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Pedders suspension Review Australia | Prices, Services, Products, Features

Pedders suspension Review Australia

It’s not always about cars and their models, most of the time we prefer talking about its maintenance and its parts. The maintenance of any vehicle is an essential part of it. Therefore, Pedders Suspension introduces their offered services of the manufactured parts of the vehicle. To propose the best products for your vehicle and maintaining them in a certain way that no one else can. The cheap and productive products for your car. Is Pedders an Australian company? Pedders have almost 120 locations in Australia and are renowned amongst all other countries too.


Pedders suspension Services:

Mainly they deal with car accessories such as:

  Brakes, Steering and Suspension Check



  4 Wheel Drive

  Load Carrying Solutions

  Towing Solutions

  Mining & Military Spec

  Pedders Kits


Additionally, they provide you with:

  Any fault diagnosis

  Repairing of Suspension and replacement

  Tailored Suspension that includes lowering, towing & 4WD applications

  Remanufacturing of Power Steering rack

  Power steering pumps, racks, hoses and boxes

  2 & 4 Wheel Expert Wheel Alignment

  Drive with written report test of shock absorber

  Leaf spring resetting

  2 Year 40,000 Km Nationwide Warranty


Shock Absorbers:

Key Features of our Pedders Range of:

  Pedders range of replacement shock absorbers offer:

  Nitrogen gas pressurized

  Heavy duty construction

  Prescisely Tuned Valving

  Direct original equipment replacement

  Affordable pricing


Pedders Coil Springs:

Pedders range of replacement coil springs offer:

  •   Precise Spring Rate.
  •   Made To High Quality ISO 9001 Quality Manufacturing Standards.
  •   Powder Coated Finish.
  •   Direct Orginal Equipment Replacement.
  •   Durable & Reliable.


Brake Parts & Service:

When it comes to servicing your vehicles’ brakes Pedders has you covered. We offer our own comprehensive range of brake parts and services consisting of:

  Brake Rotors Geomet Coated
  Brake Rotors Slotted Geomet Coated
  Brake Pads (Ceramic) Pedders Brand & Akebono Brand
  Brake Pads (Kevlar Ceramic)
  Brake Drums
  Brake Wear Sensors Brake Shoes
  Brake Efficiency Testing
  Brake Fluid Flush
  General Brake Servicing and Replacement
  Brake Fault Diagnosis
  Brake System Rebuilds


Pedders CV Shaft:

  • Pedders CV Joints are assembled with a specially formulated high temparature moly grease to resist friction and wear.
  •   New premium grade neoprene boots are used to resist abrasion and temperature erosion.
  •   New stainless steel clamps are supplied.
  •   All shafts are made from high quality materials and coated to protect the surface area from rust.
  •   CV Shafts are cnc machined.
  •   Splines are machined to OE specifications or better.
  •   All cv shafts are zinc coated.


Few of the Pedders Customer Reviews are listed below:

Review #1:

I took my car in for an alignment and was told about other issues got a quote from pedders of $1200, and got the job done by them. Went back to the alignment done which was not done properly the first time and asked them to look at the vibration on the steering they quotes me for a new rotor I took it to my mechanic, and when they lifted the car on the hoist showed me the poor workmanship of the loose bolts and parts not fitted correctly. I took my car back to them to rectify the issues and realign the wheels which they repaired, but did not consider the time spent going to their workshop 3 times. I will never go back to them or recommend any to use their services as the bolts that were fitted were loose and i would have had a bad accident.


Review #2:

Just over a year ago, I went to a local Pedders after my brakes started making some undesirable noises. Was told that there were some major brake system issues on my 2006 Hyundai Getz needing attention and, upon repair, forked out $1200. 4 months later, the fronts started making the same noise, so I returned to Pedders who agreed the wear was excessive, replaced the pads with a higher rated product, ostensibly Bendix, charging me $50 as the wholesale differential in the cost of the pads. 4 months later, same noise now from front and rear. Back to Pedders, more excessive wear, will cost $700 to do both.

Now in that time I'd driven barely 11000 km, often only to the local railway station where I "trained" it into work. True, the car is used for a 40-km paper round on weekends but I've never been a heavy braker so the apparent wear was completely over the top. Moreover, I've done this round over several years and brakes have never previously been an issue. Consequently, I sought a second opinion. First finding, the so-called Bendix brake pads that I was charged for are definitely not Bendix, but a South Korean generic called "Hi-Q". So, after the insistence on numerous occasions that Bendix brakes had been fitted, do I believe anything that Pedders are telling me? What did I really get for my $1200?

Needless to say, it's back to my trusted mechanic and a wide berth around Pedders!


Review #3:

Had my fg falcon front suspension replaced by Pedders in Frankston. They also replaced the old bushes with performance bushes. Excellent service and quality product at a great price. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to replace their suspension. I also had the leaf springs in my cab chassis upgraded a few years back by the same company and no issues even today after about 4 years.


Review #4:

Took my 2016 Pajero to Penrith Pedders mid 2018 due to undercarriage noise. Turned out to be worn sway bar bushes. Fixed straight away for very reasonable price. Due to upcoming outback trip, went back and had Trackryder suspension fitted all round with 1inch lift and air bags in rear coils. Once again, reasonable price and very efficient staff. Totally removed the body roll straight off the bat. Just completed a 5,000 km trip out west to Innaminka and south west Qld, along some very testing dirt roads, including Old Stezlecki track amongst them, dragging a camper trailer behind us that placed added stress on the suspension and I cannot fault the Trackryder. Performed well above my expectations and I wasn't taking it easy deliberately to see how their product performed. To get home, unhitch and unload and then go for a drive and not hear any new noises or groans from the suspension was the icing on the cake. Unlike others who have posted reviews, I can't complain.


Review #5:

Just installed pedders sports ryder shocks and springs all around yesterday. Good quote in Picton. I fretted for weeks as to what brand I should get. Read all the reviews on all brands. I was looking to lower slightly my VE SS sportwagon. And improve handling. My original shocks were gone. I didn't want a harsh ride and look like a hoon from Lakemba. I wanted looks, comfort and good handling. Im 46 with 3 kids and use it often on family trips. Pedders ticked all the boxes. Good all rounder. Roads around Wollondilly are 3rd world conditions. These pedders suit crap aussie rural roads. My anxiety was relieved immediately within minutes of driving. Glad I bought them. Jay at picton tyres is awesome. Suspension is his passion. Great advice. He's spot on in saying it will lower 20mm all around from original FE2 springs. Threw in top mounts. I'm a happy customer. For now? See how they last.



Both negative and positive responses from customers depend upon their experiences, but in my opinion, Pedders Suspension is the most efficient company that provides quality work. The inexpensive rates of the products focusing on the reliability of years. The perfection, they give for all their products that makes a car working more efficient and fast. The productive ideas introduced to make it more reliable as compared to others.

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