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Offroad Animal Review australia | What You Need to know

Offroad Animal Review Australia


Living in Australia and not familiar with the company named “Offroad Animal”? We cannot believe this. This is a one-stop shop for all racing enthusiasts or those who are always looking to upgrade their vehicles to bring a refreshing look. This Australian company is located in Mornington, Victoria, Australia. Whereas the satellite office is sited in San Diego, California, USA. It has been serving people with extraordinary quality and designs and is known for producing 4x4 equipment.


They provide aggressive styling that also tends to offer a unique form and optimum function!


The best part is the diversity it delivers in terms of brands, categories, and equipment. Their designers have the best creative minds leading them to craft innovative styled bars, racks, sliders, and lights. With their years of experience, they have excelled in the making of clothes or promo gear. The fabric, the print, the color, the manufacturing...everything seems brilliant to see and feel.


Their products are designed in safe and monitored facilities in Australia. Every phase of production is performed under the strict supervision of skilled, competent, and professional experts. They test every product for quality.


Shop With Your Ease!

The website is sorted out practically. It helps customers search for the right item that caters to their needs. Besides, it lets you shop through make, brands, and categories, depending on the customer’s ease.


By “make”, Offroad Animal deals in:

✓ Ford

✓ Holden

✓ Isuzu

✓ Jeep

✓ Mazda

✓ Mitsubishi

✓ Nissan

✓ Ram

✓ Toyota


Now, moving to the next option for browsing and purchasing is thorough “brands”:

✓ Offroad Animal

✓ Carbon Winch

✓ iDrive

✓ Murchison Products

✓ Pelican

✓ Rhino-Rack

✓ Runva


✓ Warn


A little sneak peek into the history!

The founder of the company is David Fitzpatrick. He is also valued for being a co-founder of another profitable 4x4 company. Offroad Animal was established in April 2019, but the work was started early in mid-2018. After hard work, diligence, and outstanding efforts, super fun-looking, ultra-cool, and stimulating 4x4 accessories. You must be thinking, WHY Offroad Animal? Well, the name is inspired by the wild, pretty, and fun nature of the gear. And yes, they function very well, too.


Categories Of Equipment:

✓ Bull/Nudge/Bumpers

✓ Clothes and Promo gear

✓ General 4x4 and Camping Gear

✓ LED Lights

✓ Racks

✓ Rock Sliders & Rails

✓ Winches and Recovery


Unleash the beast with Offroad Animal Bull Bars:

One of the most valued, high-end, and hot-selling products of Offroad Animal is bull bars, no matter if it is an Offroad Animal toro bar, nudge bar, or a bull bar. They let you meet the ultimate goal of bringing a more aggressive, stylish, and bold look to your vehicle. Whenever we talk about offroading, you cannot ignore the role of bull bars. Offroad Animal predator bar makes your car look like an absolute beast.


Our smaller and light bar means it brings a new dimension without hindering the efficiency of your Ranger. One will love the easy fitment of the bar and winch. Every mechanically engineered bar is made with a capturing aesthetics of a blacked-out stealth bomber. That is not all! This astonishing style is coupled with the unbeatable strength of a tank. The result is the meanest and most arduous bull bars. 


But how this Offroad Animal bar can help you in daily life?


By providing:

✓ Maximum functionality

✓ Aggressive styling

✓ Optimum tow points

✓ Satisfactory approach angles

✓ Improved airflow keeps your masculinity calmer


Furthermore, these Offroad Animal predator bull bars offer a nice for the money. What else are you looking for?! Even if you are concerned about appearance, these are surely one of the best-looking bars.


Best Features of Offroad Animal predator bar:

✓ Monocoque construction (one-piece welded structure)

✓ Usually installed only 150-160mm out from the front face of the grill

✓ ADR compatible 

✓ Airbag compliant 

✓ Top stealth hoop (optional) taking up to a 21.5" Stedi LED light bar

✓ Easy to mount 

✓ Neat bumper replacement without any cutting 

✓ The welded wing adds up to enhance the toughness

✓ Zinc coating followed by the powder layering for a classic matte black finesse making it anti-rust

✓ Hi-lift jacking points provided

✓ It goes along with factory fog lights 

✓ Those running a winch are provided with the number plate flip

✓ Can get in the particular color coding as per the vehicle

✓ Heavy-duty aluminum structure for bash plates with 5mm thick


Compatible with the following vehicles:

✓ Jeep Wrangler

✓ Ford Ranger/Ford Ranger Raptor

✓ Ford Everest

✓ Toyota Hilux

✓ Land Cruiser

✓ Isuzu Dmax

✓ Cherokee


Look for the best Offroad Roof Racks and Sliders:

Apart from bars, they have a comprehensive collection of rails, racks, and sliders. Once you have looked at them, you will never want anything else. YES, literally! They look stunningly good. They feel impressive. They are structured brilliantly. They are firm and steady. They are easy to install. And the list continues! Each rack seems to be designed with high-level protection and ease of use in mind. No more time or money wasted on buying weak rails, racks, or sliders.



Are you looking for creative designs? These items will meet your needs. Their super-tough racks and sliders perfectly complement the chassis. Industrial-grade materials are used for manufacturing. And the black quality finesse? Oh, so luxurious! You can also have a variety of sliders with robust scrub rails. No matter the angle, sliders offer remarkable off-road clearance.


Roof racks:

Do you need extra support or any equipment to carry your loads of stuff? Or are you looking for a secure way to mount your stuff on the vehicle’s roof? Offroad Animals have premium quality and high-value roof racks. They come with an interesting setup with multiple threaded buttons to offer a secure fit. Most of the racks don’t weigh much. It means no damage done to your roof!


Offroad Animal roof racks come in slim profile yet sturdy construction. With a suitable height, it provides a massive carrying area. Besides, they have an easy mounting and hooking process with no need for drilling. The silver lining is their dynamic holding capacity. And yes, how can you forget the anti-rust components. Top-notch zinc coating!


Most people are worried about wind noise. Their racks tend to have a wind deflector. It seems workable for most of the sunroofs. In case you need extra assistance, you can order optional accessories such as brackets.


Final verdict:

Offroad Animal has an incredible assortment of accessories needed for revolutionizing the look of your cars. You can browse plentiful options when it comes to bars, sliders, racks, light, and LED lights. You will surely get that one item you desire. The products showcase the good quality and reliable construction, ensuring lasting performance.

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