates.

There is a difference between normal personalized plates, which have to meet a specific format, and “Prestige Plates”, which are shorter and more expensive.


What vehicles are allowed personalized number plates?

According to qld.gov, a registered vehicle owner can customize number plates for a:

 ✓ motor vehicle

 ✓ motorcycle

 ✓ heavy trailer

 ✓ special interest vehicle

 ✓ limousine



According to Queensland State rules, the cost for personalized plates can vary conditional to the design you choose. Depending on the type and style of a plate that one intends to purchase, personalized plates can cost anywhere between $165 and $6000.The price is determined by not only the design of the plate (colored, themed, classic, monochrome, etc.) and the letters and numbers on the plate. The proceeds from the sale of personalized plates help support Queensland Government initiatives, including road safety.


Rules and Guidelines:

There are guidelines that go along with your plate, but they are pretty basic. Essentially you can’t have anything that is deemed to be obscene or indecent.

Plates that may seem to promote dangerous or illegal behavior are disallowed by the State, along with plates that could be deemed offensive or discriminatory against any particular race, religion, sex, culture, government, or minority. The qld.gov website also has certain guidelines on customized plates that need to be followed or kept in mind.


Customized plates can:

 ✓ only be attached to a vehicle registered in exactly the same name as the owner/s of the plate number

 ✓ be kept when you transfer your vehicle—you will need to replace them with standard plates before transferring

 ✓ be kept when you cancel your vehicle registration

 ✓ be attached to another vehicle registered in the plate owner’s name.

 ✓ A customized plate cannot be sold because ownership is not transferable.


Business Plates:

Business plates are an easy, cost-efficient and wide-reaching form of marketing that can allow proprietors to reach target audiences. These plates are especially beneficial for small-medium sized businesses operating within a specific locality, enabling them to capitalize on the mobility of vehicles to help them become more noticeable in the market. For businesses, there are bulk discounts available and the pricing starts from $495 per plate. These specialized plates also allow companies to use a 30-character sash message to add contact details so that potential customers can easily approach the business. 


Product Reviews:

“They help to enhance what my business is about. The plates spell out a clear message. They go hand in hand with my car wrap.” 


“Our number plates are very noticeable and are a very cost-effective form of mobile marketing in the communities in which we operate. The number plates have allowed us to build greater visibility and brand

awareness in the public face, and to potential clients.”


“For us, having ECT plates on Queensland roads means that if any of our vehicles are driven, they are instantly recognisable. We get regular enquiries about our vehicles from people who have spotted our business plates.”

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